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Book 7, Stillwater City, Chapter 5, Joining A School

Wasn’t that Ji Ning, who had previously saved them? By his side was that Godbeast, the Whitewater Hound.

For a period of time, Meng Jun, Meng Roch, and Meng Xin’s hearts were filled with incomparably complex feelings. “Young master Ji Ning is this incredible?” Xin murmured to herself softly. “I knew all along that Brother Ji Ning was an extraordinary person.” Roch sighed.

As for Jun, a sunken, dark look was on his face. Previously, on their way over together with Ji Ning to Stillwater City, Jun had realized that Ning didn’t possess much worldly experience. In experience, Ning was very stingy. Thus, he ceased flattering Ning, and even went so far as to not even bother putting on a pretense of cordiality. He knew that Ning had opinions about him, but in the past he hadn’t cared about that. Now, however, he understood that it was probably too late for him to repair the relationship between himself and Ning.

“Is it so very glorious and amusing for an honorable, exalted young master to pretend to be a bumpkin?” Meng Jun felt hidden resentment in his heart. “And you dressed in those furs. You really know how to put on an act! Now look at how arrogantly you are acting today. I refuse to believe that in the future, I won’t surpass you!”

Each of the three members of the Meng clan were sighing for different reasons. By their side, their Third Uncle spoke out. “The Ji Ning we previously met at the Treasure Trading Plaza? Young master Ji?” The bald Third Uncle was shocked. He then said regretfully, “Alas, I didn’t expect that young master Ji had such an incredible status. I actually missed the chance to befriend a person like him; what a pity, what a pity!”

Meng Jun’s face became all the uglier to behold. Just you wait, he told himself. He would show them all!


Ning felt extremely stunned to have been welcomed by so many beautiful women, handsome men, and Diremonsters, all of whom were at the Zifu Disciple level. For so many Diremonsters and Immortal practitioners to work here as servants…this showed how formidable those three Celestial Fox Immortals were, and also how much time and effort the Marquisate of Stillwater had expended on the Carefree Caverns.

“The Carefree Caverns are quite a relaxing, entertaining place. Even Immortals wouldn’t dare act brashly here.” Northmont Baiwei led Ning inwards. The two constantly advanced through the wide, winding hallways, the Whitewater Hound and the maidservants following behind them.

In the blink of an eye, they had walked more than thirty kilometers. To Immortal practitioners, this truly was a short distance. What stunned Ning the most was that the ceiling of the thirty-kilometer walkway was studded with many enormous jewels which flashed with all sorts of colors. This made the walkway appear both beautiful and dreamlike. Ning had seen some things in his life already, but jewels of such size…the Ji clan had never possessed any like them.

“These are jewels which were brought here, with great effort, from the depths of the North Sea. Every single one is a precious item that can be used to refine magic treasures, and they are also luminous by nature, being capable of drawing in elemental energy. A single one of these jewels is worth approximately as much as a single Earth-ranked magic treasure.” Baiwei continued in a soft voice, “The total value of the jewels and decorations in the entire Carefree Caverns is enough to render even an Immortal speechless and stupefied.”

Ning, himself, was speechless as well. Extravagant. Truly extravagant!

“We need to be able to compete with the Heavenly Treasures Mountain,” Baiwei said softly. “The luxuriousness of the Carefree Caverns is definitely not inferior to that of the Heavenly Treasures Mountain.”

Suddenly, a pink-clothed woman with furry ears and a fox’s tail came towards them from afar. Her smile seemed to be filled with an innate charm and allure. She stepped forward, one step at a time, her fox’s tail swaying along with her rear in an undulating, enticing manner. Ning was instantly stunned as well, but soon afterwards, he regained his calm.

“Eh?” The pink-clothed woman looked at Ning in astonishment, then she laughed. “This must be young master Ji. It seems this is your first time here.” Northmont Baiwei laughed loudly. “This is my brother Ji Ning’s first visit to Stillwater City. I brought him here to show him our Stillwater City’s Carefree Caverns. It seems, Miss Ziyi, you aren’t very happy by the fact that my brother wasn’t bewildered by your charms.”

“I wouldn’t dare.” Miss Ziyi laughed. “Young master Baiwei, the same place as usual?” “Naturally.” Northmont Baiwei nodded.

Miss Ziyi looked carefully at Ning, then led the way forward. In front of them was an enormous hall. The entire hall had a circumference of many kilometers, and atop the hall were many jewels of different colors. The floor of the hall was covered with thirty-meter tall sea corals, along with varied other decorations. The entire hall was decorated like an abode from Immortals.

