ТОП 10:

В ресторане. Устная речь по теме.

At a restaurant

We have a very old family tradition: once a month we pay a visit to the restaurant for a family dinner. It is a great chance to spend the evening out of our usual setting. What is more, it is a good chance to have fun and get away from the routine we get tired of and enjoy some time with the family. A week before that day we choose the restaurant. It is extremely necessary to reserve a table in advance as the place may be overcrowded at the weekend. We mostly book a table for four: my parents, me and my sister. The tastes differ in our family. So every time we tend to try a new place or a new type of cuisine. We’ve already visited Indian, Italian, French, Thai, Chinese, Japanese and many other restaurants. The tendency now is that Japanese cuisine is the most popular for the sushi. But my family and I prefer Indian or Indonesian food. My sister is a vegetarian so we usually look for a place where she can find something for herself. It is good that more and more restaurants suggest food for any customer’s needs nowadays. When the evening comes we usually take the places, the waiter takes the order and in the beginning we usually have something delicious to drink and spend some time discussing our current issues. We also have a very strong rule: no phones during the dinner. Luckily, we don’t usually have any problems with our orders. The food usually is tasty and delicious. But it may happen that it is too salty or spicy. In that case we never argue but ask it to be changed. And we never receive a denial. Maybe because we are very polite and smiley. Several hours later we ask for a bill, pay in cash or with a credit card and have a long walk back home. I really enjoy such evenings for the sense of unity and love.

Тема 3.14-3.15

Визит к врачу-устная речь.

Вызов врача

Doctor: Good afternoon, Mr. Smith! Come in and sit down, please. Доктор: Добрый день, мистер Смит! Проходите, садитесь, пожалуйста.
Brian: Goodafternoon! Брайан: Добрый день!
Doctor: What seems to be the matter? Доктор: На что жалуетесь?
Brian: I think, I've caught a cold. Брайан: Кажется, я подхватил простуду.
Doctor: Why do you think so? Could you describe the symptoms, please? Доктор: Почему вы так думаете? Не могли бы вы описать симптомы?
Brian: Well, my nose is running, I sneeze all the time, and I have a headache. Брайан: Ну, у меня насморк. Я все время чихаю, и у меня болит голова.
Doctor: And have you measured your temperature? Доктор: А вы мерили температуру?
Brian: Yes, I have. The temperature is normal. Брайан: Да, мерил. Температура нормальная.
Doctor: Mm-hm. And do you have a cough or a sore throat? Доктор: Угу. А у вас есть кашель или боль в горле?
Brian: No, I don't. I have neither sore throat nor cough, but I have sore eyes. Andmyeyesandnoseoftenitch. Сью: Нет. У меня нет ни кашля, ни боли в горле, но у меня воспалены глаза. Еще глаза и нос часто зудят.
Doctor: And what were you doing? Have you been taking any medicines? Доктор: А что вы делали? Вы принимали какие-нибудь лекарства?
Brian: I was drinking a lot of tea with lemon and honey, injected drops into my nose, took aspirin and vitamin Брайан: Я пил много чая с медом и лимоном, капал себе капли в нос, принимал аспирин и витамин
Doctor: I'll prescribe you a treatment. First of all you should take this medicine twice a day Доктор: Я назначу вам лечение. Сперва вы должны принимать это лекарство два раза в день
Brian: Thank you once . Goodbye! Брайан: спасибо. До свидания!
Doctor: Goodbye! Get well soon. Доктор: До свидания! Выздоравливайте.

В аэропорту – Диалоги


What flights are there from London to Vienna tomorrow? - Какие есть рейсы на завтра из Лондона в Вену?
- If you’d like to take a seat, I’ll find out for you. - Я пока посмотрю, а вы присядьте.
- I’d like to travel first class, please. - Я бы хотел путешествовать первым классом.
- BEA flight BE 502 takes off from Heathrow at 09.25, and flies direct. - Прямой рейс авиакомпании BEA BE 502 вылетает из аэропорта Хитроу в 09.25.
- What time do I have to be there? - К какому времени мне необходимо прибыть в аэропорт?
- You’ll have to be at West London Air Terminal by 08.10 at the latest. - Вам нужно быть у терминала Вест Лондон к 08.10 самое позднее.


2 диалог

I want to fly to Geneva on or about the first. - Я хочу лететь в Женеву первого числа.
- I’ll just see what there is. - Сейчас я взгляну, что у нас есть.
- I want to go economy, and I’d prefer the morning. - Я хочу эконом класс, и предпочел бы утренний рейс.
- Lufthansa Flight LH 203 leaves at 9.20. - Рейс авиакомпании Люфтганза LH 203 с вылетом 9.20.
- What time do I have to be there? - К которому времени я должен быть здесь.
- The coach leaves for the airport at 8.15. - Автобус отправляется в аэропорт в 8.15.

Тема 4.1.

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