Answer the following questions to the text in the written form.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Answer the following questions to the text in the written form.

1. Who was responsible for organizing and designing the “New Police”?

2. Why did the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police become known as Scotland Yard?

3. What is “New Scotland Yard” and where is it currently located?

4. What difficulties in relations with the public did the force suffer?

5. What is the main principle of the Force’s relationship with the public?


1.3 Find in the text the English equivalents for the following words and expressions:

1.главное полицейское управление

2.Столичная полиция

3.комиссар полиции

4.претерпевать невзгоды

5.преодолеть враждебное отношение

6.завоевать доверие общественности

7.на основе взаимного уважения



Translate these sentences from English into Russian.

1.We would like to make a contract with your firm for furniture

2. Please, go through our catalogues and price lists.

3. Every morning I go through the newspapers.

4. I must send this letter today.

5. Can you send us your answer this week?

6. We do business with different foreign firms.

7. We had talks with one of the French firms last week

8. The firm sent their representative to Moscow.

9. You can get the necessary catalogues tomorrow morning

10. All the materials were ready for the talks.


Read the dialogue and translate it into Russian.



Zotov: Russian Trade Delegation here. Good morning.

Secretary: Good morning.

Zotov: I wonder if Mr.Lipman is available.

Secretary: Yes, he is. Hold on, please. I shall put you through.

Lipman: Lipman is spesking.

Zotov: Good morning, Mr. Lipman. Zotov speaking.I am glad I have got you on the phone. I hope you are well.

Lipman: Yes, thank you. And how are you getting on?

Zotov:Quite all right, thank you. The fact is Mr. Zotov, president of Techmachineimport has come to London to-day. He would like to talk to you.

Lipman: I shall be glad to talk to Mr. Kozlov. We have not met since my last visit to Moscow. I wonder if he will be able to come and see me this afternoon.

Zotov:I am afraid this time will not be quite convenient to him. Could you give an alternative date, please?

Lipman: Yes, certainly. Tomorrow morning then.

Zotov: Very good. I shall pass it on to Mr. Kozlov. Good-bye.

Lipman: Good-bye.


Read and translate the following business letter into Russian.

London, 29th March, 2003


Moscow G-200,



Dear sirs,

Your name and address have been given to us by “Smith and Sons”, who have infirmed us that you are exporters of Cotton Fabrics from Russia. We are regular buyers of Cotton Fabrics and shall be glad if you will send us your samples with prices and all particulars concerning delivery dates and terms of payment.


We are looking forward to your reply,

Yours faithfully,

Brown and Co.,Ltd.


Make an offer.


Mr. J.Allen 16 May 199x


A.X.C. Records Ltd.

41 Broadway

Manchester M2 5BP.

Dear Mr. Allen,

Thank you for your nquiry of 12 May in which you asked about the tapes we advertised in this month”s edition of Hi Fi News.

The cassets are ferrous based and high quality chromium dioxide which as you know means they would be suitable for any type of recording. They are Kolby products which is the brand name you will certainly recognize. Our prices are low and quite competitive as we are working on a small profit margin, therefore we will not be offering any trade discounts on this consignment.

But we sell a wide range of cassettes and we enclose a price-list giving you details of trade, quantity, and cash discounts on our other products.

We have sent, by separate post, samples of the advertised cassettes and other brand we stock. We would urge you to place an order as soon as possible as there has been a huge response to our advertisement.

Thank you for your interest and await your reply.


Yours faithfully,


Southern Importers Ltd.

Encl. price-list


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