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до практичних занять та самостійної роботи з дисципліни „Практичний курс основної іноземної мови”

(домашнє читання) для студентів 1 курсу

спеціальності 7.030507 „Переклад”

Усіх форм навчання

Частина 2


Методичні вказівки до практичних занять та самостійної роботи з дисципліни „Практичний курс основної іноземної мови” (домашнє читання) для студентів 1 курсу спеціальності 7.030507 „Переклад” усіх форм навчання. Частина 2 / Укл.: Хавкіна О.М. – Запоріжжя, ЗНТУ, 2010. – 50 с.


Укладач: Хавкіна О.М., доцент


Рецензент: Підгорна Г.Б., доц. кафедри ТПП


Відповідальний за випуск: Хавкіна О.М.



на засіданні кафедри теорії та практики перекладу


Протокол № 1

від 22 вересня 2010 р.





Sinclair Lewis VIRGA VAY & ALLAN CEDAR 54

Katherine Mansfield MARRIAGE A LA MODE 58

W. Somerset Maugham THE OUTSTATION 62

P. 175-187. 62

P. 188-200. 65

P. 201-212. 70

P. 212-225. 74


Carson McCullers THE SOJOURNER 83

“Saki” (H.H. Munro) THE OPEN WINDOW 88


P. 282-291. 96




Pre-reading Tasks

1. Practise the pronunciation of the words from the story. When in doubt refer to the dictionary:

cemetery, missionary, technical, injustice, glamour, Congregational Church, bald, forehead, urge, lyrics, bushel, solace, clinging, vicious, giggling, ferocious, coupe, twilight, rehearsal, cherubic mustache, jeer, chewing gum, judiciously, invariably, asparagus, amateur, garage, alterations, gallbladder, lithograph, leather, knead, unstintingly, blind, nightgown, bureau, pneumonia, monoxide, lingeringly, ache, drowsy.

Vocabulary Tasks

1. Find in the story the English for:

власник похоронного бюро; особиста чарівність; даремно пояснювати; утіха; товста та злобна дружина; жахливі бананові солодощі; вештатися на репетиції; протезування; глузувати з когось; ангельські вуса; не витримувати ніякої критики; спілкуватися з веселими гостями; їсти поїдом когось; промовити самовдоволено; діставати у спадщину; три пучка спаржі; шланг від пилососу; галстук-метелик; відраза; вирізати жовчні міхури; другосортний поет; двоспальне ліжко; збити ліжко кулаком; сумка зі штучної шкіри; бути безмежно закоханим; виглядати молодо та привабливо; виглядати неохайно; вишита нічна сорочка; важке, задушливе повітря; відкоркована пляшка; давати „на чай”; момент урочистості; захворіти на пневмонію; вихлопна труба; м’яко наполягати; зробити великий ковток; зливок свинцю; ляскати кого-небудь по обличчю; бити поліцейським кийком; зламати щелепу; перехоплювати листи; доброчесно розлучитися.

Use one of the words or word combinations from the box in an appropriate form to fill each gap.

gallbladders embroidered drowsily lingeringly listening clinging exhaust pipe adornment loosened unstintingly virtuously

1. At forty-five he was bald, but the nobly … egg of his face and forehead, whose arc was broken only by a pair of Vay Li-Hi-Bifocals, was an … to all fund-raising rallies.

2. Together, Virga and Allan would have been a most gentle pair, small, … , and credulous.

3. Why you couldn’t have been an M.D. doctor and take out … and make some real money!

4. The bellboy knew from her indifference and from her calling the man “husband” that she was not married to him, but … n love.

5. He was taking off the new suit; she was tenderly lifting from her bag a nightgown which she had made and … this past week.

6. She took nothing from the room, and he nothing except a paper bag containing a bottle of Bourbon whisky, with the cork … , and a pocket anthology of new poetry.

7. Working in the half-darkness, leaving the engine running, he pushed the vacuum-cleaner hose through the hole in the bottom of the luggage compartment, wired it to the … , and hastily got back into the car.

8. The both laughed, and drank from the bottle, and kissed … .

9. The book fell to the seat, his head drooped, and his arm grouped … about her.

10. Later, Bertha was able to intercept every one of the letters that Virga sent to him from Des Moines, where she had gone to work in a five-and-ten-cent store after Orlo had … divorced her.

Match the missed affixes with negative meaning. Consult the dictionary or the text.

in- 1. He tried to make up for the professional …justice by developing his personal glamour.
in- 2. He went …enthusiastically to the palsied elevator, up to their room.
-less 3. “So you’re here, husband. Not a bad room,” she said …differently.
un- 4. The bellboy knew from her …difference and from her calling the man “husband” that she was not married to him, but …stintingly in love.
in- 5. Oh, I am too brain… , Allan!

Grammar Tasks

1. Decide why the italicized nouns are used with a, the, Ø.

1. On a Sunday afternoon when Bertha was visiting her mother, he cut a hole through the steel bottom of the luggage compartment of his small dark-gray coupe.

2. He also bought three white-linen shirts and a red bow-tie, and paid cash for the lot.

3. In St. Paul he went to the small, clean Hotel Orkness, registered as “Mr. A.M. Romeo & wife,” asked for a room with a double bed, and explained to the clerk, “My wife is coming by train.”

4. They had all their meals in the room; they didn’t leave it till afternoon of the next day.

5. The air became a little close, thick from perfume and cigarette smoke and the bubble bath they took together.

6. They left the luggage at the foot of their bed, which she had made up.

7. He slipped the whisky bottle out of the paper bag and tenderly urged, “Take a swig of this. Keep your courage up.”

8. He switched on the tiny dashlight, he lifted up the book as though it were a bar of lead, and from Conrad Aiken’s “Sea Holly” he began to read to her.

9. Bertha drove him back to Grand Republic and nursed him while he was in bed, jeering to the harpies whom she had invited in, “Ally tried to – you know – with a woman, but he was no good, and he was so ashamed he tried to kill himself.”

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