Although Ning had the benefit of his memories from his previous life, he was still stunned. This was a hall that was kilometers in size, decorated with all sorts of marvelous items. Even in his past life, he had never been as stunned as he was today.

There were tens of women who were fluttering about in a dance within the hall, as well as tens of master musicians playing the zither and other instruments.

“Young master Baiwei, young master Ji, please, this way.” Miss Ziyi led them towards an arced entrance that hung in the air, then pushed the door open. Within, there was a secluded, refined private room that was more than thirty meters long.

“Arrange for the Hundred Treasures Banquet,” Northmont Baiwei instructed. “Alright.” Miss Ziyi immediately departed, leaving only Ning, Baiwei, the Whitewater Hound, and that female servant within the secluded room.

“This is a place that must have been sculped with the hands of the heavens.” Ning walked to the sides of the room. He stared through the completely open window, able to see straight down to the massive hall that was kilometers in size.

“This is nothing.” Northmont Baiwei lowered his voice to a whisper. “The Carefree Caverns have many places for enjoyment. Some of them, even I am not permitted to enter. For example, the legendary ‘Palace of Immortals’.”

“Palace of Immortals?” Ning was startled. “Indeed. Only Immortals or extremely important figures are permitted to enter. Supposedly, Primal Daoists are responsible for serving them; on occasion, even one of those three Celestial Fox Immortals will personally go welcome them.” Baiwei continued, “Stillwater City is the heart of the entire Stillwater Commandery. Thus, most of the Immortals are gathered here. Normally, when they hold meetings, they hold them within the Carefree Caverns. Only, when they enter the Carefree Caverns, they will directly fly in through the air, and then enter through a private, exclusive entrance.”

Ning nodded. Immortals? Given how vast Stillwater Commandery was, and how long it had been in existence for, there truly were quite a few Earth Immortals and Loose Immortals present here. Thus, only a school that had an Immortal guarding it could truly be considered a supreme, top-tier school. Those which did not have any Immortals, such as Snowdragon Mountain, were clearly on a lower level.

These Immortals were truly the most supreme of individuals within the entire Stillwater Commandery. They alone would decide the fate of Stillwater Commandery, decide the fates of its countless tribes, decide who would rise and who would fall. Even the Marquisate of Stillwater had to curry favor with these Immortals.


One platter of precious delicacies after another was brought in. They even prepared a secondary side banquet for the Whitewater Hound, and all of the foods they prepared were those which Godbeast Whitewater Hounds loved to eat. All of the food was extremely exquisitely made. They all had extraordinary pedigrees. Ning, just listening to the servants describe each of the dishes, began to grow hungry.

After they ate for quite some time…

“You can leave for now,” Baiwei instructed his servant. “Yes.” The maidservant left respectfully.

“Ji Ning.” Baiwei lifted his beastskull goblet of wine. “Previously, you mentioned to me that you are going to enter a school. Have you made your choice?” “Not yet.” Ning shook his head. “Brother Baiwei, can you introduce me to some?” Baiwei immediately asked, “What are your requirements?”

“I hope that my school will have divine abilities, top-tier Ki Refining techniques, and ideally specialize in sword techniques,” Ning said. Divine abilities and Ki Refining techniques…these would be for establishing his training foundations. However, the Dao he had gained insight into and the Dao he had embarked upon was the Dao of the sword. On the path of Immortals, one’s insights into the Dao was one’s truest foundation.

“Oh?” Baiwei pondered momentarily, then laughed. “You want a school that has divine abilities, top-tier Ki Refining techniques, and which specializes in sword techniques…I do, in fact, have a school to recommend.” Ning’s eyes lit up.

“This school is named the Skysplitter Sword Sect.” Baiwei said with great confidence, “This Skysplitter Sword Sect is ranked as one of the top three major sects within Stillwater Commandery. In the past, didn’t you have some disputes with Snowdragon Mountain? Compared to them…well, Snowdragon Mountain simply can’t compare. This Skysplitter Sword Sect has at least three Immortals! As for Primal Daoists, it has tens of them! Zifu Disciples? It has more than ten thousand!”

Ning was rendered speechless. Tens of Primal Daoists and three Immortals? This, alone, was enough to stun Ning. Generally speaking, a single Immortal was enough to make a sect a supreme sect. But at least three Immortals? No wonder it was ranked amongst the top three major sects within Stillwater Commandery!

