Tasks: 1. Read the text and answer the questions.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Tasks: 1. Read the text and answer the questions.

Learn unknown words.

Retell the text.



Text II

In light of the rapidly changing business world a businessman if he wants to conduct his business successfully, must meet certain requirements. First of all he must be flexible of mind and adaptable to change. He needs not so much a specialised knowledge of today’s business practice as the qualities of mind and the basic knowledge that will make it possible for him to understand the new business situation and adapt himself to the new business world in which he will live and work in future.

The educational requirements of businessmen are not radically different from those of administrators of other types. Organisational skill, problem-solving ability, imagination, a rational approach to the use of resources, wideness of respective, and a sense of social responsibility – these are the qualities which are needed for all types of leaders including managers.

It’s very important for a manager to have a skill in human relations which has become an important part of effective management. This is to be understood in the broad sense, in other words, the knowledge and skills in the field of human relations should be included in the range of a manager’s activities. Only through such knowledge and skills can a manager ensure the regulation of relations between the numbers of the organisation. In addition, the manager who actually deals with people every day must be quite knowledgeable in the field of psychology. He must be also competent in the area of human behaviour.




to conduct - везти
to meet requirements - отвечать требованиям
to be flexible of mind - иметь гибкий ум
skill - навык квалификация
to solve a problem/question - решить вопрос
ability - способность
imagination - воображение
rational approach - рациональный подход
wideness of respective - широта взглядов
a sense - чувство
responsibility - ответственность
human relations - человеческие отношения
to include - включать
through - посредством
to ensure - обеспечить
to addition - кроме того
to deal with - иметь дело с
knowledgeable - знающий
psychology - психология
area - вопрос, область
human behaviour - поведение человека



1. Must a manager be flexible of mind and adaptable to changes?

2. Does he need a specialised knowledge of today’s business practice?

3. What qualities of mind does he need?

4. What are educational requirements of manager?

5. What are the personal qualities of a manager?

6. What skills is it important for a manager to have?

7. Why must a manager be knowledgeable in the field of psychology?

8. Must a manager be competent in the area of human behaviour?


Tasks: 1. Read the text.

Learn the unknown words.

Ask and answer the questions.

Single out (выделить) the basic problem contained in the text and discuss it.


Text III

Choosing a manager is a decisive step in determining the successful functioning of a business organisation. Among the requirements which a manager is supposed to meet is a good knowledge of modern information and computing system, new types of equipment and advanced technologies. The second major requirement lies in the field of human relations. It is a well-known fact that management is of social nature. Indeed, it is carried out through people. Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary that a manager should get along well with people, both his superiors and subordinates. He must try to create a working atmosphere and, applying effective methods of management make his subordinates realize his plans and intentions, and work to the best of their abilities in order to achieve, in the final analysis, the organisational goals. In addition, as regards young employees working under him the manager should not only direct them, but also educate them, exercising a continuous supervision over their professional activities within the framework of the organisation. The application by the manager of the appropriate principles of management is sure to have a considerable impact on the relationships between the manager and his subordinates.



to determine - определять
to meet requirements - отвечать требованиям
to be of social nature - носить общественный характер
to get along well with - ладить, иметь хорошие отношения с
to carry out activities - осуществлять деятельность
superiors and subordinates - начальники и подчиненные
to have a good knowledge of - хорошо знать что-то
to have a great impact on - оказывать большое влияние (воздействие) на
to create an atmosphere of - создавать обстановку
to apply advanced methods - применять передовые методы
to the best of one’s ability - в наилучшей степени, наилучшим способом
to achieve a goal - достичь цели
to exercise supervision over - осуществлять контроль над
to lie in the field of - лежать в области
in addition - кроме того
as regards - что касается
to try - пытаться
to choose (chose, chosen) - выбирать
appropriate - надлежащий



1. Is choosing a manager a decisive step in the business life of a company?

2. What are the main requirements a manager should meet?

3. Should a manager be competent in the field of human relations? Why?

4. Why is management of social nature? Whom is it carried out through?

5. Should a manager get along well with people? Only with his subordinates?

6. What kind of atmosphere should a manager try to create?

7. What methods must he apply in managing people?

8. Must he try to make his subordinates realize his plans and intentions/

9. Should a manager try to make his subordinates work to the best of their abilities?

10. Should a manager only direct his subordinates?

11. Should a manager exercise a continuous supervision over the professional activities of his subordinates? Why?


Tasks: 1. Read the text and learn unknown words.

Discus the text. Ask and answer the questions.

Single out the main problem contained in the text and express your point of view on it.


Text IV


Practical Hints for a Young Manager

The work of the engineer in management is not limited by the manufacturing industries. Communicating with various offices, banks, trade organisations, insurance agencies and others become more and more typical for a manager’s activities. Moreover, a manager, if he wants his company to survive present day competition in the business world, should give special attention to organisational problems. Technical matters are only part of the manager’s problems. Although there are no rules that can be used in every situation, the following suggestions may serve as practical advice:

v have a good knowledges of the company’s costs;

v give higher pay for better work;

v don’t have many executives, otherwise it’ll take more time to translate your ideas or orders into practice;

v remember: high prices do not mean high profits;

v if the company is not making money, its policy has to be changes.

It may be said that administrative practices are almost the same in character in various spheres: industrial, governmental or military. When industry changes at a great rate, the manager cannot spend as much as in the past on supervising the details of operations. A great deal of attention must be paid to such matters as public relations and finance.




to communicate - общаться
insurance agency - страховое агентство
to survive competition - выживать, устоять в условиях конкуренции
to give/pay attention (to) - уделять внимание чему, кому-то
costs - затраты
executive - исполнитель
CEO – Chief Executive Office - главный
to translate smth into practice = to put practice/being   - осуществлять
profit to make a profit profitable - прибыль - получать прибыль - прибыльный
the same - тот же самый
at a great rate - при высоких темпах
supervise - наблюдать, контролировать, осуществлять надзор
a great deal = very much  



1. Is the work of manager limited by manufacturing industries?

2. What organisations does a manager communicate with?

3. What does a manager have to do if he wants his company to survive in present day competition?

4. Is the manager very much concerned with technical matters?

5. You are a very experienced manager. What recommendations would you give to a young manager?

6. Are administrative practices different in various spheres?

7. What matters must be paid special attention to?

8. What questions do you pay a great deal of attention in your managerial performance?


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