Discuss the following questions about industrial customers. 

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Discuss the following questions about industrial customers.

1 What are the largest five industries in your country or region? Use those listed below to help


you. What are their products? Who are their clients?


2 How are they supplied with power? Do some of them have their own power plants or are they supplied by other energy companies?

3 Which consume(s) the most energy? Rank them on a scale of 1–5 according to how much electricity they consume.

4 What do large industrial companies want from energy companies?





Paul Robben from AECP – the Association of European Chemical Producers – is talking to Anna Smith from the energy company ELEC. You are sitting in on the meeting.

Listen and say whether the following statements are true or false.

1 AECP has established an energy procurement unit.

2 Its aim is to harmonize the terms under which it does business with its various suppliers.

3 AECP wants there to be one key account manager at ELEC.

4 A key issue for AECP is security of supply.

5 AECP expects its requirements to remain constant.



Listen again and complete notes for the minutes of the meeting under the following headings.

1 Members of AECP  
2 Development of wholesale prices  
3 AECP’s objectives  
4 Forecasts on AECP’s future energy consumption  
5 Next step  

16 | UNIT 2 Markets and customers


These graphs show developments mentioned in exercise 2. What does each graph show? If you are not sure, listen to the dialogue again.










Graph 1 Year 1 Year 2 Graph 2 Jan Feb




0.09 0.10



Graph 3 Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 (now)

Graph 4

(now) Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5


Match the statements that have the same meaning. Then decide which graph each pair refers to.

  It’s going to grow. a It’s held steady.
  It has remained stable. b It’s been volatile.
  They’ve doubled. c We expect it to rise.
  It has fluctuated. d There’s been a 100% increase.

decline • fall sharply • fluctuate • hit a low and then recover • remain stable • level off • fall back and then pick up again • peak and then fall back • increase steeply • rise steadily •
Match the expression with each graph below. Add any expressions that you know.





UNIT 2 Markets and customers | 17

This graph shows the development of the EEX electricity spot price in 2009. Continue the following description. Use expressions from exercises 4 and 5.

The graph shows the development of the EEX electricity spot price in 2009. The price started at …



Choose a graph describing a trend from your own company on a subject that you are familiar with. Present it to the other students. Use phrases from the box.



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