ТОП 10:

Transform the following sentences from Active into Passive. Translate the sentences.

Peter I founded "Summer Park" in the centre of Petersburg.

Our country started the Recreation Parks construction and foundation in 1394 in accordance with a special government order.

An architect plans such public park regularly or he combines both landscape and architectural styles.

Usually the designer of a public park plans its centre archi­tecturally while he often leaves its periphery as natural lands­cape with narrow roads, little lakes and tree-covered slopes,


6. Choose the proper word and put it into the sentence. Trans­late the sentences.

1. The peculiar... of Russian parks has always been most harmo­nious man-made design with the surrounding landscape.

2. "Summer Park" in Petersburg was... by Peter I.

3. This park... a little piece of land... by the Neva, Moika, Fontanka.

4.. Petrodvoretz was founded by Peter I on the....

5.. ............................................................................. Such architects like Rastrelly, Voronichin, Shubiu ...................................................

in the construction of Petrodvoretz.

6....................................................... In recreation parks you may listen to a lecture, to... famous people, to see a film and to.... ..

Go in for sports, occupies, took part, feature, meet, washed, seashore, founded.


Read and translate the text without a dictionary.


There are some parks like countries. They are national parks - natural territories where we have great works of nature and

places of special historical interest. The government of these

countries protect organic and inorganic nature in them. There

is no industry on these territories. Some people come here to

study natural history and human history of the country, others - for recreation. Almost every country has its national parks.

1. to protect - защищать

2. human history - история народа


Make up a dialogue, following this instruction.

A. - You have been living in St.Petersburg for a long time.

Petersburg is your native city. You know its history quite well.

B. - You are in St. Petersburg for the first time. You are fond

of the city and most of all you like its parks. You'd like to know about the parks and their history as much as possible, so you ask your friends

1) what the peculiar feature of Russian park has always been,

2) who founded "Summer Park" in the centre of the city,

3) what this park looks like,

4) what the park in Petrodvoretz is known for,

5) where it was founded by Peter I,

6) what architects took part in its construction,

7) what the aim of recreation park is,

8) what way the centre and periphery of such parks are usually planned in,


Retell the text according to the plan.

1. The peculiar feature of Russian parks.

2. Famous world over Russian parks in St. Peterburg

a) "Summer Park" (its fouder, its plan, its territory, its vegetation, famous people, who visited it and liked to rest here).

b) the park in Petrodvoretz (its founder, the place of its foundation, famous architects, who took part in its construction, the peculiar feature of the park).

3. Russian Modern Recreation Parks (the year of their construc­tion and foundation, the aim of recreation parks, the planning

of the centre and periphery in these parks, examples of such parks)


Lesson 3

London’s parks


Read and learn the following words


feel (felt, ~ ), (v) - чувствовать

through (prp) - через, сквозь

bathe (v) - купаться

full (а) - полный

enjoy (v) - наслаждаться

artificial (a) - искусственный

tranquility (n) -спокойствие

walk (n, v) -прогулка,гулять

go for a walk -пойти на прогулку

flower-bed (n) -клумба

to look like -быть похожим

health (n) -здоровье

ground (n) -земля

hot-house (n) -оранжерея

find (v) -найти

run ( (v) -бежать

middle (n) -середина

sunshine (n) -свет

lungs (n) -лёгкие

feed (v) -подавать

pet (n) -домашнее животное

shade (n) -оттенок

gate (n) -ворота

lawn (n) -лужайка

notice (n) -уведомление


Translate the international words, pronounce them properly with the help of a dictionary


Fountain (n), avenue (n), hectare (n), acre (n), botanical (a), orangery (n), exotic (a), tropical (a), palm-tree (n), pelicans (n), popular (a), national (a), parade (n).


3. Match the Russian sentence with the English one. Pay atten­tion to the modal verbs and their meanings. Remember other meanings of the verb "to make" and the noun "country".

1. Walking through the park makes you feel that you are far away

in the country.

2. London must have wonderful health.

3. You may walk for hours and hours, from one park into another.

4.Almost all exotic plants and flowers can be found, in

Kew Gardens.

5.You may sit on the grass under а tropical palm-tree.

1. Почти все экзотические растения и цветы можно

найти в парках Кьо.

2. Прогулка по парку заставля­ет вас почувствовать, что вы далеко за городом(в сельской местности)

3.Вы можете сидеть на траве

под тропической пальмой,

4.Лондон должен иметь прекрасное




5. Вы можете гулять часами из

одного парка в другой


Match the Russian word-combination with the English one,

Paying attention to the Participle I (Ving).

1. birds, swimming on the water 1. птицы, живущие в парке

2. an artificial lake, running 2. птицы, плавающие по воде

the length of the park

3. birds living in the park 3. искусственное озеро, прохо-

дящее по всей длине парка

Read and translate the text



- What is the most beautiful in London?

- The parks.

"This gate is opened at 5.30 a. m. and closed at 9 p.m.'.' This is the notice on a park gate . Who wants to go for a walk at 5.30 in the morning?

Very many people go for an hour walk before going to work, because walking makes you feel that you are far away in the country, not in the center of one of the largest cities of the world.

There are lawns and flower-beds, fountains and avenues in the park, but mostly the parks consist of trees and grass and water. They are planned to look as natural as nature itself.

If gardens and parks are "lungs" of a city, London must have wonderful health. Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park - only these two - have an open ground of 250 hectares.

There is Green Park and Richmond Park, Victoria Park and Fins- bury Park and so about 300 000 acres of land together. You may walk for hours and hours from one park into another. They go through the middle of the town.

The wonderful Kew Garden is a botanical garden, probably the largest in the world, with many orangeries and hot-houses. Almost all the exotic plants and flowers can be found there and you may sit on the grass under a tropical palm-tree.

St. James Park is famous for its water birds; there is a big lake in the middle of the park and there are many birds swimming

on the water, among them pelicans.

Hyde Park is really the National London Park. There is a big artificial lake running the whole length of the park. It is the most popular bathing place. Here is the place of all sorts of national parades and mass meetings.

Kensington Gardens are as green and full of flowers and big trees as Hyde Park. Many children come here with their mothers. Little Londoners are very fond of animals and water birds living in the park. They always feed their pets.

In the parks many people sit and walk, some in the shade and some in the sunshine. They listen to the birds and enjoy tranqui­lity.


6. Make up sentences with "there + to be" instead of the verb "to have". Model: London has many parks. There are many parks in London.


1. 1. Each park in London has lawns and flower-beds, fountains and avenues.

2. St.James Park has a big lake in the middle.

3. Hyde Park has a big artificial lake running the whole length of the park.

4. Kensington Gardens have a lot of birds and animals.

5. Kew Gardens have almost all exotic plants and flowers, growing on the Earth.


Fill in the blanks using the proper verb in the Present Indefinite Tense, except sentence. Translate the sentences.



A. Very many people .... (to read a book, to go for an hour walk, to run) before going to work.

B. All London's parks are planned . nature itself (to look

as, to bathe, to go).

C. A visitor ... (to feel, to find, to look as ) almost all the exotic plants and flowers in Kew Gardens.

Different kinds of birds, among them pelicans ... (to run, to swim, to like) on the water in St. James Park.

1) Little Londoners ..... (to be fond, to consist, to appear)

of animals and water birds living in Kensington Gardens.

2) The children always ... (to find, to go for a walk, to feed) their pets in the park.

3) Everyone usually ... (to open, to enjoy, to close) tranquility while he sits or walks in the park.


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