Task 1. Напишите, что владелец данных вещей МОЖЕТ делать.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Task 1. Напишите, что владелец данных вещей МОЖЕТ делать.



Task 1. Напишите, что владелец данных вещей МОЖЕТ делать.

Model: books on Geography = The owner CAN teach Geography to children.

1. The fashion magazines 3. Diploma in Religion-knowing.

2. Russian-Chinese dictionary 4. Much money 1____

Task 2. Замените модальный глагол предложения на соответствующий эквивалент и наоборот, эквивалент на модальный глагол.

Model: Bob could read when he was 5 years old.

= Bob WAS ABLE TO read when he was 5 years old.

1. I may invite my friends to our house any time. 4. They were not able to answer my question.

2. Can I use a mobile telephone in the plane ? 5. You can’t park a car here- it’ a private zone

3. We were allowed to copy the documents. 6. Is he really able to do this task? 2____

Task 3. Выберите верную форму. Укажите букву выбранного ответа.

1. I looked attentively and … see that man in the dark.

a) can b) was able to c) am able to

2. You are ill. You … stay in bed !

a) should b) must c) have to

3. We have to make a fire first, then we … cook something to eat.

a) can b) shall be able to c) are to

4. It’s 10 now, but they … arrive at 9-45.

a) had to b) were to c) are to

5. He has broken his leg. He … play the next game.

a) isn’t able to b) won’t be able to c) couldn’t

6. He … be a member of the football team – he is hopeless at any sport!

a) may not b) was not able to c) can not 1_____


Task 4.Вставьте \подходящий по смыслу глагол или эквивалент долженствования.

When you go to a tropical country, you:

1. …. get a visa.

2. … have special injections before you go to keep your health good.

3. … learn their language because many local people know English.

4. … know their habits.

5. … violate their Laws.

6. … change hrivnas into dollars before you go there.

7. … be respectful to their religion.

8. … follow their religious traditions and holidays.

9. … take much warm clothes with you.

10. … eat their national food, because there are many restaurants with European meals.

11. … touch unknown plants or you can have problems with your health.

12.… stay there longer the date as your visa is opened to. 2_____

Task 5. Напишите 4 рекомендации иностранцу, приезжающему работать в Украину.

Model: 1) You should know about our weather in different seasons.

1 _____

Task 6. Вы пишете Конституцию для племени каннибалов. Напишите 5 пунктов данной Конституции.

Model: 1. You must follow all the points of your Constitution. 1_____

Task 7. Исходя из профессиональных обязанностей ваших персонажей, составьте предложения о каждом персонаже по всем указанным ситуациям с использованием соответствующих модальных глаголов.

Model: a businessman / a doctor 1. to wear a uniform

2. to be soft and trustful

A businessman DOESN’T HAVE TO wear a uniform, but a doctor MUST wear it.

A businessman CAN’T be soft and trustful, but a doctor sometimes CAN.

A) a director B) a plumber (сантехник)

1. to wear a uniform 3. to sign the Contract with his client

2. to know Business English 4. to work on state holidays’ days2 ____

TOTAL MARK 10 ______ : 2 = 5 _______

Module No 3


Present Indefinite (Variant 1)


Запишіть форму дієслова 3 персони однини (He, she, it)

Pray, touch, wash, worry, go, push, fry, pass, stay, mix.1 _____


Використовуючи слова з двох таблиць, складіть речення про здібності вказаних тварин.

Model:Dogsbark loudly /A dogbarks loudly.

Swim jump run roar sing move purr eat climb the trees drink fly


Silently slowly loudly badly easily noisily beautifully fast high quietly elegantly

1. A crocodile …… 3. A tiger…. 5. Sparrows.....

2. Ducks ………… 4. A turtle…. 6. Cats …... 1,5 _____


Напишіть 6 речень про себе, використовуючи в них прислівники частоти USUALLY, ALWAYS, NEVER, OFTEN, SOMETIMES, SELDOM, HARDLY EVER.

Model:I never loan money. / I sometimes tell the lie.

1,5 _____

Напишіть відому думку про те, що дана категорія людей робить в своєму житті.

Model:A dandywears the latest fashionable clothes.

1. A vampire 2. A vandal 3. An atheist 4. A moaner 1 _____


Напишіть свою думку про те, що дана категорія людей не робить в своєму житті.

