Would you agree that TV commercials are extremely irriting?

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Would you agree that TV commercials are extremely irriting?

I wouldn’t agree with this statement. I believe that if the advertising is good, it looks nice . Also during the commercials will be weaned, not missing anything interesting.

If you had your own company , what ways of advertising would you use to promote your products?

I would use the advertising with celebrity endorsement

TV. Because a large audience watches television.



What do companies do to encourage innovation?

Companies create research centers and laboratories. Pay a premium for new discoveries.

What problems can fresh ideas solve in business? Give examples.

Great idea it is one main for the success. Thanks to these ideas company can takes advantage of an opportunity to extend its products range.

3) Where do you think innovation ideas come from?
Great idea are generated a different ways. Some new ideas appear suddenly, the other by a long research.Laziness is often the cause of great discoveries

4) Why do companies spend a lot on R&D?

Companies want to increase their profits and to facilitate its work through innovative ideas. They want to become the world ‘s biggest producer.


5) Would you invest in R&D if you were a chief executive of a company?

yes, I would. because innovative ideas play an important role in the business. thanks to them you can attract customers and increase your income. Also to simplify your work

Ways of selling

What ways of selling you know?

There are online stores and physical stores. In the online store you can order the product at home. In bricks-and mortar you have to come and choose a product

What is the difference between retailing and wholesaling?

The difference is in the number and cost per unit. Retail trade is when selling one unit of product.Wholesale is when they sell one item in the amount of more than three

Where is it better to buy things :via the internet or in a shop?

If you want to buy clothes, the better to go to a physical store. Because you can see, try on and select .If you buy a book, the order in the online store. It will be cheaper.

Why does online shopping make the market extremely competitive ?

It is more competitive online because you are always one click away from rival. They should adopt a model of dual pricing in order to keep their position online while maintaining margins in their store

If you wanted to create a successful online business,what would you start with?

I will start with the selection of the product and create a website for its promotion

Business Activities (Meeting)

What are the main reasons for holding meeting?

The main reason for this is the emergence of problems. During the meeting to discuss it and make a decision.

What makes a meeting productive?

We must clearly have repose of the problem. The meeting should be well organized.The best number for a meeting is six people or fewer. Never have food and drink during a meeting.Always start and finish a meeting on time.

Why are so many meetings unsuccessful?

The meeting is often poorly organized. Does not start on time, or someone is late. Too many people are present at the meeting. People Do not have clear about problem.

What is the role of the chairperson?

He is leader of meeting and its organizer. he describes the problem and offers its solution

What type of a business meeting would you hold if you had to make an important decision?

I have held a meeting in the company to know the opinion of the staff on this issue


What is a typical structure of a presentation?

The presentation consists the introduction, body and conclusion.

In the introduction is denoted theme and purpose of the presentation. In the main part is revealed of its essence . Finally the presentation should have conclusion .

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