IV. Give English equivalents to the Russian Words and phrases

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


IV. Give English equivalents to the Russian Words and phrases

1. большой порт

2. главный

3. относиться

4. германские завоеватели

5. первоначальное название

6. охватывать

7. вход в Лондон

8. церковь

9. символ благосостояния

10. достопримечательность

11. архитектура

12. через дорогу

13. интересная особенность

14. огромный

15. митинги и демонстрации

16. содержать

17. восстанавливать

18. оказаться, очутиться

19. густо населенный

20. истинный

V. Make up sentences


1. The, to give, old, London, its, Celts, name.

2. London, on, to be situated, the, Themes, river.

3. To be, London, one, the, of, biggest, in, cities, world, the.

4. One, modern, London, to be, not, city.

5. The, to be, City, the, of, heart, London.

6. West End, the, to be, symbol, wealth, of.

7. East End, the, to be, part, poorest, London, of.

8. Money, City, to be, the, London, of.

9. West End, to be, goods, its.

10. East End, hands, to be, of, the, London.


VI. Answer the following questions


1. What is London?

2. What can you tell about the history of London?

3. Where is London situated?

4. What is the population of London?

5. What is the total area of London?

6. What is modern London?

7. What are the main traditional parts of London?

8. What do you know about the City?

9. How do people call the City of London?

10. What is the West End famous for?

11. What are the main sightseeings of London?

12. How do people call the West End?

13. What can you tell about the East End?

14. What are the main industries of London?

15. How do people call the East End?


VII. Make up a plan of the text


VIII. Speak about


1. the history of London

2. the City

3. the West End

4. the East End


IX. Speak about the sightseeings of London using the following words and word combinations


Westminster Abbey, to be buried, famous writers, memorials, Houses of Parliament, Hide Park With Kensington gardens, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, residence, Piccadilly Circus, theatrical life, Trafalgar Square, lions, to be used by…, fountains, pigeons, National Gallery, to be built, masterpieces, church, St. Martin–in–the–Fields.






I. Vocabulary list


1. prestigious – престижный

2. to denote – означать

3. collectively – совместно

4. afford – позволить

5. tutorial – консультация

6. ceremony – церемония, торжество

7. offer – предложение

8. range – ряд

9. chapel – часовня

10. to mention – упоминать

11. charter – устав, чартер, нанимать

12. overseas – за границей

II. Text



Oxford and Cambridge are the oldest and most prestigious universities in Great Britain. They are often called collectively Oxbridge. Both universities are independent. Only very rich and aristocratic families can afford to send their sons and daughters to these universities, mostly they are former public school levers.

The tutorial is the basic mode of instruction at Oxford and Cambridge, with lectures as optional extras.

The normal length of the degree course is three years, after which the students take the Degree of Bachelor of Arts. Some courses, such as languages or medicine, may be one or two years longer. The students may work for other degrees as well. The degrees are awarded at public degrees ceremonies.

Oxford and Cambridge universities consist of a number of colleges. Each college is different, but in many ways they are alike. Each college is governed by a Master. The Large ones have more than 400 members, the smallest colleges have less that 30. Each college offers teaching in a wide range of subjects. Within the college one will normally find a chapel, a dining hall, a library, rooms for undergraduates, fellows and Master, and also rooms for teaching purposes.

Oxford is one of oldest universities in Europe. It is the second largest in Britain, after London.

There are now twenty – four colleges for men, five for women and another five which have both men and women members, many from overseas studing for higher degrees. Among the oldest colleges are Universities College. All Souls and Christ Chuck.

The Cambridge University Started during the 13th century and grew until today. Now there are more than 30 colleges.

The universities have over a hundred societies and clubs, enough for every interest one could imagine. Sport is a part of student’s life at Cambridge.



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