Communicational skills to the text

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Communicational skills to the text

5.1.Find these sentences in the text:

1.По-моему, семья – это эмоциональный центр жизни человека, передатчик культуры, место, где воспитываются дети.

2. Женщина создаёт домашнюю атмосферу, поддерживает своего мужа и детей. Хранит семейные традиции и ведёт хозяйство.

3. Когда мама была молодая, у неё были густые вьющиеся пепельные длинные волосы, а сейчас у неё короткие волосы.

4.Мой старший племянник – точная копия моего брата, а младший похож на свою маму, жену моего брата.

5.Мы все дружим.


5.2 Fill in the gaps with the appropriate words:

1.The process of ... children is difficult.

2.In happy families parents are ... honest with their children without ... , and the children in their ... learn how to get on with other people.

3.The proverb says, «Men make ... , woman make ...».

4.She is ... and the same time ... and full of ... ... .

5.Boys are funny and ... .


5.3. Complete these sentences:

1.The process of upbringing children requires

a) parent’s tolerance.

b) not so much effort, but mutual respect.

c) much effort, mutual respect and tolerance.

In my view, the man must

a) provide for the family.

b) build his house with his own hands.

c) keep away from gamily problems.

3.The housewife

a) does all the work about the house.

b) stays at home all day long.

c) helps different people keep their houses.


5.4 Answer the following questions:

1.Will you introduce yourself?

2.Is your family large?

3.Have you got any brothers or sisters?

4.What are your parents?

5.Where do they work?

6.How long have your parents been married?

7.Do you spend much time with your family?

8.Do you go out with your parents?

9.Who keeps your house?

10.What are your parents’ hobbies?

11.Will you describe your mother and father?

12.Have you got any other relatives?

5.5 Tell us about ...

1. Your ideas of the role the family plays in our life.

2. Your parents.

3. Your relatives.



Additional materials

Text 4

6.1. Read the text Family life. What does Kathy actually tell you about herself?


Family life

Kathy Papas, Sydney, Australia:

’My parents came here from the Greek island of Kalymnos in 1965. I was eight years old, the eldest of four children. We shared a house with three other families from Kalymnos when we arrived in Sydney. We were quite Lucky - both my parents found jobs and after about 20 months here they bought a house. But life wasn’t easy for my parents. Language was a real problem and they never real settled down here. They missed their friends back home, Greek hospitality in general, and the closeness to nature they had on the island. In 1980 they moved back to Greece and my father died five years later.

My husband and I socialize almost entirely with our families – his sister and my brother and their children – and other Greek-Australians. We meet in each other’s homes and sometimes we have a barbecue together. Most Greeks live in the suburbs to the east of Sydney so we don’t have far to travel to see each other.

We also send our three daughters to Greek classes twice a week after regular classes. They were all born here but a lot of Australians still tend to think of them as foreigners. This is perhaps the reason that we Greek-Australians stay together like a big family.’



Does she give the answers to these questions in the text? Write Y or N in the boxes.

1. who’s the head of the family? □

2. How many people live in Kathy’s home? □

3. How many brothers has she got? □

4. How often does she see her brothers? □

5. Is Kathy’s family Greek or Australian? □



Look at the words in the vocabulary box. Put the words in pairs. Two words have no pairs. Which ones are they?

aunt boy boyfriend brother child cousin daughter father girl girlfriend grandfather grandmother husband man mother nephew niece parent sister son uncle wife woman

aunt – uncle

Write six sentences about your family or a family that you know well.


1. _________________________________

2. _________________________________

3. _________________________________

4. _________________________________

5. _________________________________

6. _________________________________


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