A SEA STORY (after W. W. Jacobs)

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


A SEA STORY (after W. W. Jacobs)


We asked our friend CaptainBrown one evening to tell us something interesting about his voyages, and he told us the following story:

"It was fifteen years ago, when I was a mate on a ship which was going to New York. We were having a very good voyage. The captain came up to me one morning and said: "Last night I heard such a strange thing that I don't know what to do about it. I couldn't sleep and I heard a voice which said in my ear: 'Sail north-north-­west. Sail north-north-west.' We must sail in that direc­tionand find out."

"I'm very sorry, captain," I said, "but I think you had too much to eat last night and that's why you couldn't sleep".

The captain was very angry.

"I didn't eat much yesterday," he said, "and I heard the strange voice three times, sir".

The captain told the men to sail north-north-west. One of the men saw something black in the sea the next day. The captain looked through his glasses and said to me:

"There's a small boat there with a man in it. I was right last night, wasn't I? We must save him."

Soon we reached the small boat and saw that the man in it was fast asleep. He went on sleeping while we took him into our boat and sailed towards the ship. When the man was aboard the ship, he suddenly opened his eyes and cried out loudly, "Where am I? Where's my boat?"

"Hullo!" said the captain. "I'm very pleased that we have been able to save you."

"Did you order your men to take me out of my boat while I was asleep?" the man asked.

"Of course," answered the happy captain. "Did you want to be drowned in your little boat?"

"Look here," said the man, "My name's Captain Wilson and I'm making a record voyage from New York to Liverpool in a small boat..."





a story

a captain


a voyage

to make a voyage


a ship

a steamer (steamship)

such … that

so ... that


a stranger

to sleep (slept, slept)

to go to sleep

a voice

in a loud (low) voice

an ear

to sail

the North

the South

the West

the East

in the North (South, West, East)

to the North (South, West, East) of


in the direction of

to find out (found out, found out)

to eat (ate, eaten)

that's why

to be angry (with, at)

to be cross (with)


to look through

a boat

to save

to reach

to be (fast) asleep

to go on (with smth., doing smth.)



to be aboard


an eye

to cry

to cry out

to shout


to be pleased (with)

to order

of course


Переведите предложения на английский язык, ис­пользуя активную лексику урока.


1. Давайте я расскажу вам о своем первом (морском) путешествии, которое я совершил, когда мне было семь лет. 2. Идите к доске и напишите следующее предложе­ние; «Я хочу быть капитаном». 3. Кого вы ждете здесь?— Мы ждем делегатов (some delegates), которые прибудут сюда на пароходе через полчаса. 4. Какого цвета глаза у вашей дочери? 5. Почему вы говорите таким тихим голосом? Мой сын не спит. 6. Я проснулся в два часа ночи и не мог заснуть до четырех. 7. Когда я окончу институт, я поеду работать на север. 8. Какие большие города вы знаете на востоке нашей страны? 9. Давайте пойдем в этом направлении, хорошо? Там много краси­вых зданий. 10. Почему вы рассердились на меня вчера?— Я нисколько не рассердился. Я был так занят, что не смог поговорить с вами. Я очень жалею об этом. Не могли бы вы немного подождать, пока я закончу работу, тогда мы обсудим все вопросы. — Хорошо. 11. У това­рища вашего сына такое странное имя, что я не могу запомнить его. 12. Моя лодка слишком большая, давайте возьмем вашу, хорошо? 13. Мы никогда не забудем этого человека. В 1944 году он спас жизнь моему брату. 14. Мы вышли из дому в половине десятого и добрались до (достигли) леса только через полтора часа. 15. Когда мы пришли домой, мой сын крепко спал. За ужином мы громко разговаривали, но он не проснулся. 16. Профес­сор Петров посоветовал мне отдыхать днем. Я пытался заснуть днем несколько раз, но не смог. 17. Вы можете почитать эти журналы, пока я буду просматривать письма и телеграммы. 18. Я вернулась домой около 12, вот по­чему я не позвонила вам. 19. Идите в этом направлении, пока не увидите серого большого здания. Библиотека направо от него. 20. Вы довольны вашей новой работой, не правда ли?






It's eleven o'clock in the morning. Helen Petrova's in one of the biggest department stores in the city which only opened a few weeks ago. Many things are bought and sold here every day. Thoughit's still early and the store has just opened, there are a lot of customers near the counters: some are buying things, others are just looking round.

Helen: Excuse me. How do I get to the shoe department?

Shop assistant: It's over there on the left, please.

(In the shoe department)

Helen: I want a pair of boots please.

Shop assistant: What's your size?

Helen: Thirty-four, and I want very warm ones, too. It's very cold outside.

