Тренировочное упражнение № 2

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Тренировочное упражнение № 2

Forms of Money

Вставьте в слова пропущенные буквы и переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. Money borrowed from a bank is a l . . n.

2. Borrowed money that has to be paid back constitutes a d . . t.

3. All the money received by a person or a company is known as in . . . e .

4. The money earned for a week’s manual work is called a w . g ..

5. The money paid for a month’s (professional) work is a s . l . r ..

6. Money placed in banks and other saving institutions constitutes d . p . s . . s.

7. Money paid by the government or a company to a retired person is a p . . s . . n.

8. The money needed to start a company is called c . p . t . l.

9. The money paid to lawyers, architects, private schools, etc. is called f . . s.

10. Estimated expenditure and income is written in a b . dg . t.

Тренировочное упражнение № 3

Дополните следующие определения подходящим по смыслу словом из таблицы. Переведите предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на разные способы перевода причастия I и II.

a) Accounts(для специальности БУ и аудит)

books takeover profit delivery working balance

1. Money used to operate a business on a day-today basis is its . . . . . . . capital.

2. The account which describes the trading activities of a business over a (stated) period of time is the . . . . . . and loss account.

3. A statement produced, usually at the end of a financial year, showing the financial state of the business and including, among other things, its assets and liabilities, is its . . . . . . . sheet.

4. When one company attempts to gain control of another, by buying a majority of its shares, it is making a . . . . . . . bid.

5. Ledgers are written up from entries in day . . . . . . .

6. A note which accompanies goods sent by a seller, to be signed by the person who receives the goods, is a . . . . . . . note.

b) Finance (для специальности Ф и К)

shares interest current creditor dividend company net statement

1. Recording financial transactions is ................ .

2. A legal organization, formally registered and having a life independent of its members, is a ...................... .

3. A person or organization to whom money is owed is a .................. .

4. The assets, including cash, debtors and stock used in a company’s trading, available at the present moment, are its ............. assets.

5. The equal parts into which the ownership of a company is divided are its ...................... .

6. The money paid to shareholders out of a company’s profits is the ...................... .

7. A company’s turnover after the cost of sales, tax, rent and order liabilities are deducted is its .................... profit.

8. The sum of money paid by a borrower to a lender for the use of the lender’s money is the ................. on the loan.

Прочитайте и устно переведите текст. Объясните грамматические явления, встретившиеся в к/р № 2.


Bank is an organization that holds money, important documents and other valuables in safe keeping, and lends money at interest. It may also arrange mortgages and insurance, and be involved in a number of financial trading activities.

Quintrop, one Northland’s leading banks is to begin exporting computerized banking systems to the USA, Europe and the Far East. The bank, which is well-known for being at the forefront of electronic banking, is confident that there is a world-wide market for its state-of-the-arts solutions to the rapidly changing needs of international banking. «What we intend to do», says Managing Director John Seddon, «is to make available the bank of tomorrow, that is a one-location bank which can meet all banking needs, business and retail, on the spot, by means of banking know-how combined with advanced computer technology.» Quintrop’s rise to electronic market leadership began in 1985, when it established a subsidiary company, Quintrop Computer Services, for the sole purpose of selecting hardware, developing sophisticated software applications and building a comprehensive on-line network for the bank.

All the bank’s 260 domestic branches have been connected to the network since 1989, shortly after which the key branches abroad in London, Hong-Kong and Bermuda went on-line. The bank’s other international branches in 21 countries were linked to the network in 1990. More than 2,000 AJS/500 terminals have been installed in the network, with control and data being concentrated at the host side.

A portfolio and trust management system is also available, which includes a securities facility providing an on-line real-time connection to the stock-exchange. Purchases can be made via a terminal, and the whole operation is paperless. A feature which Quintrop is developing as part of its concept of tomorrow’s bank is a display service whereby customers will be able to interface personal computers directly with the bank’s network by means of the telephone line and a modem. The up-to-the-minute information thus available will include direct linking facilities via the modem to domestic and foreign exchanges.

The bank’s priority investments in electronic banking have produced what Seddon describes as «advanced equipment and systems, which have facilitated increased administrative control, rationalization of clerical duties, and expanded information gathering capabilities, all of which means quicker, more reliable, and increased customer services».

Слова к тексту «Banking»

valuables -ценности

mortgage - ссуда для покупки дома

insurance - страхование

to involve - вовлекать

to be involved - быть вовлеченным

confident - уверенный

state-of-the-arts – современный, соответствующий последнему слову науки и техники

to intend - намереваться сделать что-то

on-location - размещенный на одной площадке в одном месте

to meet - удовлетворять

on the spot - на месте

subsidiary - дочернее предприятие

hardware - электронная и механическая часть компьютерной системы, «железки»

sophisticated software application - сложное программное приложение

comprehensive - всесторонний, подробный, исчерпывающий

on-line - интерактивный, подключенный, оперативно-доступный

go on-line - присоединяться к сети

install - инсталлировать, устанавливать

via - через, посредством чего-либо

a securities facility - программное приложение и связь для работы с ценными бумагами

portfolio - «портфель» ценных бумаг

real-time - в реальном времени

stock exchange - биржа

purchases - покупки

to interface - связывать, соединять с компьютером

direct linking facilities - средства прямой связи

to facilitate - облегчать, помогать, способствовать

corporate - корпоративный, акционерный

capability - способность

Типы условных предложений

  Условие Следствие
0 тип If подлежащее + сказуемое . . . в Present Simple подлежащее + сказуемое . . . в Present Simple
  И условие, и следствие относятся к настоящему времени
  If you need money Present Simple Если вам нужны деньги, the bank can lend you some Present Simple банк может одолжить вам
1 тип If подлежащее + сказуемое . . . Present Simple подлежащее + сказуемое . . . Future Simple
  И условие, и следствие относятся к будущему
  If he reduces the price Если он снизит цену, I will buy the house я куплю дом.
2 тип If подлежащее + сказуемое . . . Past Simple Ifhe had money Если бы у него были деньги, подлежащее + сказуемое . . . would + инфинитив he would buy a car. он бы купил машину.


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