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Skills round up units 3 to 4, exercises 3 and 4

Narrator It’s Friday morning. Márton is arriving for work at the Arcadia Hotel. Dave, the receptionist, is there.

Dave Good morning! How are you?

Márton I’m fine, thanks. And you?

Dave Oh, I’m fine. Márton, are you working in the restaurant this evening?

Márton No, I’m not. I have a free evening. Why?

Dave Do you want to work some extra hours? It’s the Friday night party here at the hotel. We need more people to work in the bar.

Márton Oh … OK. Yes.

Dave You don’t have to. It’s just an offer.

Márton No, I want to. I need the money!

Dave Great!

Márton What time?

Dave Can you be here at 8 o’clock?

Márton Sure, no problem.

Dave OK. See you later.


Narrator It’s 8 o’clock in the evening.

Dave Hi, Francesca!

Francesca Hi, Dave. Are you working?

Dave Yes, of course. Are you here for the party?

Francesca That’s right. Where is the bar?

Dave Go along this corridor and turn right. Then go down the stairs. The bar is on your left.

Francesca OK, thanks. See you later.

Dave Bye.


Márton Hi, Dave. Am I late?

Dave No, you aren’t. It’s 8 o’clock now.

Márton Is the party in the bar?

Dave Yes, it is. Just follow Francesca!

Márton Who?

Dave My friend, Francesca.

Márton I don’t know her.

Dave She’s walking along the corridor. Look!

Márton Is she wearing jeans?

Dave No, that isn’t her. She’s wearing black trousers and a white T-shirt.

Márton Oh, I can see her. Is she English?

Dave No, she isn’t. She’s Italian. She’s from Milan. She’s really nice.

Márton (A LITTLE DREAMILY) Yes. She is.



Narrator It’s now 10 o’clock. Everybody is enjoying the party. Márton is working in the bar. He’s making cocktails.


Márton Oh, hi Dave. How are you?

Dave Fine. Márton, this is my friend, Francesca.

Márton Nice too meet you!

Francesca Nice to meet you too. Where are you from?

Márton I’m from Hungary. What about you?

Francesca I’m from Italy – Milan.

Customer Er, excuse me. Are you serving cocktails?

Márton Oh, sorry. Just a minute.

Francesca Hey, see you later.

Márton Yes … see you later. Sorry – I can’t talk now. I’m working.

Francesca Do you work here every evening?

Márton No, I don’t. I’m working tonight because …

Customer Excuse me!

Márton Sorry, sorry. What can I get you?

Francesca Bye!



Vocabulary Builder 4 Exercise 1

1 a blue top

2 a black and white dress

3 a purple blouse

4 brown boots

5 red shorts

6 blue tracksuit bottoms

7 grey trousers

8 an orange and yellow T-shirt

9 a pink shirt

10 a green tie


Unit 5A , exercise 2

Listen, repeat and check your answers.

1 island, sea

2 river

3 mountains, valley

4 desert

5 rainforest

6 forest

7 ocean

8 hill

9 beach

10 waterfall


Not illustrated



Unit 5A , exercise 3

Listen and check.

1 the Amazon Rainforest

2 the Baltic Sea

3 the island of Tasmania

4 the Tatra Mountains

5 the River Ganges

6 the Sahara Desert

7 Lake Superior


Unit 5A , exercise 4

Listen and repeat.





North America

South America


Unit 5A , exercise 6

1 Are the Rocky Mountains in North America or Europe?

2 Which sea does the River Danube flow into – the Black Sea or the Mediterranean?

3 Which ocean is between America and Asia?

4 Where’s the Gobi Desert – in Africa or Asia?

5 Can you name two islands in the Mediterranean Sea?

6 In which continent is Lake Victoria?


Unit 5A , exercise 7

Quizmaster Welcome to the Geography Quiz. Our first contestant is Kevin from London. Are you ready, Kevin?


Quizmaster Ok. Here’s the first question. Are the Rocky Mountains in North America or Europe?

Kevin They’re in North America.

Quizmaster That’s correct. Well done. Here’s the next question: Which sea does the River Danube flow into – the Black Sea or the Mediterranean?

Kevin Is it the Mediterranean? ... I think it’s the Mediterranean.

Quizmaster No, that’s the wrong answer. The Danube flows into the Black Sea. OK. Question 3. Which ocean is between America and Asia?

Kevin That’s easy. It’s the Pacific Ocean.

Quizmaster That’s right – the Pacific Ocean. Are you ready for the next question?

Kevin Yes.

Quizmaster OK. Here it is. Where’s the Gobi Desert – in Africa or Asia?

Kevin The Gobi Desert. Mmm, I’m not sure.

Quizmaster Have a guess.

Kevin Asia?

Quizmaster That’s right. It’s in China. Question five. Can you name two islands in the Mediterranean Sea?

Kevin Mallorca – that’s in the Mediterranean. I often go there on holiday.

Quizmaster Lucky you! Can you name another island?

Kevin Corsica.

Quizmaster Well done. They’re both in the Mediterranean Sea. You’ve got four points, Kevin. Now for the last question. In which continent is Lake Victoria?

Kevin Lake Victoria. It’s in Australia, I think.

Quizmaster Is that your final answer?

Kevin Yes, Australia.

Quizmaster Oh, dear Kevin. Lake Victoria is in Africa.

Kevin Oh, yes, of course!

Quizmaster You’ve got four points! Well done, Kevin!


Unit 5B , exercise 3.

Listen and repeat.

1 December is colder than September.

2 Water is heavier than ice.

Unit 5B , exercise 4

Listen and repeat.

1 The River Volga is longer than the River Thames.

The River Volga is longer than the River Thames.

2 America is further from Australia than Asia.

America is further from Australia than Asia.

Unit 5C , exercises 6 and 7

Hi, I’m Sandra and I’m from Adelaide, in Australia. There are lots of great National Parks in Australia. My favourite is the Great Barrier Reef National Park. It’s on the east coast of Australia. There are lots of little islands, with fantastic beaches. People go swimming and surfing there, and of course you can go diving and see beautiful fish.

Hi, I’m Liam and I’m from Dublin in Ireland. My favourite national Park is the Killarney National park. It’s in the west of Ireland. There are three beautiful lakes where people go sailing and fishing. There are also rivers and forests with lots of interesting animals. I sometimes go there with my family in the summer and we go walking.

Hi, I’m Maria and I’m from Calgary, in Canada. I love skiing so my favourite National Park is Banff National Park. It’s in the Rocky Mountains in the west of Canada. There are fantastic mountains where people go skiing and snowboarding. But it isn’t just winter sports – I go cycling with my friends and go canoeing on the lakes. It’s a great place for a holiday.


Unit 5D , exercise 3

Listen and repeat.

1 the largest

2 the heaviest

3 the hottest

4 the most difficult

5 the worst


Unit 5D , exercise 6

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