Match the professions on the left with the correct definitions on the right.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Match the professions on the left with the correct definitions on the right. ambassador a)a person whose job is carrying people’s luggage and loads at railway stations, airports, hotels, markets, etc.
2.a bookmaker b)a public officer with authority to decide cases in a law court
3.a butcher c)a diplomat sent from one country to another either as a permanent representative or on a special mission
4.a coach d)a person appointed to perform religious duties and ceremonies in the Christian Church estate agent e)a person whose job is taking bets on horse races interpreter f)a person whose job is cutting up and selling meat
7.a judge g)a person who gives a simultaneous translation of words spoken in another language
8.a notary h)a person whose job is to fit and repair water pipes, water-tanks, cisterns, etc. in a building
9.a priest i)a person who trains sportsmen
10.a plumber j)a person who buys and sells houses for others
11.a porter k)a person with official authority to witness the signing of legal documents and perform some other legal functions


Translate sentences into English.

1) У нотаріуса дуже відповідальна та високооплачувана робота. Щоб опанувати всі закони, напевно, потрібно пів життя.

2) Посол вирішує багато справ які стосуються відносин двох кран, у якій він перебуває, і яку представляє. А також він має допомагати туристам у вирішенні проблемних ситуацій за кордоном.

4) Покличте баталера – мені терміново небхідна нова сорочка!

5) Перекладач багато часу витрачає на удосконалення власних вмінь та навичок.

6) Не завжди суддя може винести справедливе рішення самотужки. Саме тому у нього є 12 незалежних присяжних.

7) Щоб стати кваліфікованим лікарем необхідно вчитись щонайменше 6 років.

8) Ким ти хочеш стати? – Я мрію про професію журналіста.

9) Де ж наш офіціант? Я вмираю з голоду!

10) Щоб стати гарним вчителем потрібно бути трошки актором.


Match the jobs on the left to their definitions on the right.

______journalist ______teacher _____ police officer _____ accountant _____ business person _____ doctor _____ nurse _____pilot _____ taxi driver _____ bus driver _____ manager _____ chef _____ actor _____ actress _____ firefighter _____ waiter _____ lawyer _____ secretary 1) person who drives a bus. 2) He/she works in a school and teaches students. 3) rescues people from burning buildings and helps put out fires. 4) works in hospital and helps doctors. 5) defends people's rights in court. 6) flies an airplane. 7) takes people's orders in a restaurant and serves them food. 8) works in a police station and maintains public security. 9) works in a bank and keeps records of money. 10) works in a hospital and treats patients. 11) answers phone calls and does office work for his/her boss. 12) drives a taxi. 13) person who reports news on TV, radio or Newspaper. 14) does the cooking in a restaurant or hotel. 15) a woman who plays a role in a movie. 16) manages the affairs of a company or business. 17) one who does business. 18) a man who acts in a movie.

Match each occupation on the left with the most appropriate tools or pieces of equipment on the right.

l)a dairymaid a)needles, threads, sewing-machines
2)a tailor b) chisel, wax, clay
3)an optician c) filing cabinet, computer, paper
4)a roofer d) tank for sterilized milk, cream separator
5)an electrician e) tiles, hammer, nails
6)a clerk f) lenses, spectacles, binoculars
7)a sculptor g) wall socket, wire
8) a conductor h) baton, music-stand, score


to get the sack - бути вигнаним з роботи to be hired – бути прийнятим на роботу to be a workaholic to be laid off/ to lay smb off – скорочувати to be fired to be dismissed the dole ( Br. informal money that the State gives every week to people who are unemployed: I lost my job and had to go on the dole ) to be on the dole unemployment benefit (money that is paid by a company (such as an insurance company) or by a government when someone dies, becomes sick, stops working, etc.) to work like a dog – працювати як віл to get promoted / to promote sb (from sth) (to sth) – отримати підвищення to be employed to climb a career ladder to work in shifts (to be on the day / night shift) first/ second shift to work nine-to-five to work fulltime to work overtime flexible working hours permanent job temporary job a maternity / paternity leave a sick leave to be out of work to be unemployed to work regular hours/ long hours to work part-time to take early retirement to retire well-paid job badly-paid job highly-paid job low-paid job to recruit to be made redundant a job centre length of service rate of pay a jobseeker a trainee an apprentice to quit

Topic 1.


When you apply for a job, you usually fill in an application form or send your CV (curriculum vitae/ resume) with a covering letter (= a letter containing extra information about yourself). Then you have an interview. If it goes well and the employer is satisfied with your references (= describing your character and abilities, often from your former employer) you will get the job. You sign the contract and become an employee. A job can be well-paid / highly-paidor badly-paid / low-paid. A job can be full-time or part-time, permanent or temporary. If your working conditions are good and you have the chance to be promoted (= be given a more important job), then you will probably get a lot of job satisfaction.

Topic 2.

Leaving a job

If you want toleave your job,you resign or hand in your resignation. If a company no longer needs an employee, it will makehim/herredundant. If an employee’s work is not good enough, the company may dismiss her/him. In less formal English we use the verb fireorsack, or noun the sack:

Her boss fired/sacked her. Her boss gave her the sack. She got the sack.

When you stop working because you have reached a certain age (usually 60 or 65), you retire.

А) Translate sentences into English using the expressions from the vocabulary above.

1) На моїй роботі, щоб заслужити підвищення ти маєш працювати як кінь.

2)Ми не наймаємо на роботу студентів. Нас цікавлять кадри для працевлаштування на повну ставку.

3) Якщо ти ж надалі будеш спізнюватись – я тебе звільню!

4) Найкращий час для відпочинку від роботи це не вихідні – а пенсія.

5) Негайно підпиши цей документ, секретар сьогодні працює у першу зміну!

6) Який в тебе графік роботи? – Я працюю з 9-5. Проте іноді залищаюсь понаднормово.

7) Мене звільнили і зараз я отримую допомогу з безробіття.

В) Paraphrase the sentences using the expressions from the vocabulary above.

1) My father works at a factory. One week he works in the daytime, another week he works at night.

2) I don't want to work regular hours, I prefer to start and finish work at different times each day, so I can spend more time with my daughters.

3) I lost my job. They had to make cutbacks.

4) Brian is a student, he has to find means to support himself, and so he has found a job in a cafeteria and works three hours a day there.

5) My mother starts work at 9 am and finishes at 5 p.m.

6) The trouble is that you are too obsessed with your work.

7) He didn’t do his job well, he was very often late, and the manager didn’t want him to work any longer.

8) He stopped working though he is only 54.

9) They’ve made him Executive Manager as from next month!

10) He is out of work and gets money from the government.

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