Choose the right word from the list below. Mind the forms of the words. Translate the article. 

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Choose the right word from the list below. Mind the forms of the words. Translate the article.


In the great __________ tradition of the flâneur, or thoughtful boulevard-stroller, Paris is a wonderful __________ for aimless wandering. Relaxed quarters such as the vibrant Marais, elegant St-Germain and romantic Montmartre are __________ for street-browsing, shopping and cafe-sitting, and the city's lack of open __________ is redeemed by beautiful formal gardens, by the __________ and pavements that run beside the River Seine, and by endless __________ or unexpected havens. And everywhere you go, historic landmark buildings and contemporary __________ wonders remind you of the city's pride and grandeur. There are over 150 art __________ and museums in the city and an uncounted number of __________, brasseries and restaurants lining every street and boulevard. The variety of style and decor is hard to beat, __________ from ultra-modern fashion temples to traditional, mirrored palaces, and from __________ bistros where the emphasis is all on the cooking to bustling Vietnamese diners. After dark, the city's theatres and concert halls __________ inventive and world-leading productions of theatre and dance, while many classical concerts __________ in fine architectural settings, particularly chapels and churches. Above all, Paris is a real __________ capital, and the city's vibrant cultural mix puts it at the forefront of the world __________ scene.

To range, architectural, cinema, pathway, local, cafe, city, tiny, music, to take place, gallery, hidden, ideal, space, to host.


Fill in the blanks with prepositions where necessary. Translate the abstract.


Similar processes... mass travel occurred... other countries, though... a slower rate, given that nineteenth century Britain was far ahead... any other nation... the world... the process... industrialisation.... the USA, the first great seaside resort,... the European style, was Atlantic City, New Jersey.... Continental Europe, early resorts included Ostend (... the people... Brussels), and Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais) and Deauville (Calvados) (... Parisians).


Agree or disagree with the following statements. Give your reasons.

For agreement use: That's an idea. Sounds good. Sounds like a good idea. Yes, I agree with you. Right you are. For disagreement use: That's not a good idea. I don't think so. I disagree... Of course not. Not for me.


1. Leisure travel was a British invention.

2. Many of resort places in Europe have English names.

3. Winter sports were invented in Switzerland by the Swiss.

4. Tennis is originally a British sport.

5. Mass travel couldn't develop until two things occurred.

6. The farther of modern tourism is Thomas Cook.

7. Workers received a statutory right to take holidays in the 18th century.

8. British workers have paid holidays.

9. The first holiday resorts to develop in Britain were on the seaside.

10. Royalty enjoyed travelling to the coast.

11. Package tours increased the popularity of tourism.

12. Inland resorts were very popular after the World War II.



1. Cultural tourism developed into health and leisure not until the 19th century.

2. Initially tourism was applied only to rich people.

3. Tourism still applies only the rich people.

4. Winter sports as well as winter tourism were invented by British.

5. British employers have no obligation to pay workers who don't work on public holidays. It should be changed.

6. Travelling to the coast is still the most popular type of holidays.

7. Industrialization gave development to the tourism industry.


15. Explain why:

– Health tourism and medical tourism are not the same.

– Mass tourism did not develop until transport technology developed and people began enjoying their leisure time.

– Mass tourism developed greatly after the World War II.

– International mass tourism developed greatly after 1963.


16. Speak about... types of tourism developed in... ( choose any city or country).





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