Task 4. My Pen – Friend’s Family


I have a pen - friend. His name is Willie. Willie is not Ukrainian, he is English. Willie is eleven; he is a schoolboy. My friend’s family is big. Willie has a father, a mother, a brother, a sister and a grandfather.

Willie’s father is a businessman. His name is John. He is forty – five. Willie’s mother, Mary, is a housewife, she works about the house, and she is thirty - nine. Willie’s brother is a student of collage, he is twenty. His name is Mike. Willie’s sister Kate is a little girl. She is only four years old. Willie’s grandfather is a school teacher, his name is Robert.


Task 5. Mrs. Nelson Goes Shopping


It’s two o’clock in the afternoon. Mrs. Nelson is walking along Baker Street. She is going to buy some food. She is having a party in the evening.

Mrs. Nelson wants to buy some vegetables to make a salad. There is meat, fish and sausages in the shop. Mrs. Nelson wants to buy some meat, but she doesn’t want to buy any fish or sausages. Look! Now Mrs. Nelson is buying a cake and some lemons for tea. The shopkeeper is friendly. He knows Mrs. Nelson because she comes to his shop every day.


Task 6. At the Zoo

Last week Mr. Brown and his son Sam went to the Zoo. They saw many animals there: tigers and lions, crocodiles and snakes, giraffes and bears, elephants and monkeys, wolves and foxes, zebras and hares, birds and fish.

Sam watched the monkeys. They were so funny. They jumped, ran, played and made funny faces. Then he watched the lions and the tigers. They didn’t run. They slept.

Sam wanted to feed the animals but the zookeeper said:

«Don’t do it, please! They are not hungry now. »

«Oh, I’m sorry, » said Sam.

Then the zookeeper invited Sam and his father to have a look at a tiger cub.


Task 7. Veronica’s Birthday

Veronica Summer was ten years old last week. Rolf, Veronica’s friend, wanted to buy present for her. He went to the flower shop, bought very nice flowers and brought them to Veronica on her Birthday.

Veronica invited her best friends to the birthday party. Her mother and her younger sister Beth made some nice and tasty things. When the girl’s friends came to the party they kissed Veronica, gave her their presents and sat together round the long table. Then Veronica’s

mother brought a big nice cake with ten candles in it from the kitchen.

All the guests sang a song «Happy birthday to you». Veronica was very happy on her birthday.


Task 8. My Favourite Subject

Our school is in the centre. It is very big. There are forty rooms and a lot of students in the school.

We’ve got a lot of classrooms, a computer room, a gym and a school field.

We go to school five days a week. We start lessons at 9 o’clock and we go home at 3 o’clock. We have a timetable. We have s five or six lessons every day. One lesson is 40 minutes. After each lesson we have a break. We study a lot of subjects:Maths, Science, Music, History, English, PE, Russian and Ukrainian.

My favourite subject is Music. I like singing and listening to songs. I also like PE. We often play football and other games. We read, write and draw at our lessons. I like my teachers and my school.



Texts for Listening

Form 5


Task 1. The Fox and the Cock (a fable)


One day in summer a fox saw a cock near a village. It was time for dinner and the fox decided to eat the cock. He went up to the cock and asked him to sing. The cock shut his eyes and began to sing. The fox has caught the cock and ran away.

A farmer saw the fox and cried out to the other farmers: «Look! The fox has caught our cock! It’s our cock! » The cock heard the farmer’s words and said to the fox: «Tell them that I’m your cock now, not theirs!» When the fox opened its mouth to say it, the cock jumped up into a tree. The poor fox was very unhappy and said: «Mouth, you talk too much and we have no dinner today».


Task 2. A Cat and Mice


When the cat was strong and young, he caught many mice. The mice were afraid of him then. But in time he grew old and could not catch mice any more.

One day he decided to play a trick on the mice. He lay on his back and did not move at all. A mouse saw him and thought he was dead. She ran to her friends and told about it. And the mice began to dance and play. They were very happy. They danced and danced round the cat, and the cat didn’t move. Then one of the mice jumped on the cat’s head.

«Look at me! Come nearer, all of you! The cat is dead! Let us dance on his head! »

But suddenly the cat jumped up and caught the silly mouse. The other mice ran away as quickly as they could.


