Continue the sentences using the active vocabulary and the information from the text above

o Bike is a …

o Bike’s safety equipment include …

o There are many different means of transport on the road. There are…

o Running a bike isn’t cheap. You must keep … in order.

o There are many road accidents because …

o As a witness of a road accident you must …

o As a participant of a road accident you must …

o If you get injured on the road you must …

o Before you ride a bike you must …

o In some way a bike is much better than a car because …

Translate the sentences into English using the word from the text above

Багато роботодавців заохочують своїх працівників їздити на роботу саме на велосипедах. Компанії навіть сплачують частину суми на утримання велосипеду та придбання захисного устаткування.

Якщо ви подорожуєте у темний час доби, завжди використовуйте світлові прибори та спеціальний одяг аби уникнути аварій. Вас навіть можуть оштрафувати за відсутність відповідного устаткування на вашому велосипеді.

Якщо ви стали часником дорожньої аварії, якомога швидше зійдіть з проїзної частини. Уразі отримання травми, викличте швидку допомогу.

Нещасні випадки на дорогах трапляються досить часто. Потрібно добре знати як діяти у таких ситуаціях, уважно записувати всі деталі, а іноді навіть фотографувати місце дорожньо-транспортної пригоди.




Discuss the points below in your class. Use the useful language box to express your agreement or disagreement.




Let’s discuss!

· Do you often use public transportation?

· Are you happy with the public transport system in your country?

· What do you usually do to keep yourself entertained when riding a train or bus?

· What do you think is the most dangerous form of transportation? Why?

· What type of transport do you think we will see in the future?

· What do you think about electric cars? Do you think all cars will be electric in the future?

· Would you like to go on a cruise? Why or why not?

· Tell the funniest or the most unusual transportation story you’ve witnessed.

· Tell about the “transport experience” you wouldn’t like to happen again.

Work in small groups of 2-3 people. Act out the following situations:


Team 1 Your friend is afraid of travelling by air. Persuade him to change his opinion. Tell him about advantages of travelling by plane. Use following words and phrases in your dialogue: To miss the train, to take the plane, comfortable, convenient, none of the dust and dirt of a railway or car journey, none of the trouble of changing from train to steamer and then to another train.    
Team 2 Your train is due out in 10 minutes and you are still queuing up at the booking office. Explain your situation to the people who want to buy tickets for later trains and then to the clerk what ticket you want. Use words and phrases: Single, return, to change, a through train, Visa Cards, to be late for, to be short of money/time, interchange, to carry a pet, feel seek, look troubled, be grateful,  
Team 3 You are at the airport. You are flying to Istanbul. Your suitcase is very heavy. Besides, you can’t find your boarding gate. What will you do? Use words and phrases: Suitcase, heavy, to carry, boarding gate, the flight to Istanbul, customs, duty free shop, business trip, overcrowded, to be afraid of heights, good-looking young man, a group of foreign students, to be puzzled  


3. Change place change face

Students take chairs and form two lines (line 1 and line 2), sitting in front of each other. The teacher voices a topic for discussion and all the students start discussing it in the same time with the person sitting in front. Students have 1 minute to share as much information as possible with the partner. After a minute the teacher gives a signal after which the students sitting in line 1 remain on their places while the students in line 2 move one sit forward. Students receive a new topic, a new partner and another minute for discussion.

After the discussion each student is asked to share the most interesting piece of information he\she has heard.

Topics for discussion

Choose your fellow traveler before you start on your journey.

The most romantic mean of transport is …

One can fall in love just travelling in public transport.

Women drivers are as good as men.

You can meet a lot of interesting people in public transport.

Young people should have their own cars at the age of 16.


Watch the first 2.50 minutes of the video item The Benefits Of The Public Transportation and perform the tasks below

1. Match the beginning of the sentences with the end:



2. State if the sentences are true (T) or false (F):

· Public transportation industry employs 380.000 people .

· Small businesses are working together to create exceptional products.

· Over 50% of our total product procurement is from state Michigan.

· There are a lot of transportation family business in Michigan.

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