Fill in the blanks with few, and little

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Fill in the blanks with few, and little

1. Ann is very busy these days. She has­­­___ free time.

2. You take___photographs when you were on holidays.

3. I'm not very busy today. But I have got___ spare time to do smth..

4. The museum was not very crowded. There were___ people.

5. Most of the town is modern. There are___ old buildings.

6. The weather has been very dry recently. We've had___ rain.

7. Provide the correct preposition:

1. He was proud…being chosen. a) at b) of c) in

2. Are you jealous…that guy? a) of b) from c)to

3. Don’t say you are familiar…the subject. a) at b)on c) with

4. Don’t be too sure…yourself, please. a) to b) for c) of

5. Are you really fond…music? a) of b) in c) with

6. He was happy…receiving the award. a) at b) about c) in

7. Don’t be afraid …dogs – they are afraid…you. a) of—of b) at—in c) from—to

8. Jake was married…Jane’s. a) on b) in c) to

9. Sorry…interrupting you. a) with b)for c) at

10. Are you aware…the fact that the company you work…went broke?

a) of –for b) in—to c) with—by

8. Provide the correct preposition:

1. The space…the two houses was occupied by a parking lot. a) among b) between

2.…a yellow mackintosh, he had pink gloves and a red scarf on а queer figure!

a) Beside b) Besides

3.…taking up music as a major he decided to study painting.

a) Instead b) Instead of

4. …the increase in air fares, most people still prefer to travel by plane.

a) Despite of b) Despite

5. We couldn’t get out of the car…the door struck. a) because b) because of

6. We asked John to speak about his experiences…the Antarctic. a) of b) in

7. According to the time-table the classes are to start…Monday. a) on b) at

8. We have decided to do one exercise a day…now on till the end of the term.

a) in b) from

9. One…the first to come to the office was Jack. a) in b) of

10. There was a famous writer and several movie stars…the people whom I met at the party at Bridgestone. a) among b) between



Internet Addiction

Last week, in a private rehabilitation clinic outside Edinburgh, Leo Edwards, a sixteen-year-old schoolboy, was going through severe withdrawal symptoms. His body often shook violently and uncontrollably, and at mealtimes he regularly threw cups and plates around the dining room. The boy's addiction had nothing to do with alcohol, drugs, gambling or food. His problem was 'Net obsession'— an over-dependency on the Internet.

An international group of psychologists has recently suggested that anyone who surfs the Internet for long periods is clinically ill and needs medical treatment. According to their report, Internet addicts should be treated in the same way as alcoholics, drug addicts, compulsive gamblers and people with eating disorders.


Leo Edwards is not an isolated case. Russell Hopkins, aged fifteen, from Gateshead in north-east England, is a typical online addict.

Every day after school, and after dinner until three or four in the morning, he will be found in his room surfing the Net or playing computer games. By the end of the day he will have spent more than six hours online. Understandably, his parents are extremely worried. Not only has his school work suffered, but Russell's addiction has also destroyed his social life and his spare-time interests. For instance, he has just dropped out of his school's basketball team in order to spend more time at his computer. Instead of spending next weekend having a good time out with friends, he'll be spending it indoors surfing the Internet.

Russell has recently joined an Internet online support group. It may seem ironic that many of the support groups for Internet addicts are online but at least Russell has sought help. Not everyone does. Dr Ann Hoffman, who runs an online support group, says, "People don't realise that being online for more than four hours a day amounts to addiction and that they have a serious problem. I predict that the number of people who join online support groups will have risen dramatically within three years."


1. How did Leo respond to withdrawal from the Internet?

2. What do some psychologists compare Internet addicts to?

3. How is Russel a typical Internet addict?

4. What two things has he stopped doing?

5. What does Dr Hoffman predict?

6. Do you prefer going online to watching TV?

7. What information do you search the Net for?

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