Match the parts 1 – 9 to the parts a – i to make sentences. 

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Match the parts 1 – 9 to the parts a – i to make sentences.


1) You should assign duties based


2) The most common structure found within organizations consists


3) In an organization of any size employees' responsibilities typically are defined


4) The managers of each segment report directly


5) An employee might be accountable to a supervisor


6) The only way to run a business from home


7) Ensuring that your customer's orders are met in a timely manner


8) One of the benefits of setting health and safety targets is


9) Companies that are going to start successful business or constantly seeking opportunities to grow and expand

a) to the president at the top.


b) of various departments such as engineering, development, marketing, finance, sales and human resources.

c) helps manage overall customer satisfaction.


d) who is accountable to a junior manager – communication and instructions can then be passed down the line.

e) that employees are healthier, happier and better motivated.


f) on employees' interests and capabilities.


g) is on the Internet.


h) will require excellent IT infrastructure to meet all their needs.


i) by what they do, who they report to, and for managers, who reports to them.


10. Read the conversation between Juan and Peter, where Peter explains the different job titles in their company hierarchy/structure and do the task after.

Juan: Peter, have you seen the global email about the restructuring of the company. It says that the Board of Directors are going to make an announcement by the end of the month. What is the Board of Directors?

Peter: The Board of Directors or as it is often called The Board, is the group of people who make the big decisions about the company. About what we do and how we do it.

Juan: So they are the owners of the company?


Peter: In some companies yes, but in our case because we're a large multinational, no. Here, they are employed by the owners, the shareholders, to oversee or supervise the company for them. The Board is non-executive, which means they aren't involved in the day-to-day running of the company. The most important member of The Board is called the Chairman, in some companies the Chairman is called the President.

Juan: So, if they don't run or manage the company, who does?


Peter: In our company the person responsible for the day-to-day running of the company is the Managing Director. They are the most senior managers in the company. In the United States, they are normally called the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Juan: So, what does a Finance Director do? Are they non-executive also?


Peter: No, a Finance Director is the job title for a senior manager who is responsible for the Finance Department. They are less senior than the Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer, who they have to report to. Normally, the boss of each department is called a Director, like Sales Director or IT Director. In America, the title of this position is Chief Financial Officer.

Juan: I think I understand. So under them in the company structure you have Managers, like us.


And under the Managers, you have Supervisors. Is that right?


Peter: Basically. Although today it is more common to call a Supervisor, a Team Leader. They make sure that staff are doing what they should. Then under them, you have Analysts and Assistants, who don't have any management responsibilities. In theory the job title of Analyst is for a position where they have to analyze information or data. An Assistant is the general job title for a normal member of staff, like a Customer Care Assistant. But the title of the position depends on the company.

11. Complete the sentences with one of the words/phrases in italic in the task 10.


1. The American job title for the top executive manager in a company is (1).


2. The title of the lowest positions in a company is (2).


3. The name of the people who have shares in a company is (3).


4. The most senior/top person on the Board of Directors is called the (4).


5. The job title of the staff that analyze information or data is (5).


6. The name of the group of people who represent the owners of the company is the (6).


7. The British title for the head of the finance department is (7).


8. When somebody is not involved in the daily running of a business, their role is (8).


9. A different job title for Supervisor is (9).

10. The American title for the head of the finance department is (10).


11. A different way to say “My boss is” is (11).


12. The British job title for the top executive manager in a company is (12)


12. Match the English words and word combinations with their Russian equivalents.


1) to advertise a) производить


2) expenses b) доход, прибыль


3) income c) штат, кадры


4) to make a profit d) научно-исследовательский


5) to make a purchase e) предоставлять, снабжать


6) to manufacture f) рекламировать


7) personnel g) расходы


8) to produce h) получать прибыль


9) to provide i) делать покупку, закупать


10) research and development g) производить


13. Choose the option that is true. Pay attention to the words in the task 12.


1. A company is an organization that aims to make a profit/make a purchase for its owners and investors.

2. Companies make profits by selling goods or providing/producing services for a fee.


3. Companies have expenses/income such as salaries, production costs, and advertising costs.


4. If a company’s expenses/income from sales is greater than its costs, it makes a profit.


5. A company’s advertising/research and development department creates new products or improves existing products.

6. A production department is responsible for advertising/manufacturing products.


7. A sales department is responsible for dealing with customers when they make a profit/make a purchase.

8. A purchasing/advertising department buys everything the company needs, from raw materials to vehicles and office supplies.

10. A personnel/advertising department is responsible for recruiting and managing employees, and for cutting staff numbers when necessary.

14. Complete the text. Choose the words and word combinations in the correct form from the box.

assets активы компании


to give a loan предоставлять заем


to be involved in участвовать в, быть вовлеченным в

legal entity юридическое лицо


limited liability ограниченная ответственность liabilities обязательства

liable связанный обязательством


to last длиться


to retain сохранять, удерживать


to stand for означать, расшифровываться


stock exchange фондовая биржа


A company


Company is a separate (1)to its shareholders. This provides shareholders with (2) from any of the business’s debts beyond the value of their shares in the company (this is what Ltd

(3)in a company name). However, if a shareholder (4)in the running of the business (as a director, for example), and he or she is found to have traded recklessly, fraudulently or not in the company’s best interests, they can still be made (5). Most financial lenders will only (6)

a businessin exchange for a personal guarantee overriding limited liability.


There are two types of companies: private and public. Private companies have their shares owned within a private group, like a family for example, so they can (7)control. Public companies have their shares publicly listed on the (8)so they’re available to be bought by the general public and other companies.


Regardless of whether it’s a private or public company, shareholders have what is called limited liability. This means they can lose the value of their shares in the business. They’re not responsible for any other debts or (9)the company owes.


As the company is a separate entity, it owns all the (10)and all the liabilities itself. This separation also means the company is not tied to one individual or one generation of owners, so it can (11)for as long as it remains viable.

15. Translate the text 2 into Russian. SPEAKING


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