Variant 5. Following instructions.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Variant 5. Following instructions.

The students listen to the instructions and carry them out.

e.g. a) Warming-up exercises.

Stand with your feet together behind a chair. Hold the back of the chair with one hand. Slowly bend forward. Start with your neck, then your back, down to your waist and hips. At the same time lift one knee. Touch your knee with your forehead. Lower your knee and slowly stand up straight. Repeat with the other knee. This is very good for your spine!

(taken from Project-3 by T. Hutchinson)

b) What is this?

Take a piece of paper and put it over the bottom of the picture. Put the left side on the number 4. Put the right side of your paper on the letter "M" … "M" as in "mad". What do you see? His eye – the artist's eye. He's looking at you. Now you're going to put your paper over the top of the page. Put the bottom of your paper on the letter "Q" … "Q" as in "question". Put your paper at an angle from the letter "Q" to the number 2. You can't see the top of the page. Your paper goes from 2 to "Q," diagonally. What do you see? His mustache – the artistic, very famous, very unusual mustache. Now, you're going to see the artist. Put the top of your paper on the letter "A," as in "art." Put the bottom on the number 21. The paper goes from A to 21, diagonally. Can you see him? Not yet. Try putting your paper from "С" – as in "crazy" to 19. You might see him now. Now, try once more. This time, put your paper vertically. It goes from "E" for "elegant" to 18. Now you're looking at the artist, and he's looking at you. Can you see him? Imagine the artist is standing behind a door, looking at you. This is what he looked like. The artist is Salvador Dali. He was a famous surrealist artist who lived from 1904 to 1989. Salvador Dali's art was always strange. And now, the artist is looking right at you. (taken from Active Listening, CUP 1996)

c) Colour the picture.


Free note-taking.

Students listen to the conversation and note down the necessary information.

Debatable points.

Students listen to their fellow students' reports and write down the debatable points they'd like to argue with.


Labelling pictures.

Students are to label the parts of the picture in accordance with the information the have listened to.


While listening to the conversation students label the position of the shops on the map.

Fiona: OK Judy. I've got the list here. Erm... now, d'you think there's anything else you need?

Judy: No that’s everything actually. You don't mind going, Fiona, do you?

Fiona: No! I like shopping, and anyway, I'd like to find my way around here a little bit.

Judy: Oh. That’s tremendous then. Well, shall we just run through the shopping list to make sure you know where all the shops are?

Fiona: Good idea. Fine. OK, here goes. Er, the first thing I've got is one large white loaf. Now, where shall I get that from?

Judy: Yes, if you get that from the baker's... so that it's nice and fresh.

Fiona: Yes, OK. do I get there from here?

Judy: Well. it's not very far. You just go down New Street, which is where we are and it's on the other side of the road on the corner of High Street and New Street, so it's on the left.

Fiona: Good. Fine. Got that... and er... a pound of apples. Now, where d'you usually buy your apples?

Judy: At the greengrocer's you know the one. It's very very close. It's next to the baker's... actually before you get to the baker's.

Fiona: On the left-hand side of New Street?

Judy: Right. It's on the same side of the road as the baker's.

Fiona: OK. erm... a pound of cheese.

Judy: Yes, you get that from the Co-op, where there's plenty of choice.

Fiona: From the Go-op. Mm-mm.

Judy: And again that's quite easy to get to. You go right the way down New Street until you get to the High Street.

Fiona: Oh, so it's opposite.

Judy: That's right, and the Co-op is on the other side of the road just opposite New Street and you can't miss it.

Fiona: Yes. OK. So, that's er... cheese at the Co-op, er... box of tissues. Now, where would you like me to get those from?

Judy: Probably the chemist is best, I should think, It's usually cheaper there. And that's on this side of the road, so you just go down New Street and it's on the right. It's on... again on the corner of High Street and New Street, just opposite the baker's.

Fiona: Oh yes. Yes, I remember. Yes. Fine. Erm...and a large tube of toothpaste. Er... shall I get that from the chemist as well?

Judy: Probably best to, yes. It'll save you time too.

Fiona: OK. Fine. And er... oh, the...yes, the local newspaper.

Judy: Yes. get that from the newsagent's.

Fiona: Yes, right.

Judy: Now, that is in the High Street on the opposite corner to the Co-op. There's a very small street in between.

Fiona: Oh, I think I've seen it. Yes, it's actually on the corner.

Judy: It's on the corner opposite the Co-op – quite a small shop.

Fiona: Fine. And last of all airmail letter.

Judy: Ah. yes. Now if you get that from the Post Office which is next to the Co-op the other side.

Fiona: Next to the Co-op...

Judy: Yes, so it's on High Street and it's... there's the Post Office, then the Co-op, and then over the road are the newsagents. So there's those three shops in the High Street.

Fiona: Right then. Well, I'll be off now.

Judy: That's lovely. Thanks very much.

Fiona: OK. See you in half an hour or so.

Judy: OK. See you later.

Fiona: Bye.

Judy: Bye.

(taken from Task Listening by L. Blundell & J. Stokes)


Labeling diagrams/graphs.

Students are asked to label the diagram/graph according to the information they have listened to.





(possible title – The changing role of the police in Great Britain)

(taken from Britain Explored by P. Harvey & R. Jones)


Picture completion

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