Model:Selfish people don’t take care of other people

1. old people 3. bald people 5. politicians

2. fat people 4. shy people 6. monks 1,5 ____


Ці дві історії змішались. Деякі речення або їх частини опинилися не на своєму місці. Напишіть історію А від початку до кінця.

A.Lord and Lady Mountberg live in Scotland.

They play in the famous group “Eurobeat”.

They are popular with their free manners.

They usually get up at seven o’clock and go to

bed very late at night because of the job.

In the afternoon they write songs.

Sometimes Lord Mountberg goes and plays

guitar and piano in the studio.

Don’t think that the rich have no work at all!

Sometimes they spend hours with balance counting.

They often have concerts late in the evening

After the show they often speak to

the farm manager and the workers.

They always ask silly questions about their private life.

They often spend evenings in the theatre

drinking some alcohol to relax.

B.Leo Hornbey and Maria Steward are rock singers.

They live in an old castle in the Highlands.

They are used to follow refined traditions of high circle’s life.

They don’t get up early in the morning as they go to

ride their horses with some rich neighbours.

Then they drive into London and practise

golf for an hour or two in the luxurious club.

They come home fresh and glad and have breakfast.

She always has a bath after breakfast

and thousands of people come and watch.

In the afternoon they go round their farm and speak to

their fans and journalists.

They talk about their horses and cows.

They usually have noisy evenings in the pub

to demonstrate their perfect behaviour. 1,5 ____

TOTAL MARK 8 ______


Task: Прочитайте і перекладіть текст. Напишіть твір про планету Глом в обсязі приблизно 200 слів.


To: Galaxy Central Command, Planet Volkan

From: Spaceship 40956148

Subject: Solar System, The Third Planet. Report 1.

Spaceship 40956148 is now above the Third Planet in the Solar System. The planet has an area of 510,165,600 square km. 71% of this is water. There are 3 types of intelligent life on the planet: 1) dolphins 2) whales 3) humans. Types 1 and 2 are very intelligent, but they live in water. Our people can’t live in water. We are going to look at type 3, the humans. My assistant, Space Technician Bizaldo, likes the planet. This is strange. The planet is not beautiful. It is blue and green. I am thinking about my beautiful home on the planet Glom, with its red sky. Space Commander Zook


Report 2. Subject: The Humans

The humans are very much like us. They have got two legs, two arms, two eyes, etc. But they have only got ten fingers (five on each hand), and they haven’t got green hair. They work about eight hours a day. On Glom we work twenty hours a day! (Their day is twenty-four hours, our day is twenty-two hours.) They eat three or four times a day and sleep for six or eight hours a day. Space Technician Bizaldo thinks they are wonderful! Bizaldo likes eating and sleeping. He sometimes sleeps two or even three hours a day! I am angry with Bizaldo. Now he wants food three or four times a day, like the humans! Well, he can’t have food three or four times a day. He’s a Glommite like me, and we only need one meal a week Space Commander Zook


Report 3. Subject: The Dogs.

We are now above an island in the north of the Third Planet. There are many different animals on the planet. On this island there is a very important animal, the dog. It has got four legs. It lives in houses with the humans! Every day the dogs take the humans out of the houses for a walk. The dogs have got ropes round them, and they pull the humans behind them. The dogs stop and smell trees and the humans stop too. I think the humans work for the dogs. Space Technician Bizaldo doesn’t think I am correct, but he is crazy. The journey home from the Third Planet is only fifteen years in a a Glommite spaceship, but Space Technician Bizaldo cannot wait. He want to go down and walk on the Third Planet! I say, “Bizaldo, don’t be silly! In fifteen more years you can walk on the beautiful orange ground on Glom.” Bizaldo wants to eat food from the Third Planet, too! Space Commander Zook



THE DETECTIVES (Past Indefinite and Present Perfect)

Variant SP. HJ14. 2

Виберіть фрази часу які підходять до Past Indefinite чи Present Perfect. Запишіть букви, а не слова.

Використовуючи інформацію з таблиці, виправте невірні твердження і дайте вірну інформацію.

Model: Ferdinand Magellan climbed Mount Everest in 1953.




Task 1. Напишите, что владелец данных вещей МОЖЕТ делать.

Model: books on Geography = The owner CAN teach Geography to children.

1. The fashion magazines 3. Diploma in Religion-knowing.

2. Russian-Chinese dictionary 4. Much money 1____

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