How can the level of you English influence your career move?

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


How can the level of you English influence your career move?

The good company need people who speak fluent English because they cooperate with other countries. Therefore to have a high-paying job I need to have knowledge of the English language.

Do personal factors help you improve your career?

Yes ,they do. The employer wants to see in your company responsible, communicative, purposeful workers. So if you're going to have these qualities, you'll be able to get a promotion.
5.If you friend wanted to get ahead in his /her career ,what practical advice could you give him/her?

Firstly you should have a clear about ​​what you want . Secondly you have to make a list of your priorities and outline your tasks for the day. Thirdly you need learn how to work through others and look for opportunities to broaden your skills


What types of companies do you know?

I know such kinds of companies as own company, a multinational company and a family owned company

What company would you like to work for?

3)I would like prefer to work in oil and gas business because I like this area and it is the mainstay of the economy. I want to work in the multinational company. Because they offer excellent opportunities for career growth and cooperate with many countries. For example, Gasprom or Lukoyl,

What makes a good company from your point of view?

I think that a good company should have a corporate culture. The company has to take care of their workers and to encourage them for their achievements

5) Why is it important for a company to have corporate culture?

I think because strong culture in company will link all together. Culture sets the company rules and standards of conduct. Culture encourages employees to achieve common goals. It is one the main factor for the success of company

If you wanted to set up your own business, what would you start with?

If you want your company to be successful , you must to understand the market, the customer needs, the trends about that, how people live. Of course, understanding how the competitors are acting Therefore, the first step in a career should be an analysis of the situation and the choice of the optimal solutions



Managing people

What are the principal functions of modern managers?

Manager solves the main tasks of the organization, manages and controls the staff, atten
d business meetings.

What makes a successful manager nowadays?

To be successful manager you should have a higher education and some personal qualities. For example, the ability to work with people and ability to analyze. Also the manager must be responsible and punctual.

Do you think you are going to make a good manager ? What makes you think so?

Yes,I do. Because I really like my future profession and I want be a good manager .I do all for my career. I'll do everything possible to its goal is achieved

Do you prefer to manage people or to be managed by somebody?

I prefer to manage someone. Because I like to organize and be responsible

If you worked for a multinational company, would you easily adapt to the cultural diversity of the personnel?

Yes, I do .For me is not important a person's nationality. I appreciate people for their inner world.

Marketing and advertising

What types of advertising do you Know?

I know these types of advertising as sponsorship, attracting celebrities, placement the product in the film. It may be posters on the streets, handing out leaflets, shot mail and advertising on radio

What is the marketing mix?

Marketing Mix is a 4P. They are price, product, promotion, and place;

Why do companies have to find new ways of promoting products?

Companies are looking for new ways to promote products to be the first on the market to attract new customers, sell more and to get maximum profit

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