ТОП 10:

Speak on the point, express your approval or disapproval

- As for omens, there is no such things as an omen. Destiny does not send us heralds. She is too wise or too cruel for that.

- A woman will flirt with anybody in the world as long as other people are looking on.

- The basis of every scandal is an ammoral certainty. All ways end at the same points...- Disillusion.




1.Find English equivalents for the following word combinations. Reproduce the situation were they occur:


1. посыпая их сахаром из ложечки в форме раковины;

2. новизна эмоций;

3. озарённый звёздным сиянием пруд;

4. не способны на такое умственное усилие;

5. золочёный флакончик уксуса;

6. средство, доставляющее сильные ощущения;

7. давайте оставим в покое бедного Бэзила;

8. скрыть скандал;

9. потрясающая фраза брошенная в воздух, прозвучавшая как пронзительный истерический вопль;

10. солёные брызги, летевшие в окна;

11. жаждет знать

12. новообращённый

2. Answer the following questions:


1. What is that so-called "good action" Dorian is telling Lord Henry about? What's lord Henry opinion of it?

2. What does Lord Henry think of Basil Hallward's disappearance?

3. Why docs Lord Henry say that "it is not in Dorian to commit a crime?

3. Find the extract beginning with "Life is not governed by will..." and ending"Your days are your sonnets". Translate it and comment on it.

4. Speak on the point, express your approval or disapproval:

Anything becomes a pleasure if one does it too often.

What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

The tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one is young.





1.Find English equivalents for the following word combinations. Reproduce the situation were they occur:


1. страстная тоска;

2. дал отвратительную пищу воображению;

3. сохранить неприкосновенным (незапятнанным)

4. идолопоклоннические слова;

5. время поверхностных впечатление и нездоровых помыслов;

6. соседнее крыльцо;

7. полуодетые люди (домашние)

2. Translate the patterns, give our own examples of their usage:


His beauty had been to him but a mask, his youth but a moscery. Nor, indeed, was in the death of Basil Hallward that weighed most upon his mind. It was...

3. Find the extract beginning with "A cry of pain and indignation..." and ending "the idea was monstrous." Translate it and comment on it.

Speak on the point, express your approval or disapproval

- Not "Forgive us our sins" but "Smite us for our iniquities" should be the prayer of a man to a most just God.

- There was a God who called upon men to tell their sins to earth as well to heaven.



1. What are the instruments of an art to the artist?

2. What are vice and virtue?

3. Why did O.W. call all art "at once surface and symbol"?

Chapter 1

4. What did Lord Henry think about intellect and beauty?

5. Why did Basil refuse to exhibit his picture?

6. Where did Basil see Dorian for the first time?

Chapter 2

7. What did Lord Henry think of Dorian Gray's beauty when he met him at Basil's place?

8. What was the first impression of Lord Henry on Dorian?

9. Why was Dorian "jealous of the portrait"?

Chapter 3

10. Who told Lord Henry about Dorian's parents? What was he doing when he entered the room?

11. When did Dorian's mother die?

12. What was the advice of Lord Henry to old Duchess who wished to become young again?

Chapter 4

13. How many photographs of Dorian did Lord Henry have?

14. What was his attitude to marriage?

15. What did Sibyl look like?

Chapter 5

16. What name did Sibyl give to Dorian?

17. Where and why was James going to Australia?

18. What was his last question and request to his mother?

Chapter 6

19. Where and who were sitting waiting for Dorian's coming?

20. What way did Lord Henry explain the phrase: "when we are happy we are always good, but when we are good we are not always happy"?

21. How did Basil feel after their talk?

Chapter 7

22. What did Lord Henry think when he saw Sibyl Vane?

23. What was happening with Dorian during the play?

24. How did Sibyl explain her bad acting?

25. What happened with a portrait?

Chapter 8

26. What did Dorian think of the change of his love after his marriage?

What way did Sybil suicide herself?

28. According to Lord Henry where women find a consolation??

29. Why did D. Compare himself with the gods of the Greeks?

Chapter 9

30. How long does it take "shallow people" and "a man who is a master of himself" to get rid of an emotion?

31. What was the reaction of D.G. when Basil wanted to have a look at the picture?

32. What did D.G. say about "the days" and "the evenings" of Lord Henry?

Chapter 10

33. Why did D.G. think that Basil could have saved him?

34. Where was the portrait set?

35. What book did Lord Henry send to D.G.?

Chapter 11

36. What gave Dorian a sense of pleasure?

37. Why was Dorian haunted by a feeling of loss as he looked back upon man moving through History?

38. What things did Dorian devote himself to?

39. Where had Dorian been seen as rumours said?

Chapter 12

40. According to Basil,” every gentleman is interested in his good....” What is the missing word?

41. Basil maintained that people’s sin can be seen. What way?

Chapter 13

42. What did Basil offer to Dorian to do when he saw a picture?

43. Why was Basil sure that it was his own painting?

44. When did Dorian come home to have his alibi?

Chapter 14

45. What did D.G. do lying in his bed when he was woken up?

46. How did D.G. persuade Alan Campbell to help him with a dead body?

47. What was seen on the hand of the painted man ?

Chapter 15

48. What did D.G. eat and drink during Lady Narborough’s party?

49. Did he try the content of a small Chinese box?

50. How much did D.G. pay for his long trip?

Chapter 16

51. What was the motto of D.G. life (Lord Henry’s words)?

52. Who did D.G. meet in the place with “he heavy odour of opium”?

53. How did D.G. manage to deceive James Vane?

Chapter 17

54. How did Lord Henry describe women as a sex?

55. What was he reason of D.’s faint?

Chapter 18

56. According to Lord Henry’s words what the only horrible thing in the world is?

57. Who was killed during the hunt?

Chapter 19

58. What had the British public been talking about for 6 weeks?

59. Complete the words of street-preacher,”What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose ....?

Chapter 20

60. What had the picture been to him?


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