ТОП 10:

Прочитайте текст и вставьте глаголы в скобках в форме Past Simple Active or Passive.

Jury finds avenger not guilty

June 5, 2009.

A man accused of planned assassination of three people, including two policemen, and attempted murder of two (1)________________(find) not guilty of all counts on Tuesday, June 4.

Alexander Taran, Stavropol, in the South of Russia, (2)___________________(charge) with murder and attempted murder of three policemen, an entrepreneur and a doctor, whom he (3)______________________(blame) for the death of his daughter and son.

Although the evidence seemed overwhelming the jury (4)_________________________(declare) a 57-year-old beekeeper not guilty.

In 1994 a 20-year-old daughter of the accused, Natalia, (5)__________________(die) in hospital of narcotic overdose. Her father (6)_________________________(try) to start an inquest on who supplied drugs to his daughter and how this (7)__________________________(do), but to no avail. The bereaved parent, along with many other people in the village, believed that the hospital's staff (8)___________________________________(not try) hard enough to save the girl.

In 2001 Taran's son, Vladimir, (9)_______________________________(murder) in a night club; he (10)___________________________________(beat) and ___________________________(throw) from the upper floor. The murderer has never been found. Taran believed that his son (11)_______________________________ (kill) by a nephew of an influential businessman of Caucasus origin, Magomed Erkenov, and that the case was closed for money.

In 2003 Erkenov (12)___________________________ (find) in a puddle of blood. Later the chief doctor of the local hospital (13)______________________________________________severely (injure). Then two policemen who investigated the murder of Vladimir Taran (14)_______________________________ (kill). The last victim, the head of the road police, was shot but (15) _____________________________(survive). Earlier his subordinates arrested Alexander Taran for drunk driving and (16) ___________________________________________(send) his car to a car pound. The accused was unable to pay the penalty and never got his car back.

The Kalashnikov, from which the victims were shot, with a self-made silencer (17) ________________________(find) in a nearby forest. A locksmith (18)___________________________

(confirm) that Taran asked him to make parts for the silencer. A pistol and bullets (19)____________________also (find) in the Taran’s house, but the main evidence was his hair on the Kalashnikov.

At first the beekeeper(20) ________________________________ (confess) to the crime but later withdrew his guilty plea arguing that he had been under pressure.


2. Совместите слова из левой колонки с определениями из правой колонки. Переведите слова на русский язык.

Who is who in the underworld

1. Pump ______________________a. Someone who gets paid to kill other people.

2. Accomplice/_________________b. Someone whose job is to hide an illegal or

accessory _____________________ secret activity for another person or organisation.

3. Front man___________________ с. Someone who carries drugs or weapons

___________________________ illegally from one place to another.

4. Hit man_____________________ d. A member of a criminal organization such as the Mafia.


5. Fence_______________________ e. A man who earns money by finding customers for prostitutes.


6. Runner______________________ f. Someone who helps a criminal.


7. Gang________________________d. A group of criminals working together.


8. Godfather____________________ h. Someone who buys and sells stolen property.



Переведите на английский язык.

1. Почему молодые преступники содержатся в отдельных тюрьмах?


2. Как поймали мошенников?


3. Сына Александра Тарана, Владимира, убили в ночном клубе.


4. Примерно к 1250 г. в Англии сложилась единообразная система права.


5. На прошлой неделе в этом районе ограбили пятерых студентов.


6. Этот закон был принят в 1966 г.


7. Вора-карманника поймали на рынке, когда он пытался украсть кошелек.


8. О загадочной смерти Майкда Джексона много говорят.


4. Вставьте вспомогательные глаголы (am, is, are, do, does) в вопросы. В правой колонке напишите краткие ответы на эти вопросы.

Questions Short answers
1. Are laws compulsory for everyone? Yes, they are
2………….you know five Latin phrases by heart? ____________________________
3. ………. the court enforce moral rules? ____________________________
4. ………. it immoral to steal? ____________________________
5. ………. the Russian police tow cars away? ____________________________
6. ………. your parents punish for bad behaviour? ____________________________
7. ………. career success depend on the chance? ____________________________
8. ………. women and men equal? ____________________________
9. ………. you often lie to your parents? ____________________________
10. ……….your parents law-abiding citizens? ____________________________


Переведите предложения из действительного залога в страдательный с тем, чтобы они звучали более естественно.

Например: An arrested person is kept in prison.

  1. The police keep an arrested person in prison.
  2. People make real estate contracts in writing.
  3. People don’t consider blasphemy illegal any more.
  4. English judges hear serious criminal cases in the Crown Court.
  5. Judges apply this legal rule only in this jurisdiction.
  6. English lawyers normally contrast civil law with criminal law.
  7. The law limits people’s rights and freedoms for the protection of the society.
  8. The law-maker lays down the structure of government in the constitution.
  9. The court establishes a person’s guilt on the basis of facts.
  10. The government gives the police great powers to fight crime.

Прочитайте и переведите текст письменно.

Underage drinking increasing in Britain

Alcohol abuse and teenage crime is becoming an increasing problem in Britain. A senior police officer has recommended that children should be taken into the care of local government authorities if parents refuse to take responsibility for their child’s underage drinking. This recommendation comes a week after the murder of Garry Newlove, a 47-year-old father of three. He was murdered by a gang of youths outside his own home after telling them to stop vandalizing his house. Four teenagers have been arrested and charged with his murder. Leanne Dysart, a neighbour of the murdered man, described her feelings: "What happened…has rocked this town…You never think this will happen [on] your own doorstep,” she said.

The senior police officer called for urgent action. He said: "There should be some…system to force some parents to take up the offers of support which we give them to help them deal with their children who have been drinking.” He added: "This should be a child protection issue and should be dealt with as part of care proceedings." He also called for the legal drinking age in Britain to be raised to 21 – young people can currently drink alcohol when they are 18. He told reporters he was often shocked when he took drunken teenagers home as some parents didn’t care about their children’s behaviour. Many of Britain’s police forces and over 200 politicians agree that tough action needs to be taken to stop teenagers going out of control.


7. Задания по тексту:

TRUE / FALSE. Прочитав статью, отметьте в таблице букву T предложения, соответствующие содержанию текста, и букву F – содержащие несоответствующую тексту информацию.


a. More and more British teens are drinking more and more milk. T / F
b. A police officer said parents should be more responsible. T / F
c. A father of three vandalized his own house when he was drunk. T / F
d. A murder by a gang of teenagers rocked a town. T / F
e. Police forces are offering to help teenagers who drink too much. T / F
f. A police officer wants the legal drinking age reduced to 21. T / F
g. The police officer said teenagers and parents were often drunk. T / F
h. Over 200 politicians feel there is no need for new laws on drinking. T / F

С помощью текста статьи, найдите синонимы и переведите их.

1. abuse a. conduct
care b. damaging
3. youths c. presently
4. vandalizing d. handle
5. urgent e. addiction
6. deal with f. activities
7. proceedings g. life-and-death
8. currently h. supervision
9. behaviour i. haywire
10. out of control j. juveniles

С помощью текста статьи, составьте фразы. Возможно несколько комбинаций.

1. teenage crime is becoming a. in Britain to be raised
children should be taken into the care b. on your own doorstep
3. a 47-year-old father c. of control
4. What happened has d. about their children’s behaviour
5. You never think this will happen e. an increasing problem in Britain
6. The senior police officer called f. of three
7. help them deal g. for urgent action
8. called for the legal drinking age h. of local government
9. parents didn’t care i. rocked this town
10. stop teenagers going out j. with their children



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