Some of these sentences need a. Put in a where necessary. Put 'RIGHT' if the sentence is already complete.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Some of these sentences need a. Put in a where necessary. Put 'RIGHT' if the sentence is already complete.

1. She's lucky. She has _few problems._ _RIGHT_

2. Things are not going so well for her. She has _few problems._ _a few problems_

3. Can you lend me _few dollars?_

4. I can't give you a decision yet. I need _little time_ to think.

5. There was _little traffic_, so the journey didn't take very long.

6. It was a surprise that he won the match. _Few people_ expected him to win.

7. I don't know much Spanish--_only few words._

7. Complete with words below:

among, between

1. Differences in pronunciations—British English and American English are numerous. 2. For her there is not much choice—Paul and Nick. 3. She could see him – people in the crowd. 4. You may divide this money—you both. 5. There is an oak tree – birches and pines near my house.

8. Complete this passage with prepositions( to, by, over, into)

1. When we came the game was …

2. He went … school.

3. She came … my room, no resolution.

4. The book was brought … the girl.

5. The pencil belongs … me.

6. The document was signed … the director.

7. The ball fall … the water.

8. She is going … the sea.

9. Repeat the texts … again.

10. He quickly climbed … the fence.

11. I think … your propositions.

12. The sunny weather will be all … the country.

13. She went … the river.

14. They go … home.

15. The pupils came … the classroom.

16. The dog went … the lake.

17. Put money … the pocket.

18. He couldn’t sleep and turn side … side.

19. The lamp is… the bookcase.

20. My sister prefers travelling … car.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in 1756. From the very beginning of his life in Salzburg» Austria, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a master of music. His father, Leopold Mozart, sacrificed his own career as a respected composer and theorist so he could concentrate on fostering his prodigy son's talents. He taught Mozart the violin, piano and musical theory, all of which Mozart excelled at. At the age of four, Mozart was writing piano concerts and he completed his first opera, when he was eleven.

Mozart spent most of his childhood touring Europe with his sister and he got his first job at the age thirteen for the Archbishop of Salzburg. He worked here for twelve years until the archbishop dismissed him. Mozart moved to Vienna, the musical capital of the world at the time. He had been successful there as a child prodigy but as an adult had difficulty in finding work.

It was in Vienna that Mozart met Haydn, who took Mozart under his wing and nurtured Mozart' talents like a second father. To make a living, Mozart wrote operas which were becoming very popular. Musical ideas sprang from Mozart's mind. His only task in composing was actually writing the music down on paper. Around this time he fell in love with a woman called Aloysia Weber. He asked her to marry him but she declined and so he married her sister Constanze instead. For their wedding, Mozart wrote his great C-minor composition.

Mozart had more success as a composer when he visited Prague. He was commissioned to write several operas and he enjoyed a successful career.

Mozart was convinced while he was writing Requiem commissioned by an unnamed stranger that it was his own requiem and he was right. He raced to finish it but in the end only completed a few movements and a sketchy outline of the rest of the piece. He died probably from poor health when he was just thirty five years old. The Requiem was completed by one of Mozart's pupils, Sussmayr.

Mozart was apolitical. He was very classical. He appreciated Bach and had a large output: 49 symphonies and 18 operas.


1. When was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born?

2. Did his father help him with music?

3. What was Mozart taught by his father?

4. When did Mozart get his first job?

5. Did he travel a lot in his childhood?

6. What was the musical capital of the world at the time of-Mozart?

7. Whom was Haydn for Mozart?

8. Did Haydn help Mozart?

9. What was Aloysia Weber?

10. Who became the wife of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

11. What was the last composition of the great composer?

12. When did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart die?

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