Exercise 1. Insert articles where necessary.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Exercise 1. Insert articles where necessary.

1. … Elbrus is … highest peak of … Caucasus. 2. … Japan is situated on … islands. 3. …London is on …Thames. 4. … Poland is to … west of … Russia. 5. … USA is in … North America. 6. In … north of our country … summer is very short. 7. What is … capital of … Spain? 8. This expedition has just returned from … Antarctic. 9. … Urals separate Europe from … Asia. 10. … Ireland is … island, isn’t it? 11. … Mississippi is … longest river in … world. 12. … names of … rivers, seas and oceans are used with … definite article.13. Turning to … East he saw that … sun had risen. 14. I hear he is off to … Central Africa. 15. … Great Britain lies in … eastern part of … Atlantic Ocean.

Exercise 2. Insert articles where necessary.

1. After … tour in … Austrian Alps they had gone to … Hotel Splendide at … Montreux, in order to enjoy for … day or two … charms of … Lake of … Geneva. (Bennett) 2. Dusk was already falling on … noble curve of … Thanes. 3. In … heart of … Central Asia lies … Khoresm, … small fertile area in … sea of .. sand. 4. “We have been touring … world. We tried South America. We lasted three days in … Australia.” “Have you ever been to … States?”(Amis) 5. Michael looked quizzically at his parent. Did he quite understand … England of to – day?


Exercise 3. Translate into English.

1.Кордильеры находятся в Северной Америке. 2. Берега Рейна очень живописны. 3. Эльбрус – очень красивая гора. 4. “Пиковая дама” была написана Чайковским во Флоренции в 1890 г. 5. Средиземное море находится между Европой, Азией и Африкой. 6. Венеция расположена на берегу Адриатического моря. 7. Ливингстон погиб в Центральной Африке.

Names of Hotels, Ships, Newspapers, Magazines etc.

Names of hotels, ships, newspapers, magazines, theatres, cinemas, museums, buildings are generally used with the definite article.

TheTimes is a very popular newspaper.

But if the first word is a name of a person or a place the article is not generally used: Kennedy Airport, Cambridge University, but theTretyakov Gallery etc.

Names with ofusually have the: the Bank of England, the Grate Wall of China.

If shops, restaurants, hotels, banks are named after the people who started them, they end in -’s or -s and are not usually used with articles: Lloyds Bank, Jack’s Guest House.

Names of companies, airlines etc. are usually used without articles: Sony, British Airways.

Exercise 1. Insert articles where necessary.

1. She nodded … command to … footman, and they drove off westward, down … Strand, and so into … little side street by … Charing Cross. (Bennett). 2. I am going to Folkestone to – day, and shall stay at … Metropole. (Bennett)3. They were excited because they had been dining with … editor of … Times, and had been given … glimpse of next day’s paper. (Snow) 4. He began to walk very rapidly towards … Trafalgar Square. (Greene) 5. In 1905 … revolt broke out on … Potemkin, one of … battleships of … Black Sea Fleet. 6. He went out and ate … ices at … pastry – cook’s shop in … Charing Cross; tried … new coat in … Pall Mall; and called for … Captain Cannon, played eleven games at … billiards with … captain, and returned to … Russell Square.(Thackeray)


Exercise 2. Insert articles where necessary.

1. I often go to … Pushkin Theatre. 2. I am very fond of … Pushkin’s short tragedies. 3. … Tretyakov gallery was founded nearly … century ago by Pavel Tretyakov. … Tretyakov’s devotion to … art and his indefatigable efforts had

.. .magnificent results and furthered … development of … Russian painting. 4. … Pulkovo Observatory is over … hundred years old. 5. … sets of furniture were imitations of one of … Louis periods.


Names of Cardinal Points

With the names of cardinal points the definite article is used: the North, the West.

In the expressions from East to West, from South to North no article is used.


Names of Months and Days

As a rule names of months and days are used without articles: May, Friday.

When these nouns are modified by a particularizing attribute the definite article is used.

TheMay of 1945 will always rest in his memory.

Names of months are used with the indefinite article when we mean one of many Fridays, Mondays, etc.

I do not remember when he came from Moscow, but I am sure it was on a Monday.

Names of months are used with the indefinite article when modified by a descriptive attribute.

A cold May is the usual thing in our region.

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