ТОП 10:

Match the departments (1-6) with the ideas a-f below.

1 casualty 4 intensive care

2 children's ward 5 maternity ward

3 operating theatre 6 outpatients' department


a She's just had her first baby.

b She cut her arm badly.

c He’s having his operation.


d Our ten-year-old has a very high temperature.

e I had to go for a check-up.

f She's very ill. She needs constant attention.

Another name for the Casualty Department is A and E (accident and emergency).

13 Match the people in A to the place you find them in B and the job they do in C. The first one has been done for you.


on the wards

in an ambulance
in an operating theatre
on the maternity ward
in casualty

at the scene of an accident
in the waiting room
in the pharmacy
in hospital corridors


They perform operations

They are senior nurses, in charge of a ward

They are ill in hospital

They push patients on stretchers from the ward to the operating theatre

They provide emergency aid

They keep the patient unconscious during an operation

They help mothers have babies

They are senior doctors who specialize in one particular area


Porter On the wards or in hospital corridors They push patients on stretches from the ward to the operating theatre

Read the two texts. Which one describes the working day of a surgeon? Which one describes the working day of a nurse? Complete the gaps with the words below each text.


A) At the moment, I'm working the day shift, so I have to be on the ward, and
in my uniform, at seven o'clock in the morning. We _____our first round at seven thirty, ______ everything is OK, _______ patients their medicine, ________their temperature, check their blood pressure, and _______ the beds. We have to _______ in the patient's chart at the foot of the bed.

Check do make fill give take

B) I usually start at ten. ______ is very important, so I always scrub my hands and arms thoroughly, and I wear rubber _______ and a ________. We use surgical ______ but, nowadays, we also use a lot of computer technology to help us perform _________ It is a very demanding job, but very rewarding...

Gloves instruments mask hygiene operations

Work with a partner. Look at the new words in the box. Tell your partner which of them you have experienced. Don't tell them any you don't want to talk about.

Example: I sometimes suffer from travel sickness in the back of a car.
I've never had warts.
I was bitten by mosquitoes last summer.

  1 to suffer from 2 nausea / travel sickness 3 to be bitten by an insect (an insect bite) 4 to be stung by a bee (a bee sting) 5 to feel itchy 6 to have a cold / flu / bronchitis / cold sores / blocked sinuses / a sore throat / a wart  

Label the items in the picture.




6. 7. 8.

tea bags ginger root cloves of garlic bicarbonate of soda sellotape cayenne pepper ice cubes a bar of chocolate

Some doctors believe that many natural substances are better than antibiotics for certain minor health problems. Can you guess which item on the left helps with the problems on the right? Work with a partner.


Example: Ginger root relieves nausea.


ginger root


cayenne pepper


bicarbonate of soda


a tea bag


fights colds and flu

warms cold feet

relieves itching

soothes cold sores

relieves nausea

gets rid of warts

relieves insect bites and blocked sinuse

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