ТОП 10:

Переведите следующие утверждения, определите правильные (T) и неправильные (F).

2. It is the world’s second biggest electronics company.

3. It has produced over 100 million TV sets.

4. Its headquarters are in Amsterdam.

5. It was the first company to produce compact discs.

6. It is active in a small number of specialized businesses.

7.It provides the lights for famous landmarks such as London’s Tower Bridge.

Напишите почему эти даты являются важными для компании Филипс.

а)1891 b) 1914 c) the 1920s d) 1983 e) 1984

Соотнесите данную информацию с соответствующими цифрами из текста.

Example: The approximate number of designers working for Philips: 400

1. The number of people working for Philips worldwide

2. The number of countries with sales and service outlets

3. The number of countries where Philips has research facilities

4. The approximate number of scientists working in Philips’ research laboratories

5. The number of integrated circuits produced every day

II. Grammar

Закончите следующие предложения в past simple, используя глаголы в скобках

Last week I 1_________(be) very busy. On Monday our biggest customer 2______(visit) our factory. I 3_______ (meet) her at the airport at 7.00 in the morning and 4_______ (take) her to the plant. In the afternoon we 5__________ (have) a meeting which 6__________ (not finish) late, and she 7________ (want) to see a show afterwards. On Tuesday I 8_______ (fly) to Berlin for a conference. In the afternoon I 9________ make a presentation which 10 ________ (not go very well. The next day I 11__________ (go) to Stuttgart to meet a supplier. On Thursday we 12 __________ (interview) candidates for the new sales jobs, but we 13 _______ (not find) anybody suitable. In the evening I 14________ (play) squash in the company tournament, but, unfortunately, I 15__________ (not win). On Friday 1 16__________ (reply) to all my emails and 17 ____________ (write) a proposal for an Austrian company. In the afternoon I 18 __________ (attend) a planning meeting which 19 ______________ (end) very late in the evening. I 20 __________ (not get) home until midnight.


Напишите 5 предложений, что выделали вчера и на прошлой неделе.


Translated, wrote have translated, has written Did you translate? Have you translated? I didn’t translate I haven’t translated Did he write? Has he written? He didn’t write He hasn’t written МАРКЕРЫ Ago, last year, yesterday since, for, already, just, recently, lately in 1992 ever, never, yet When did you…? How long have you been to …?

Посмотрите на маркеры в предложениях 1-7, определите к какому времени они относятся и напишите предложения о себе.

1. This month I ____________________ .

2. Yesterday I _____________________ .

3. Last year I ______________________ .

4. I _______ never __________________ .

5. When I was at school I _____________ .

6. Today, I _____________ already _______ .

7. I ___________________________ yet.


Отметьте правильные и исправьте неправильные предложения.

1. Two years ago, we have seen big increases in the price of oil.

2. The price fell in the last two days and it is now 5 per cent lower than before.

3. Our competitors reduced their prices in January.

4. We didn’t raise our prices in recent weeks: they are still at the same level as they were two months ago.

5. Have you received your prices recently?

6. We have reviewed our prices in March.


Выберите правильную форму глагола в вопросах 1-8 и затем соотнесите их с ответами a-h

1. Did you read/Have you read that article about e-recruitment last week?

2. Did you see/Have you seen the new Dali exhibition yet?

3. Have you ever/Did you ever applied for a job online?

4. Have you had/Did you have any work experience when you joined this company?

5. Has/Have she made many calls today?

6. Have/Did all the candidates come for interview yesterday?

7. Have you received/Did you receive a bonus in the last six months?

8. Have you learnt/Did you learn a lot in you last job?


a. No, never.

b. No, I haven’t.

c. Just one or two this morning.

d. Yes, I did. I did several jobs when I was a student.

e. No I didn’t. I didn’t have much responsibility, so it was very boring.

f. Yes, it was very well-written

g. Just one person wasn’t there.

h. No, I haven’t had time.



1. Прочитайте диалог и текст и дайте свой вариант, что нужно сделать, чтобы стать хорошим менеджером (не меньше 10 предложений, будьте готовы это сказать на экзамене)


What makes a good manager?

R: One hears over and over again that what a modern enterprise needs is a good manager. What do you think of the problem?

Am.: The importance of a good manager can’t be overestimated.

R.: What do you think makes a good manager?

Am.: First of all high standards of professional knowledge and personal conduct.

R.: What personal traits must a good manager have?

Am.: A good manager must be flexible, must have confidence in himself and others, and keep a sense of proportion. Besides, he must have a leading ability.

R.: I see, and what professional skills should managers have?

Am.: Managers must know how to set goals and how to achieve them, how to divide work and how to coordinate the activities of individuals. They must know how to take corrective actions if the organization is not progressing towards its goals

R.: Management is often called the art of getting things done through people. What’s your point of view on the essence of management?

Am.: The essence of management is to create an environment where individuals, working together, can perform effectively and efficiently. Nowadays managers must be more skilled in handling people.

R.: Yes, managers must understand that human resources are a very important part of any business. The manager’s job is very interesting, isn’t it?

Am.: Yes, and given the opportunity. I would choose the same career again.

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