“The Skysplitter Sword Sect is famous for its sword techniques.” Baiwei continued quickly, “Just from the name ‘Skysplitter Sword Sect’, you should realize that they are celebrated for their swordplay. More than eighty million years has passed since the founder of the Skysplitter Sword Sect established the sect. The founder of the Skysplitter Sword Sect was a Loose Immortal who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years. He truly was an incredible figure.”

“Given how much time has passed since its founding till now…the amount of sword techniques its successive generations have developed is most likely innumerable.” Baiwei looked at Ning. “It is estimated that this school has at least two or three divine abilities as well, and it certainly must have many supreme Ki Refining techniques. Otherwise, there is no way it could have given rise to so many Immortals.”

A look of excitement appeared on Ning’s face. What a school! There was shade to be found beneath the eaves of a large tree. If he was going to rely on the power of a school to increase his own power, then naturally he had to choose a mighty school.

“This Skysplitter Sword Sect has a branch within Stillwater City. Generally speaking, it will only officially accept new students during the twelth lunar month. Although there is one more month before then…I’ll take you there tomorrow. I’ll simply need to say a few things to them, and this matter will be settled in advance.” Baiwei smiled as he spoke.

Ning revealed a look of excitement and joy. “Thank you, Brother Baiwei.” “Haha, Ji Ning, for you to join the Skysplitter Sword Sect is their great fortune.” Baiwei laughed loudly. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. He stared down through the open window to the nearby corridor it overlooked, then called out in a high voice, “Brother Zhou Li!” A white-clothed man below them raised his head, then laughed and said, “Brother Baiwei.”

“Brother Zhou Li, why don’t you come up for a few moments?” Baiwei called out in a loud voice. “Alright.” The white-clothed man laughed, nodded, then moved towards the corridor.


Baiwei hurriedly said to Ning, “This person, Zhou Li, is one of the disciples of the Skysplitter Sword Sect who has been sent to stay in Stillwater City. He is a Wanxiang Adept, and quite influential within the Skysplitter Sword Sect. We just need to mention this matter to him. As long as he says yes, then the matter of you entering the Skysplitter Sword Sect will be settled.” Ning now understood.

A knocking sound could be heard. Baiwei hurriedly rose, personally going to open the door. Ning, naturally, followed behind him to welcome the man.

“Hahaha, Brother Zhou Li, just now, I was discussing your Skysplitter Sword Sect, and now you appear. Isn’t this quite the coincidence?” Baiwei immediately said, “Let me make an introduction. This is my extremely good friend, Ji Ning!”

“Brother Ji Ning.” The white-clothed Zhou Li, upon hearing Baiwei describe Ning as ‘my extremely good friend’, didn’t dare to treat Ning lightly, immediately clasping his hands in greeting as he spoke.

“Brother Zhou Li.” Ning returned the greeting. Baiwei immediately said, “Come, come in and sit.” “Not now.” The white-clothed Zhou Li immediately explained, “I’m here on someone’s invitation, and I must go meet with them. Brother Baiwei, if there is anything you need, feel free to tell me.”

Baiwei immediately said, “I’ll speak frankly then. This Brother Ji Ning of mine has heard of the fame and reputation of the Skysplitter Sword Sect, and his heart was stirred. He would like to enter your Skysplitter Sword Sect, and so I wanted to let you know about this, Zhou Li. I trust that once you give the word, this matter will be settled.”

“Oh?” The white-clothed man, Zhou Li, looked towards Ning. He asked Ning, “Brother Ji Ning, what level have you trained to?” Ning replied, “I’m a twin-refiner; both a Ki Refiner and a Fiendgod Body Refiner. Both are at the early Zifu stage.”

“Hahaha, early Zifu stage? Good.” The white-clothed Zhou Li immediately felt relieved. Laughing, he said with confidence, “When accepting new disciples, our greatest concern is that they might have trained in some superficial, inferior techniques and destroyed their future potential. Since you are at the early Zifu stage…your foundation hasn’t yet become fixed and immutable. Just let me give the word first, and when the time of the twelth lunar month comes, you can go to our local branch of the Skysplitter Sword Sect. You will immediately be accepted.”

“Excellent.” Baiwei laughed, then said in praise, “Ji Ning, await the twelth lunar month. When it comes, you will be a disciple of the Skysplitter Sword Sect.”

Ning nodded gently. The Skysplitter Sword Sect? In the future, he was going to be a disciple of the Skysplitter Sword Sect!

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