ТОП 10:

Exercise 19. Answer the following questions.


1. What spheres does Total operate in?

2. Does Total operate only in France?

3. When was Total created?

4. What does the abbreviation S.A. (Total S.A.) stand for?

5. When was Halliburton established?

6. In what way did Halliburton expand?

7. How many countries does Halliburton operate in?

8. What are the key goals of the company?

9. Can we say that British Petroleum operates worldwide?

10. Does BP form joint ventures in many countries? (Give some examples).

11. Where are BP’s corporate headquarters located?

12. What is TNK-BP? What does the abbreviation TNK stand for?

13. What are the major activities of BP?

14. How was Rosneft established?

15. Was Rosneft a successful company from the start?

16. Do you consider Rosneft’s growth and expansion very impressive?

17. How many subsidiaries does Rosneft have?

18. What are the main activities of LUKOIL?

19. What were the companies that founded LUKOIL?

20. Does LUKOIL carry out international projects?

21. What is the total capacity of LUKOIL facilities in Russia and abroad?

Exercise 20. Complete the sentences.


1. Rosneft emerged as a result of … .

2. Bad management coordination did … .

3. New acquisitions and international operations made Rosneft … producer.

4. Easten Siberia is viewed as … .

5. LUKOIL main resource base is in … .

6. LUKOIL sells its products in … .

7. LUKOIL has refineries both in … and … .

8. BP products and services … in more than 100 countries.

9. London is the center for BP’s … .

10. BP forms a lot of … in the countries where they operate.

11. The major part of Total’s investors are from … .

12. Halliburton provides services in … industries.

Exercise 21. Match each abbreviation with its full version and translate..

1. OJSC a) Dow Jones
2. PSA b) Initial Public Offering
3. LLC c) billion cubic feet
4. IPO d) Liquefied Natural Gas
5. bcf e) Limited Liability Company
6. LNG g) Open Joint Stock Company
7. DJ h) Production Sharing Agreement


Exercise 22. 9 Listening

Discuss the following with your partner before listening.


Russia is the second largest oil producer in the world. It also produces huge amounts of natural gas. How many other oil producing nations can you name?

Listen to the text and complete the notes with the correct number.

Russia’s gas reserves: (1)………… cubic meters.

Russia’s gas output: (2)……… cubic meters per day.

Russia’s oil reserves: (3) ………barrels.

Russia’s oil output: (4)…………barrels per day.

Proportion of European oil and gas bought from Russia: (5)…………

Proposed pipeline to connect Russia with China and South Korea:

Length of pipeline: (6)………… km.

Cost of proposed pipeline: (7)…………$.

Exercise 23. Talking point

a) Imagine that you are a PR representative of one of the oil companies. You are asked to make a press release about main activities and historical background of your company.

b) Pair work. You were invited for a job interview. You are an applicant and talk to an interviewer of an oil company. Find out as much information as possible.


Taxation and audit


Fill in the spidergram with the words associated with Taxation and Audit


1. What does the word “tax” mean? What kind of taxes do you know? Where do taxes taken by governments go to?

2. Do you think all people should pay equal taxes? How much is income tax in Russia now? In your opinion, is it fair when oil and gas companies pay taxes on the usage of natural resources? Why? Why not?

Terms and Vocabulary

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