A: I mean the programe “”, I enjoyed it. 

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A: I mean the programe “”, I enjoyed it.

B: What was it about?

A: About reasons to heat modern technology.

B: And what are reasons to heat modern technology? I can’t imagine, that someone heats modern technology!

A: Take me for example! I heat all this modern devices!

B; Why? What for?

A: In fact they kill our time. We have to learn how to use them. We spend hours reading instructions and, becides, they brake down very offen.

B: But nowadays it’s no problem to fix them: there are lots of servise (сёрвис) centres. But they give you lots of opportunities: you can listen to music, watch videos, take pictures using only a mobile!

A: But on the other hand, teenagers are forgetting, how to spell, because they do too much text and e-mailing.

B: To my mind, there are more good things, than negative ones/ By the way, do yoy have a digital TV at home? I have it, 97 channels a better quality picture!

A: Well, I heat TV. For me 2 channels are too many, because rear(реа) programme is worth watching.

B: And what would say about computers? They help us with our stugind.

A: Do you mean this useless games? And computer is bad for your eyes and brain.

B: Okey, I hope, that the future belongs to technical progress

Диалог №2.

Celebrity Worship Syndrome

A: Look her, yesterday I was surfing the internet and came across an interesting discussion.

B: Really? What was being discussion?

А: A nearly identified psychological condition: Celebrity Worship Syndrome (CWS). One in 3 people in Brittan suffer from it.

B: What is all about?

А: A man wakes up thinking from David Beckham or wondering

What Bred Pitt is eating for breakfast. Some people are so taken with their idols that the obsessions are фэктес their daily life.

B: I wonder, how many people in all suffer from this syndrome?

A: According to the latest figures – 36%, but the number is going up!

B: But people are абсест not only glamorous and pop stars, such as Jenifer Lopez and George Cluny there are other objects of ****, including British Prime minister, Queen and many others. It’s interesting to know why people fall for their idols.

A: According to one theory a decline in big families and communities made people feel lonely. So, celebrities have taken the place of neighbors and ftiends.

B: I see. Respect to family members has been replaced by the worship of the famous.

Диалог №3.

A: Hello! What were you doing yesterday evening?

B: I was watching an exciting program on TV about people’s unusual achievements.

A: Really? I was also watching it, what story did you find the most impressive?

B: I was greatly impressed by that Spanish woman Fabiola, the managing director of “Yahoo!”

A: I see you point. It’s hard to believe, that an ordinary woman has become the most influential business lady in Europe.

B: I agree with you. That’s surprising, how she managed to turn a tiny organization with 13 employees into a giant world-wide company with a turnover of 1000 million dollars!

A:It’s a brilliant example of how hard work eloquence help people to great success.

B: I agree with you

Диалог 4

A: you known , yesterday I watched a very interesting program onTV about intellectual differences before man and women. Did you know , that women’s brain’s are smaller, than men’s?

B: No, I didn’t. Is it really so?

A: yes ,it’s. the average mail brain weight about 1 point 3 kilos, while the average female brain weight 10 percent less.

B: does, it mean, that men cleverer, than women?

A: no,it doesn’t. men and women score similarly of intelligence tests, despite the difference in brain size.

B: what does intelligence depend on ?

A: it’s not the size of the brain ,but what inside that counts.

B: do you mean grey and white matter ?

A: that’s it. Grey matter is a part of the brain, which helps us think. White matter is the part, which helps us transfer information.

B: as far as I understand, the emount of grey matter is the same in both sexes.

A: exactly. However, men have more white matter

B: what does it mean?

A: the thing is white matter is the key to spatial tasks-knowing, where things are in relation to other things, and men do better of this kind of exercise

B: I see, what you mean. men are better at finding the way and orientation in general.

A: yes, you are right. However adult women can absorbs all sorts of information from different sources at the same time. They are better at multi-tasking.

B: or,once I was a women talking to the boss on the phone cooking dinner and keeping an eye on the baby-all at the same time and she was on top.

A: yes that funny. As for men they are better tackling one job at a time.

B: do this brain differences influence the career choices, Men and women make?

A: according to the research 85 percent of American architects and 90 percent of mechanics are man: BOTH JOBS REQUER GOOD SPASIAL SKILLS AND 94 PERCENT of speech therapists are women.

B: and,why?what do specialists say?

A: they say, that it goes back to our ancestors. In prehistoric times women needed verbal and emotional skills to control and educate their babies, while man need special skills to hunt.

B: does it mean, that men and women are doomed to do sertain things?

A: of cours not. we shouldn’t close down our possibilities because of ourdifferences. Not all men and women are stereotypical.

B: I also guess, the brain isn’t static if changes throwout our life according to What we do with it.

A: That’s it!


Диалог №5.

A: Look her! Yesterday I went to the cinema to see a thriller of my favorite producer, but while I was watching it I herded the sound of at list 5 ringing phones! That was a nightmare!

B: I suppose, it’s *** time to ban mobiles in public places! It’s awfully annoying.

A: Yes, you are absolutely right. In public places, restaurants, cinemas, museums people shouldn’t use mobile phones not to disturb the others.

B: I can’t understand, why not turn off your phone, if you are asked to? Some people don’t turn off their mobiles even during the lending and take off.

A: Maybe they just forget to do it? But on the other hand there are a number of arguments against this ban. It’s really difficult to stop people bringing their mobiles into public places and it would be impossible to enforce any ban.

B: Yes, some people would see this as an infringement of their rights other people would say they need them in case of an emergency.

A: Perhaps the most important point is that many people this days can’t live without their mobile. So, it same to me, that a ban of mobile phones would be pointless. People will find a way around any ban.

B: Nevertheless, people should be punished for using them in places like restaurants unless it’s absolutely necessary.

A: However, they will always be someone, who thinks, their call is much more important than other peoples peace and quiet.

B: Unfortunately, that’s true.

Диалог 6

A: Hello, this is First Directory, Lena speaking. Do you want to make an enquiry (энкваяри) or to place an order?

B: Place an order, please.

A: Have you ordered from us before?

B; Yes, but it was quite a long time ago.

A: Okay, let’s try. Can you give me your postcode?

B: BRUJLJ45 (здесь любая комбинация)

A: And your house number?

B: 25

A: Is that мистер Бичахчян?

B: That’s right.

A: What would you like to order today?

B: It’ pair of trousers from page 21 of your catalogue.

A: Have you got the reference number?

B: usytgdshg
A: Okay, black trousers at 40$. And the size?

B: 20… Long.

A: Yes, we’ve got those in stock. Smth else?

B: No, that’s it, thanks.

A: The total cost of your order, including postage and packing, is 42$. It should be with you within 3 to 5 working days.

B: I can send them back, if they don’t fit?

A; Yes., that’s fine. Phone us up within 7 days and we’ll collect them free.

B: Great.

A: Would you like to pay now by credit card or shell, we send you a statement?

B: Send a statement, please.

A: Okay. Thank you for the order.

B: Thanks, bye.

Диалог 7

А: What woundefull weather, on holiday now, I’m so tired. Have you decided where to go on holiday this summer.

B: Yes I would like to go some where for away.

A: Well, but you can’t raiz the wind, you should choose what you can aford. I advice you to travel in the USA there are lots of pictresk and interest places: yellow stone national park or the great canion, by the way I visited it last year, unforgeteble side.

B: What is so unforgetble about it? It’s just a canion like dosent’s of others.

A: Oh No you are mistaken. This side is just fantestick. When I was there if took me five minutes to be imprest by the view.

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