Shop assistant: Oh yes, it's terribly cold. Thirty-four... You have very small feet. It won't be easy to find a suitablepair, I'm afraid.

(In a few minutes)

These are nice boots, don't you think? Will you try them on? How do they feel?

Helen: I think they're a size too big. Perhaps you can find a different pair. Can you give me a size smaller?

Shop assistant: Just a moment. I'll have another look. You're lucky. Here's a lovely pair; but it's more expensive.

Helen: That doesn't .matter... It feels more comfortable. I think I'll take it. How much is it?

Shop assistant: Seventy-five roubles.

Helen: Where do I pay?

Shop assistant: Over there at the cash-desk.

Helen: Thank you.

(After paying the bill)

Shop assistant: Here are your boots. The check's inside.

Helen: Thank you. And where's the glove department?

Another customer: Come along with me, and I'll show you.

Helen buys some dark-brown gloves to matchher new boots and looks at her watch. She sees that it is rather late, so she quickly leaves the store and hurries home.




a department

a department store

to buy (bought, bought)

to sell (sold, sold)


early (adj)

late (adj)

to be late (for, to)

a customer

to look round

to excuse

a shop assistant

over there

a pair


a size


one (ones)



a foot (pl feet)

a leg

a hand

an arm


to try on



a moment

Just a moment

I won't be a moment

at that moment

to be lucky



It (that) doesn't matter

How much is it?

to pay (paid, paid)


a glove


to go (come) along


to match

a watch






Переведите предложения на английский язык, используя актив­ную лексику урока.


1. Почему вы так опоздали? Уже восемь часов.— Лучше поздно, чем никогда. Не сердитесь, пожалуйста. Я не мог прийти раньше. 2. Вчера мы опоздали в кино (на фильм). Когда мы вошли, было темно, и картина уже началась, 3. Сегодня теплее, чем вчера. Мы можем по­вести детей погулять. 4. Петр спросил меня, сколько я заплатил за новый телевизор, и сказал, что мне повезло, потому что это один из лучших телевизоров. 5. Он гово­рит, что эта комната удобнее той. Мне кажется, это одна из лучших комнат в этой гостинице. 6. Здесь довольно холод­но. Я не знаю, сможем ли мы здесь работать. Узнайте, по­жалуйста, могут ли они дать нам другую комнату. 7. У нее сейчас довольно интересная работа. Я думаю, она инте­реснее той, которая была у нее в прошлом году, и ей не приходится рано вставать. 8. Мы попросили лектора го­ворить не так быстро. Он начал говорить медленнее, и мы смогли записывать (to take notes of) лекцию. 9. Хотя эти туфли лучше тех, я их не возьму, потому что в них неудобно. Покажите мне, пожалуйста, ту пару. Сколько она стоит? 10. Хотя было много желающих (людей, ко­торые хотели) посмотреть фильм, нам удалось (достаточно повезло) достать на него билеты. 11. Который час на ва­ших часах?—Не знаю, мои часы остановились.






I got up earlier than usual yesterday, as I had to go to the airport to meet my old friend Boris Petrov. We went to school together, then we went to the same col­lege in Moscow, but now we live in different parts of the Soviet Union. Boris lives and works in the North of our country, in Verkhoyansk, and I live by the sea in Sukhumi. I wrote to him a few months ago to invitehim to my place for a holiday. Soon I got an answer. He thanked me heartily for the invitation and asked me to meet him at the airport on the 20th of April.

"I hope you won't mind if I bring my wife and my son with me," he wrote.

When I went out, it was very warm, though it was early morning. The air was fresh, the sky was blue, and the sun was shining. In Sukhumi it's usually very fine in April. It doesn't often rain and it's not very hot yet. I like Sukhumi at this time of year best of all.

I took a taxi and started for the airport. "I'm afraid I may be late," I said to the driverand asked him to go faster. We reached the airport in time: the plane was just landing. It was only half past six in the morning, but it was as warm as in the afternoon.

The passengerswere getting out of the plane. I went up to the plane and saw a group of people who looked very funnyin this warm weather: all of them had warm winter clothes on.

"Hallo, glad to see you," I said, when I recognized Boris in the group.

"Hallo, old man, this is my wife and my son," Boris said.

"Pleased to meet you. I hope you had a good journey," I said. "Aren't you dressed a bit too warmly? It's not so cold here as in Verkhoyansk, is it?"

"I think it's just a little warmer," Boris agreedand laughed, "but when we left home, it was snowing hard and we weren't at all hot. D'you know how cold it was there that day? You won't believeit: almost 35° below zero, let alone the biting winds."

"Ah, well, take off your coats, and let's hurry home. The taxi's waiting. It won't take us long. I'm sure you'll like it here."


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