ТОП 10:

It’S IMPortant to Make a rIght ChoICe


Цілі:вдосконалювати навички усного мовлення й читання; розвивати куль- туру спілкування й мовленнєву реакцію учнів; виховувати відповідальне ставлення до вибору майбутньої професії.









1. Warm-up

What can influence the choice of a job or profession?

your friend’s example

personal qualities

the thing you are good at your ambitions

The teenagers’ choice

My choice

The choice of a job


can be


influenced encouraged by

your abilities your skills

your bend for a job the necessity

wish to study further pressure of your parents,




2. speaking

Do ex. 1, p. 58.


3. Writing and speaking

Make up some sentences and express your own ideas as for right choice

of a future profession.

Why should teenagers (young people) make a right choice of a future job and profession?







should must


make a right choice

of a future profession


better job opportunities realization of our(their) ambitions

high living standards our (their) career




on it



The right choice helps to avoid


backbreaking monotonous job un respected job unprestigious job tiring job disappointment


4. speaking

Do ex. 2, p. 58.


5. Reading and speaking

Do ex. 3, p. 58.


6. speaking


Work in groups

Using the information from the Internet get ready questions and ans- wers for the interview.

Job Opening


Company: Kenaz Translations
Job Title: Business Development Manager
Job Location: Kharkov — Ukraine
County or nearby cities: Canada; USA
Employment Category: Sales
Employment Type: Full Time
Job Reference Number: BDM
Posted: 2011–11–29


Job Description

Job Type: Freelance; location is flexible.

Category: Sales / Account / Business Development. Salary: Wage Rate+ Commission.

*The salary package is highly negotiable for the right people.

Kenaz Translations is currently seeking an enthusiastic and driven person to take the position of Business Development Manager. Formed in

2001, Kenaz Translations specializes in the translation, localization and proofreading of English, French, Spanish and German copy into more than a dozen Eastern European languages.

Kenaz services include software and website localization, linguistic consulting and adaptation, international brand consulting, advertising and presentation materials, voiceovers, transcription services, certified translations and more.

We welcome business development professionals with the relevant ex- perience and expertise.


Position Summary:

The Business Development Manager, under supervision of the CEO is responsible for developing and implementing new business opportunities within Localization & Translation Services which result in successful, pro- fitable and long term client relationships.

Main Responsibilities:

y Maximize the sales revenue from clients to develop strong and profit- able business relationships.

y Achieve revenue growth, technology implementations and sale of ad- ditional translation / localization services.

y Initiate marketing strategies and coordinate actions to influence the market.

y Locate or propose potential business deals by contacting potential clients; discovering and exploring opportunities.

y Develop negotiating strategies and positions by studying integration of new venture with company strategies and operations; examining risks and potentials; estimating partners’ needs and goals.

y Settle new business deals by coordinating requirements; develop and negotiate contracts; integrate contract requirements with business operation.

y Support marketing activities, including trade / scientific shows, mail- ings, etc.

(See Position Requirements in Lesson 19)


7. summary

Do ex. 4, p. 58.


8. Homework

Ex. 5, p. 59.

Lesson 19


StartIng a BUSIneSS


Цілі:вдосконалювати лексичні навички й навички читання; вдосконалюва- ти навички виконання тестових завдань; розвивати логічне мислення; вихо- вувати зацікавленість у розширенні своїх знань щодо правильного вибору майбутньої професії.




1. Warm-up

Journalist person who drives a bus
Teacher works in a school and teaches students
police officer rescues people from burning buildings and helps put out fires
accountant works in hospital and helps doctors
Business person defends people’s rights in court
doctor flies an airplane
nurse takes people’s orders in a restaurant and serves them food
pilot works in a police station and maintains public security
taxi driver works in a bank and keeps records of money
bus driver works in a hospital and treats patients
manager answers phone calls and does office work for his / her boss
chef drives a taxi
actor person who reports news on TV, radio or Newspaper
actress does the cooking in a restaurant or hotel
firefighter a woman who plays a role in a movie
waiter manages the affairs of a company or business
lawyer one who does business
secretary a man who acts in a movie


Match the jobs to their definitions.








2. speaking


Work in pairs

Using the chart discuss what people should do to make a right choice of profession. Add your own ideas and share them with your class.


skills and experience



should must


know learn

what abilities to develop qualities of jobs, professions advantages

disadvantages of jobs, professions


3. Grammar practice

Do ex. 1, p. 60.


4. Vocabulary practice

Do ex. 2, p. 60.


5. Reading

Do ex. 3, p. 60.


6. speaking

Discuss the following questions.

1) Are you interested in the world of business?

2) Do you think you have a good head for business?

