Завдання 1-10. Прочитайте уважно текст і перекладіть його з допомогою словника.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Завдання 1-10. Прочитайте уважно текст і перекладіть його з допомогою словника.


Many people think about holidays in January. They begin to make plans. They talk about places and ideas ... January is a cold month in many countries, and February is even worse! Christmas is over. The New year has begun. So people begin to dream.

Some people like winter holidays. If they live near mountains they probably go skiing. Some people can ski every weekend, but others go for a week and have a real holiday.

Not everybody likes winter holidays. Though, many people dream of the sun and warm beaches. And other people like to do things when they are on holiday. They want to learn a foreign language or visit famous places, or go climbing. Some people like to spend their holidays with a lot of other people; others prefer to go on their own.

Even if we all have different ideas about an ideal holiday, we all have to face two problems: time and money. In some countries, people have a three weeks holiday each year, in other countries, it is four weeks and teachers often have twelve weeks! Some people like to have one long holiday each year; others prefer to have two short ones.

Дайте відповіді на запитання.

1. When do people start to think about their holidays?

2. Do people begin to dream after the New Year has begun?

3. Some people like winter holidays, don't they?

4. How do people spend their holiday if they live near mountains?

5. How often do some people ski?

6. Don't many people dream of the sun and warm beaches?

7. Are some people intent on doing things when on holiday?

8. What kind of things do they prefer to do?

9. What problem do all people have to face?

10. How long can people be on holiday?

Завдання 11. Завершіть наступний діалог.

A: What a nasty day today !

B: ……….

A: I hate when it rains.

B: ……….

A: What is the weather forecast for tomorrow ?

B: ……….

A: What a pity ! I shall not be able to go fishing.


Завдання 12. Знайдіть відповідне тлумачення слів, у колонці, що навпроти .

12. cruise a. travelling
13. journey b. a famous place
14. landmark c. hotel and travel
15. abroad d. travelling by ship
16. package holiday e. another country

Завдання 17-21. Поставте запитання, щоб отримати наступні відповіді.

17. We are going to reserve a double room.

18. A chambermaid is cleaning their suits now.

19. She is going to check out on Monday.

20. I am looking for the key. I am afraid I have lost it.

21. David is still talking to the manager of the hotel.

Завдання 22-30. Вставте присвійні займенники(my, our, his, her, their, your, its ).

22. We have ___ English classes twice a week. 23. She likes ____new dress very much. 24. Paul keeps ___ books in the book-case. 25. I usually go to see ___ friends in the evening. 26. They often take ___ children to this park. 27. Do you help ___ parents ? 28. The film is very interesting but I do not remember ___ title. 29. Mary is an accountant. She does ___ work well. 30. Next I ask the hotel porter to carry ___ luggage to the room.




Варіант 4

Завдання 1-10. Прочитайте уважно текст і перекладіть його з допомогою словника.


Some of the English customs are strange. People in England do not shake hands as much as people do in Europe. Men raise their hats to women but not to each other. When you go to a friend's house for a dinner, it's not the custom to say, "Thank you" at the end of the dinner as in our country. There you wait until you are leaving to go home and then you say, "Thank you for inviting me". Very few people have servants in their homes. It is very difficult to get servants, and servants' wages are high, so the men help their wives in many ways.

Sunday is a very quiet day in London. All the shops are not open and so are the theatres and most of the cinemas. Londoners like to get out of town on Sundays. They often go down to the sea for the day. There are very few outdoor cafes in London. That's because the weather changes so often and so quickly. The sun may shine one minute and the a few minutes later it may rain.

Foreigners sometimes get a little tired of English cooking, and they go to Soho. Soho is a part of London where there are all sorts of restaurants: French, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Indian and many others.

Дайте відповіді на запитання.

1. Do people in England shake hands as much as people do in Europe?

2. Whom do men raise their hats to?

3. Is it customary to say "Thank you" at the end of the dinner?

4. What do the guests say when they are leaving?

5. Very few people have servants in their homes, haven't they?

6. What day is very quiet in London?

7. Where do the Londoners prefer to go on Sundays?

8. Are there many outdoor cafes in London?

9. Who is sometimes tired of English cooking?

10. What is Soho famous for?


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