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Pull the wool over someone's eyes

This expression means to trick or deceive someone. "Vote for me and I promise to reduce taxes, increase wages, and give everyone a guaranteed job for life," Blah proclaimed. "I think Blah is pulling the wool over our eyes," someone in the audience muttered. I suspect they're right.


Puppy love

The word puppy is from the French word 'poupee' meaning a little doll. Perhaps that's why puppy love describes a temporary feeling of affection experienced by a young boy or girl. "It doesn't take a genius to see that Angela and Tim like each other," Billy winked. "I think it's puppy love."


Put all one's eggs in one basket

"A wise and cautious bird does not put all her eggs in one basket," Winifred said. "To do that would be to invite disaster." Those who put all their eggs in one basket place all their hopes, money or trust in one plan, scheme or adventure. And that, as Winifred will tell you, is risky !


Rank and file

Are you a leader in a club or an organization ? If not, you could say that you belong to the rank and file. The rank and file refers to the ordinary people within a group, a club, or an organization. "The general is very busy today. He's out inspecting the rank and file."


Rat race

"Hey, Rupert, why do people call their struggle to succeed a rat race ?" "Don't ask me, Roger. I'm too caught up in the rat race to think about it." For their information, a/the rat race is a term that describes our daily struggle to live, compete or survive.


Read someone

We often reveal how we think or feel by the gestures we make. If we know the meaning of these gestures we often understand what a person is thinking simply by looking at him. We say we are able to read him. "I wonder if Millie and Clarence have ever been able to read each other ?"


Safety in numbers

I wish someone would tell the boss that when a person talks about safety in numbers he isn't talking about a safe with a number of locks: he's saying that there's greater protection against misfortune when a person is in a group. "If it's true that there's safety in numbers my records should be secure now," the boss said.


See reason

"Why must I go to school ?" Mary asked. "Because in today's world one can't succeed without an education," her father replied. "Surely you can see reason and understand that." Mary nodded yes, for to see reason is to think or act sensibly, particularly after learning the facts or accepting advice about something.


Send somebody packing

Several weeks ago an old friend came to visit Wilson. Apparently he enjoyed his visit for he settled in and stayed and stayed. "Good heavens," Wilson exclaimed in despair. "I've got to think of a way to send him packing." To send somebody packing is to dismiss or send a person away firmly and quickly.


Sick and tired of

"Morgan, Morgan, you're always moaning," the boss complained. "I'm getting sick and tired of you and your complaints." Morgan moaned even louder. "It's this job. I'm sick and tired of it. If I wasn't so valuable to you I'd quit !" To be sick and tired of someone/something is to be unhappy, weary, irritated ... or disgusted.


Sign of the times

Don't look for signs to direct you to a sign of the times for this type of 'sign' isn't a sign but a characteristic of the times in which we live. "I used to be able to swim and fish here," Kevin sighed. "I can't now, though. The water's polluted and there aren't any more fish. It's a sign of the times.


Sleep like a log

Once a tree is cut and made into logs, the logs don't do anything. They simply lie quietly on the ground. It's from that idea that we get this idiom. When someone sleeps like a log he sleeps very well. "I feel great," Brian yawned. "I slept like a log last night."


Smoke like a chimney

Alan's doctor suggested that he should give up smoking. "You smoke like a chimney," he warned. "It's a threat to your health." Alan's wife is also concerned. "You smoke too much," she said. "You sit there smoking like a chimney." A person who smokes like a chimney smokes a great deal ... and usually continuously !


Someone's better half

Sean never makes a decision without talking over with his better half. His wife is pleased that Sean, her better half, is such a thoughtful husband. Often used humorously, someone's better half is their husband or wife. "I would like to introduce you to my better half," Sean said.


A stag party

We've seen that when women get together to have a party it's a hen party. A party consisting of only men is a stag party. A stag is a male deer. Frequently stag parties are held to honor a man who is about to get married. "The men in our office went to a stag party last night.


That's the story of my life

This remark doesn't refer to a historical account of a person's life : it's usually spoken when something goes wrong. And the more that things go wrong, the more often a person is likely to say this. "I spent six years writing a book but no publisher wanted it. That's the story of my life," Victor frowned.


The world owes one a living

If you ask Buddy why he doesn't work he'll tell you it's because the world owes him a living. People like Buddy -- and there are lots and lots of them around ! -- think that they should be financed or provided for simply because they exist. Shame on you, Buddy !


Think big

"Be confident ! Be positive ! Tell yourself you are the greatest ... and don't forget to think big !" Robert said. To think big is to believe in one's ability, purpose and power to perform or succeed. "I'll think big -- and maybe tomorrow someone will buy one of my paintings," Robert grinned.


Think tank

Professor Lee is a member of a think tank that is investigating new methods of teaching vocabulary improvement. A think tank is a center or an institution devoted to research and problem solving. "Our think tank has concluded that it would be easy to teach vocabulary improvement if we all used fewer words," Professor Lee said.


A tidy sum

"Nine hundred and eight-five nine hundred and eight-six, nine hundred and eight-seven," Felix smiled. "That's a nice tidy sum." A tidy sum is a large amount of money. "I'll need every penny of this for it's going to cost me a tidy sum to buy a new house," Felix explained.


Tie oneself in/into knots

"It was easy getting out of this basket when my master played simple tunes," Sidney grumbled, "but these complicated new melodies of his tie me into knots !" Sidney is complaining for to tie oneself in/into knots is to be -- or cause someone to be -- confused and bewildered.


Time hangs heavy on one's hands

"I'm bored," Simon said. "It's raining outside and there's nothing to watch on television. Time hangs heavy on my hands. " Simon is saying time is moving slowly because he has nothing to do. "Time wouldn't lie heavy on your hands if you helped me clean the house," Simon's wife smiled.


Tower of strength

Those who know Hacken back home in Kansas say he's a tower of strength. This metaphor ( from Shakespeare's Richard III ) describes someone who is helpful, sympathetic, and can always be relied on in times of trouble. " I don't think your reputation as a tower of strength means you should try solving problems here," Hacken's wife said.


Turn turtle

A turtle's natural position, of course, is to be rightside up. The one thing they fear -- especially on land -- is to be turned upside down. that, I would imagine, is why to turn turtle describes something that has rolled or turned upside down. "Jim's new boat turned turtle in last night's storm."


Watch one's language

Long ago when our ancestors wrote using pictorial characters it was probably easy to watch one's language. Today, however, watch your language is a command meaning to be careful how one speaks and especially to be careful not to say impolite or naughty things. "You boys watch your language or I'll send you tot he office," the teacher warned.


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