3) What kind of business would you like to start?

4) Do you think anyone can start their own business?

5) What are the dangers of having your own business?

6) Do you read any business magazines?

7) Do men or women make more successful business people?


7. Reading

Do ex. 4, p. 61.


8. summary

1) Would you like to have your own business?

2) What kind of people is good at business?

3) Is it easy to start a business in your country?


9. Homework

Describe some jobs for guessing by the class.



To ex.6 in Lesson 18

Position Requirements


Skills / Qualifications Required: Qualifications: Creative, self-motivated, proactive and highly target driven. Ability to analyze financial data and prepare financial reports, statements, and projections. Excellent organizational and time management skills. Confident negotiator and ability to close the deal. Experience in business management or business devel- opment role. Understanding of the translation industry, key players and competitors. Strong verbal and written communication skills (Fluency in English is essential). Must be able to work independently as well as collabo- ratively with the Kenaz team.   Application Instructions: We are accepting applications on a rolling basis and will respond to qualified applicants to schedule inter- views and further review. Please send your Resume to (You can apply or contact us by email using the Apply Online Box below) For more information, please contact us via email
Required Language Skills: English — Very good
Minimum Education Level required: Bachelor
Minimum Years of Experience required: 1 to 2 Years


Contact Information


Contact Name: Kenaz Translations
Preferred method of contact: E-mail via Apply Online Box

Lesson 20


JoB hUntIng


Цілі:вдосконалювати навички аудіювання, читання й усного мовлення; роз- вивати мовну здогадку й мовленнєву реакцію учнів; виховувати зацікавле- ність у розширенні своїх знань.









1. Warm-up


Read the joke and have fun.


1) Bob Smith, my assistant programmer, can always be found

2) hard at work at his desk. He works independently, without

3) wasting company time talking to colleagues. Bob never

4) thinks twice about assisting fellow employees, and always

5) finishes given assignments on time. Often he takes extended

6) measures to complete his work, sometimes skipping coffee

7) breaks. Bob is a dedicated individual who has absolutely no

8) vanity in spite of his high accomplishments and profound

9) knowledge in his field. I firmly believe that Bob can be

10) classed as an asset employee, the type which cannot be

11) dispensed with. Consequently, I duly recommend that Bob be

12) promoted to executive management, and a proposal will be

13) executed as soon as possible


That idiot was standing over my shoulder while I wrote the report sent to you earlier today. Kindly re-read only the odd numbered lines.


2. speaking

Describe some jobs for guessing by the class. (Homework)


3. speaking

Do ex. 5, p. 63.


4. Listening and speaking

Which factor is most crucial when looking for a new job?

Rank the following points in terms of importance and then discuss your

reasons: opportunities for promotion or advancement, working hours, va-

cation days, pension plan, interest level, salary, benefits such as health and life insurance, sick or maternity leave.

Listen to the conversation and answer the questions.

JOB HUNTING K e l l y. So, have you found a job yet?

J o s h. No, but, I have a few leads, so things are looking up. K e l l y. But isn’t that what you always say?

J o s h. Well… uh… this time is different.

K e l l y. What are you looking for this time, then?

J o s h. Actually, I want to work for a Web hosting company. K e l l y. What would you do there?

J o s h. Well, in a nut shell, Web hosting companies provide space for people to store and run their Websites. Does it sound like I know what I’m talking about?

K e l l y. Oh, yeah, sort of.

J o s h. Well, and then, sort of? Well, they allow people to run their Web

sites without having to buy and maintain their own servers, and I’d like to work in technical support, you know, helping customers resolve computer-

related problems with their sites. And you know I’m a good communicator.

K e l l y. So, how’s the pay for that kind of job?

J o s h. Well, most people l know start out with a very reasonable sa- lary; you can earn pay increases depending on your performance.

K e l l y. So, what about benefits?

J o s h. Oh, the benefits are pretty good. They provide health insurance, two weeks (of) paid vacation a year, and opportunities for advancement. And in the end, I’d like to work in a management position. You know, sit- ting back, enjoying the view out of the twentieth-story window of the office building. Something like that.

K e l l y. Well, is there any long-term job security in a job like that?

J o s h. Uhh. That’s hard to tell. I mean, the Internet is booming, and these kinds of companies are sprouting up everywhere, which is a good thing, but just like the dot-com era, you never know how long things will last.

K e l l y. Well, have you ever thought about going back to school to im- prove your job skills?

J o s h. Wait, wait. What are you suggesting?

K e l l y. Well, you know, more training might help you land a better job. J o s h. Wh… wh… Are you trying to say something about my current

job? I mean, is there something going on here? I mean, what are you saying?

K e l l y. You know, you did drop out of college.

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