The Greggs' First Trip to Europe 

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The Greggs' First Trip to Europe


a dealer; to do excellent business in oil-burners; (an idea) to come into one's head; to save up enough for a trip; beside oneself with excite­ment; to agree to smth gladly; to travel all over Europe; to look up friends; to be an event in smb's life; to be thrilled (delighted); to go sightseeing; the famous places of interest; to admire the beauty of...; to be greatly impressed by...; full of impressions; to settle the date of one's return; to travel first (second, etc.) class; to see smb off; to cheer; to wave one's hand to smb.

Mr. Gregg Meets Lautisse


to happen; as follows; to take a walk; on deck; to run into smb; alone; a nasty look; not to want to disturb smb; to back away; to mum­ble an apology; to be called back; to discover that smb's English is good; to approach smb; to puzzle over smth; to suggest the right word; to fit the definition; to solve the puzzle; to be highly pleased with smb.

Lautisse Invites Mr. Gregg to His Cabin


to win the prize; a wallet made of pigskin; beside oneself with joy; to celebrate; to introduce oneself as...; to discuss things over a glass of brandy; (brandy) to loosen one's tongue; finally; to promise not to breathe a word; to give one's real name; to make no impression on smb; not to know a thing about smth.

The Greggs Learn the Truth

About Their Fellow-Traveller


to talk smth over with smb; to be puzzled; to make up one's mind to find out smth; to consult the ship's librarian; to take smb aside; a few innocent questions; to drop a name; to be surprised to learn that...; the world's greatest living painter; to give up painting; not to touch another brush as long as he lived; (the news) to make smb catch his breath; to be delighted; to seize the chance; to invite smb around for a drink.

Lautisse Comes to Spend

A Weekend With the Greggs


to get to be real friendly; to suggest; to arrange to spend a weekend with smb; to arrive on the noon train; to drive; to ask if smb wants to do anything in particular; to be eager to please smb; to have one wish only; to sit and relax; to show smb about (around); to be attentive to smb's wishes.

The Fence is Given

A Fresh Coat of Paint


to be in the habit of; to rise early; to remember a job; to build a fence with one's own hands; one's pride and joy; to take proper care of; to be particular about; to need a fresh coat of paint; to get out a bucket half full of white paint; to hear footsteps; to decide to postpone the job; to seize the brush from smb's hand; to show firmness and determination; to get on with the job; to work fast; to be impatient to finish smth; to be happy in one's work; in high spirits; now and then; to step back; to admire one's work; to do a good job on the fence; to have nothing to do but to return to one's papers; to fight down a feeling of displeasure; to let one's guest have his own way.

Lautisse Has a Telephone

Conversation With Gerston


a sculptor; the next town; to wish to get in touch with smb; possi­ble; to get smb on the telephone for smb; to talk French; a lively talk; not to understand a thing; probably; to speak of one's impressions; to make some sort of arrangement with smb.

The Papers Get Hold of the Story


not to hear of or from smb; to give an interview; to mention smth; (the story) to appear in the papers; a reporter; a photographer; to rush; not to waste time; immediately come to the point; to be eager to learn every little detail; to take notes; to take pictures; not to miss anything; to show particular interest in smth; to be satisfied; to clear up all doubt­ful points; to mark a turning point in one's life.

Bargaining Over the Fence


publicity; to give smb a funny feeling; an eventful week; lots of visitors; to be after the fence; to be eager to get down to business; at first; to be at a loss; to take smth for a joke; to doubt if smb is in his right mind; to find smth impossible to understand; to express one's point of view openly; to be worthless as a work of art; to have no pa­tience with smb; to make smth clear to smb; a genuine Lautisse; to be worth a lot of money; to be offered large sums; to be on the safe side; finally; to need time to think smth over; to get rid of smb.


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