Listen, and check your answers.

grandmother husband son brother grandson



Unit 1A , exercise 7

LauraHi! I’m Laura. I’ve got one brother, and his name is Sam. I haven’t got a sister, but I’ve got two cousins – Mark and Lucy. Our house is near the centre of town. I’m a student at Whiteside Secondary School. It’s OK. My favourite teachers are Mr Baker and Miss Blair, and my best friends are Tina, Pete and Amy. Amy has got a cousin – Jake. He’s really nice! My hobbies are volleyball and music. I’m in a volleyball team. Our two best players are Janice and Hannah. I’m also in a music group with two friends, Bob and Molly.



Unit 1B , exercise 5

Listen and repeat.

1 likes plays goes studies

2 watches finishes

Unit 1B , exercise 6













Unit 1C , exercise 5

Interviewer Do you think the royal family is important?

Old woman Important? No! They’re very expensive.

Interviewer Really?

Old woman Yes. We spend millions of pounds on them. And they’re aren’t modern. They’re old-fashioned! I want a republic!



Interviewer What do you think of the royal family?

Middle-aged man I love them. I like reading about them in newspapers and magazines.

Interviewer So you think they’re important?

Middle-aged man Oh, yes, very important. They have really interesting lives.



Interviewer What do you think of the royal family?

Young man They’re OK, I suppose.

Interviewer So you don’t really like them.

Young man Well, I don’t mind them. They’re a bit boring, but they work hard.


Unit 1D , exercise 4

My name’s Mark. I come from London, but I live in Liverpool. I’m a student. I study French at Liverpool University. My hobbies are basketball and playing the guitar. I play in a band at university. I study hard during the week. At the weekends I work in a restaurant.


Hi, I’m Sally. I’m a student at Cardiff university, but I’m not from Cardiff. My family comes from London. I study medicine. I want to be a doctor. What are my hobbies? Well, I love shopping. I go shopping every Saturday morning. I also like sport – I play tennis. I sometimes work in a shop on Saturdays.

Unit 1F , exercise 2

Listen and check your answers.

Mark Hi Rachel. How are you?

Rachel Fine, thanks, Mark. And you?

Mark Not bad. Rachel, This is Susan.

Rachel Hello Susan. Nice to meet you.

Susan Hi Rachel. Nice to meet you too

Mark Susan is new to the school.

Rachel Oh, right. Where are you from?

Susan London.

Rachel Have you got any brothers or sisters?

Susan Yes, I’ve got a brother and a sister.

Rachel Really? How old are they?

Susan My sister is 14 and my brother is 18. My sister is in class 12C.

Rachel What about your brother?

Susan He doesn’t go to this school. He’s at university in Liverpool.

Mark That’s the bell. I’ve got Maths now. See you later.

Rachel Bye.

Susan See you.


Unit 1F, exercises 5 and 6

Conversation 1

JennyHello, Alfie! Nice to see you!

AlfieHi, Jenny. Nice to see you too.

JennyAlfie, this is Sam.

AlfieHello, Sam.

SamHi, Alfie.

JennyAlfie is my new neighbour. He lives in our street. He goes to Elston Secondary School.

SamOh, really. My cousin goes there. It’s a good school.

JennyAlfie’s got a sister.

SamOh, really. What’s her name?


SamIs she at the same school?

AlfieNo. She’s 20. She doesn’t go to school. She works in a shop.


Conversation 2

EllaHi, Rosie!

RosieHello, Ella. How are you?

EllaFine, thanks. Rosie, this is my friend, Jane.

RosieHi, Jane.

JaneHello, Rosie.

EllaJane goes to the same dance class as me.


JaneYes, but I go to a different school – Walton Manor.

Rosie Really? My mum works at that school!

JaneIs she a teacher?

RosieYes, she is. She teaches Italian.

JaneOh, right. I don’t study Italian.

EllaThere’s our bus! See you at school tomorrow, Rosie!

RosieYes, see you at school, Ella. Bye for now.

JaneBye. Nice to meet you, Rosie.

RosieNice to meet you, too. Bye, Jane.

Unit 1 G exercise 4

Listen and repeat.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 30th 31st

Unit 1 G exercise 6

1 the third of March, two thousand and six

2 the nineteenth of July, two thousand

3 the first of August, twenty twenty

4 the eighth of May, nineteen seventy two

5 the thirty first of October, two thousand and seven

6 the fourth of September, nineteen ninety five

Unit 1 G exercise 7

1 the 21st of January, 2007

2 the 8th of October, 1995

3 the 5th of May, 2010

4 the 29th of March, 1900

5 the 22nd of September, 2008

6 the 4th of December, 2020


Unit 2A, exercise 2

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