Билет №11 Food. Belarusian Cuisine

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Билет №11 Food. Belarusian Cuisine


Let’s talk about food. What can you tell me about Belarusian national cuisine?

1. First of all I’d like to mention dishes from potato, which is called “the second bread” in Belarus.

2. The most popular dish from potato is draniki.

3. Potato is also used in many salads.

4. The second place in Belarusian national cuisine belongs to meat and meat products, especially to pork and salted pork fat.

5. Belarusians eat a lot of vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, black radish, peas, etc.

6. Belarusian national cuisine also offers fresh, dried, salted and pickled mushrooms and various berries.

Do you like cooking? Why? Why not?

7. A. Yes, I do. My mother is a very good cook and she taught me to cook pizza, pancakes and roast chicken.7. B. In fact, I don’t like cooking. I think it’s boring. My mum does it better. I only help her in the kitchen.

What questions can you ask a British friend about their eating habits?

8. How many meals a day do you have? What do you usually have for breakfast/lunch/dinner? What’s your favourite dish? Are you fond of fast food?

Which cafes would you recommend to visit in your place? Why?

9. If I were you, I would visit Fasol in Gomel. The food there is delicious and the service is excellent.

A lot of people refuse to have meals at school. What do you think about it?

10. I think a snack in the middle of a school day can do you a lot of good. Unfortunately, school meals leave much to be desired. As for me, I usually ignore the main dish in favour of a cup of tea with a roll.

Билет № 12

1. Now let’s talk about the food. What do people eat in Britain?
People of different nationalities live in Britain and they naturally stick to their national cuisines. Both Indians and Britons like curry. I suppose fish and chips are popular with people of different nationalities. Yorkshire pudding is as popular as fish and chips but I am not sure that they are eaten every day.
2.Do you personally follow the rules of a healthy way of life? Why (not)?
I fully understand how important they are but I sometimes break them. If I have a lot to do for example homework I may occasionally eat something unhealthy such as a hamburger. When you are late for something you may make mistakes. If I have enough free time, I eat only home made food. My friends often ask me to go to a cafe but I limit myself to mineral water.
3.What questions will you ask a British friend about their national cuisine?
What do you really have for breakfast in Great Britain? How often do you eat out in restaurants which serve foreign food? Are you good at cooking traditional british food?
4.What national dishes can you recommend a tourist to taste in Belarus?
Belarusian traditional cuisine is famous for different ways of cooking potato, but it is not just potato. Most dishes of the Belarusian cuisine are rarely hot and spicy. Lard is an ingredient for many dishes. A traditional meat dish is vereshchaka (or machanka) — pieces of short ribs and sausage stewed with water, flour, sour cream and onion and served with pancakes.
5.Scientists say that fast food is unhealthy but teenagers can’t stop eating it. What do you think about it?
Fast food is not good and it does a lot of damage to our health. Fast food is low in vitamins and minerals and I can’t think of any reason for eating it. Every kid knows that fast food is bad and no further explanation is required. I think it should me banned as cigarettes and alcohol.


Билет №13. Shopping

Let’s talk about shopping. Who does the shopping in your family?

1. My parents do most of the shopping in our family.

2. They usually do their shopping at the supermarket where they buy all the food we need for our family.

3. They usually do it once a week.

4. As for me, I like window-shopping. If something catches my eye and is good enough I usually buy it.

5. You see, shopping is a kind of pastime and even entertainment for me.

6. Nevertheless, I consider everyday shopping boring.

2. Is it easy to buy a good birthday present? Why? Why not? 7. I must admit, buying a good birthday present is not easy. If you want something special, you should think carefully before you make your choice.

3. What questions will you ask your friend who has bought an expensive telephone? 8. Is it a brand new model? How much is it? What does it have inside? Does it have an access to the Internet?

4. What can you advise a person who wants to buy many things (clothes, foodstuffs, etc.) but has little time? 9. The best way to buy many things at a time is to do shopping at a big supermarket.

5. Parents usually give pocket money to their children. How do you usually spend your pocket money?10. I usually spend my pocket money on different entertainments, such as going to a cafe or a disco or I buy something tasty at our school canteen.

Билет №14. Leisure time

Let’s talk about leisure time. What do you do in your free time?

Leisure is a period of time spent out of work and domestic activity.

I can’t say that I’ve got a lot of free time.

Nevertheless, when I have some free time I spend it on my hobby.

4. My hobby is ……. .

I also like hanging out with my friends.

We go to a disco or watch a funny film at the cinema. In winter we go to the skating rink.

Is cinema still important? Why (not)?

I think that as an art cinema is still important, but it is not very popular nowadays. People prefer to stay at home and watch TV or serf the Internet.

What questions can you ask a British friend about his/her hobbies?

Have you got a hobby? Do you collect anything? Are you fond of reading? Do you spend much time on your hobby?

Can you recommend me to watch one of the films you have seen recently?

If I were you, I would watch something relaxing, such as an old French comedy, for example.

Many parents complain that children don’t read books. Why do you think children are not interested in reading?

It’s a pity, but children don’t read much these days. They find computer games more interesting.

Билет №15. Belarusian Customs and Traditions

Let’s talk about Belarusian customs and traditions. What can you tell me about your favourite Belarusian holiday?

Like other countries, Belarus has its own holidays.

People in Belarus celebrate May Day, Victory Day, Independence Day, Christmas, Easter, Kupalle and other holidays.

I like New Year’s Day best.

New Year’s Day is a family holiday.

On the 31st of December all the family get together to see the New Year in.

There is usually a holiday dinner with a lot of tasty things and everyone wishes each other “A Happy New Year”.

Are you proud of our national holidays and traditions?

Yes, I am proud of our national holidays and traditions, as they are unique and are a part of our history and culture.

What questions can you ask a friend about his/her last New Year celebration?

Did you see the New Year in at home? Did you have a party? What’s your favourite New Year’s dish? What present did you get?

What national souvenirs will you recommend a tourist to buy in Belarus? 9. I would recommend a foreign tourist to buy a straw spider amulet designed to protect the house and ensure the well-being of the family.

Do you think it is important to follow our grandparents’ traditions? Why? 10. Traditions are a part of our culture, so we should carefully observe them to respect our ancestors and feel that we are a nation.

Билет №16. British Customs and Traditions

Let’s talk about customs and traditions of an English-speaking country. What can you tell me about your favorite holiday in Britain?

The British celebrate such public holidays as Christmas, Easter, Easter Monday, May Day, the Spring Bank Holiday and the Summer Bank Holiday.

There are other festivals, such as Pancake Day, April Fool’s day, Halloween, Guy Fawkes night, St Valentine’s Day and others.

3. Halloween is a day on which many children dress up in unusual costumes and go from house to house saying, “Trick or treat!”

It is my favourite British holiday.

It has a Celtic origin and happens on the 31st of October.

The symbols of Halloween are ghosts, spiders, skeletons, witches, black cats, and, of course, pumpkins and scarecrows.

Do you find some British customs and traditions special? Why (not)?

I do. Some British customs and traditions are very old and you can find them only in Britain. Take, for example, Changing the Guard or the Beefeaters of the Tower of London.

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