Task 3. My Native Village

I am a village boy. My village is big and beautiful. It is not far from a big town. The houses in my village are not high, but they are nice. There are gardens round the houses. The streets in my village are green with fruit-trees and flowers. My school is not far from my house. We have a museum at school.

In the centre of the village you can see a hospital, shops, a church and a new village club. Near the village you can see a forest, fields and meadows. There is a cattle – farm, a pig – farm and a poultry–farm in our village too. The poultry-farm stands on a little river. My mother works on this farm. I like to help her. I love little ducklings and goslings. They are very nice and funny.




Task 4. Sashko Goes to School

Sashko is Ukrainian boy. He is eleven and he is a sixth-year pupil. But he is not a very good pupil; he doesn’t like to go to school.

It is Monday morning. It’s half past seven. Sashko gets up from his bed. His lessons begin at eight o’clock. He has no time to do his morning exercises; he doesn’t wash his face and hands. He only puts his trousers, a shirt and a jacket on. He looks at the clock. It is almost eight o’clock. He has no time for breakfast. And he has one more problem: he cannot find his books and exercise-books. At last he finds them under the table. Sashko puts his things into his bag and runs out to school quickly.

The boy’s school is far from his house. So he is late.


Task5. The Story of Two Sisters


Once there lived two sisters Sally and Susan. They were very different. Susan was a hard-working girl. She got up early in the morning, swept the floor, brought water and made breakfast for her sister. She went to the forest to pick up berries and mushrooms. Susan worked a lot about the house. She was very kind, clever and beautiful.

Her sister Sally was very lazy. She slept till noon and never did any housework. She was angry and selfish.

One day an old woman came to their house. She was hungry and thirsty. She asked the sisters for some food and water. Sally said, «Go away! We have nothing to give you. » But Susan took some bread and water and gave them to the old woman. The woman thanked Susan and went away.

That woman was a good fairy. She made Susan’s life happy. Susan married a good man and had a happy family. Sally lived alone. She had to do everything about the house herself.


Task 6. Two Kittens


Two little kittens didn’t have a mother and a father. They lived in s big house with their aunt. She didn’t like kittens. They were very kind and friendly but their aunt was arrogant and selfish. She met her friends every evening and they ate, played games and sang songs. Poor kittens were often hungry and cold. Nobody took care of them. One day their aunt told the kittens to go away.

They cried, took their clothes and left their home.

It was winter. It was cold and windy. Poor kittens found a small house and lived there. Their aunt didn’t remember about the kittens. She lived in the big warm house.

But one day the house burnt and she didn’t have a place to live in. Her friends didn’t want to help her. The aunt-cat went to the kittens and asked them for help. The kittens were happy to help and let their aunt to live in their small cold house. They were real friends!

A friend in need is a friend indeed.


Task 7. We Go to Australia


The Wilmots were an English family. They lived in London. The father, Mr.Wilmot, worked in an office and the mother, Mrs. Wilmot, looked after the house and the children. There were three children in the family: a son, Aidan, who was thirteen years old, and two daughters, Harriet, she was twelve, and Rose, who was ten.

One day their father got a letter from Australia. The letter said that Mr. Wilmot’s uncle was dead, and that his house and farm in Australia were now Mr. Wilmot’s house and farm. Mr. Wilmot decided to go to Australia and take his family with him.

So one day in January they got on a big ship to go to Australia. They were on the ship for three weeks. They got to Australia after six weeks on the ship. It was summer because January, February, March and April are summer months there.


Task 8. The Parrot

I am a nice green parrot. My name is Poll. I live in Kyiv with Borys, his father and mother. I am their friend.

I like to talk. I speak Ukrainian. But I can speak English, too. I like to speak English. When I hear the knock at the door, I ask, «Who is there?»

When Borys gets up in the morning, I say, «Good morning, Borya!»Then I say, «Borya, wash your face, wash your hands! »

When Borys comes home from school, I say, «Do your homework, Borya, do your homework!»

When I see Borys with a ball in his hands, I say, «Football, football! ».

I like Borya’s friends, and they like me. When they come to see us, they say, «Hello, Poll! » And I say, «Hello, friends! »When Borys does his English, he teaches me to speak English. I can say, «My name is Poll. I live in Kyiv, I like English! »




Tests for Listening

Form 2


Test1. My family

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