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Збірник текстів та завдань для аудіювання розрахований для учнів 2-5 класів. Він містить підбірку різноманітних текстів та цікавих завдань. Дуже зручна форма контролю аудіювання.

Збірник складається з двох частин. Перша містить тексти, друга- сторінки для копіювання із завданнями для учнів.

Призначений для вчителів англійської мови.



Texts for Listening

Form 2


Task 1. My Family

Hello! My name is Mary. My family is big. I have got a mother, a father and a brother. My mother’s name is Svetlana. My father’s name is Denis. My brother’s name is Max. I am seven. Max is a baby. He is 1. My grandma and grandpa live with us too. We are happy family.


Task 2. Ihor

Ihor is a small boy. He is four. He has got many toys. He has got three cars – brown, green and blue. His toy puppy is black and white. His toy kitten is grey. He likes to play with them very much. His favourite toy is a teddy – bear. It is big and brown.


Task 3. The Friends


Mary has a cat. Nick has a dog. Mary’s cat is big and white. Nick’s dog is little and black. The cat’s name is Pussy. The dog’s name is Jessy.

Mary and Nick are friends. Pussy and Jessy are good friends, too. Mary and her cat, Nick and his dog are in the street. They run and jump and play. The children are happy and Pussy and Jessy are happy, too.


Task 4 My Toys


Olya is a small girl. She is five. She has got many toys. She has got a doll. Her name is Betty. It is big and nice. Olya often plays with it. She has got a large green ball too. Her toy kitten is white. Its name is Pussy. Her toy puppy is black. She likes it very much. Her favourite toy is Simba, a lion. It is big, yellow and funny.


Task 5. Clothes


I have got two friends. Their names are Olenka and Ihor.

Olenka is a very nice girl. She is a pupil. Look at her clothes. This is her coat. It is brown. Her dress is red. This is her hat. It is red too. These are her shoes. They are black.

Ihor is a good boy. He is a pupil too. Look at his clothes. These are his white T-shirt and blue jeans. His cap is yellow. His boots are grey.


Task 6. Pam’s Friend


Pam is a little girl. She is five. She has got a friend. Her name is Betty. She is seven. She is a pupil. They are good friends. Pam likes to play with Betty. Look at Betty’s clothes. She is wears a blue dress and white shoes. Pam wears a yellow T-shirt, blue jeans and brown shoes.

Task 7. Kate’s Bag


Kate has a very big bag. Her bag is red and thick. Kate has five books, three exercise-books, a pencil-box and a big apple in her bag. A toy puppy is in Kate’s big bag too.

The apple is big and green. Two pens and pencils are in the pencil-box. The pencil-box is white. Kate’s puppy is grey. It is very funny.


Task 8. Animals


A goose, a duck and a rabbit are domestic animals. The goose is white, the duck is black,the rabbit is grey. The goose and duck can fly. The rabbit can run fast and jump.A zebra, a crocodile and a giraffe are wild animals. Thezebra has got black and white stripes. It likes grass. The zebra can run and jump. A crocodile has got a short neck and a long tail. It lives in the water. The giraffe is very tall. It has got a long neck and a short tail. It likes leaves. It can run very fast.


Texts for Listening

Form 3


Task 1. Sashko


My name is Sashko. I am seven. I am a pupil. I go to school five days a week: onMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ThursdayandFriday. I have got four or five lessons every day. My classroom is not big. You can see some desks and chairs in the classroom. There is a blackboard on the wall. I have got a big school bag. There is a pencil-box with many pens and pencils. There are a rubber and a ruler too. You can see many textbooks and copybooks in my school bag. I like to study at school very much.


Task 2. Seasons


There are 12 months in a year. March, April and May are spring months. June, July and August are summer months. September, October and November are autumn months. December, January and February are winter months.

Children like winter because they have great fun. Children like spring because everything is joyful and gay. Children like autumn because it is beautiful. All trees have leaves of red, yellow and brown colours. Children like summer because they don’t go school.



Task 3. Nelly’s Cat

Nelly has a grey cat. The cat’s name is Carry. Carry is a big cat. She has three little kittens – a black kitten, a white kitten and a grey kitten. Nelly’s cat Carry and her kittens do not sleep in Nelly’s room. They sleep in the kitchen in a box. The box is on the floor near the table. Nelly likes to take the ct to her room. She likes to play with her cat Carry, but Carry doesn’t like to play with Nelly, she likes to sleep in Nelly’s bed. The kittens like to play with Nelly. They like to run in Nelly’s room. Nelly has a little toy mouse. She gives the toy mouse to the kittens. The kittens like to play with Nelly’s toy mouse.


Task 4. My Family


My name is Svitlana. I am ten years old. I am a third-year pupil. My family is not very big. I have a mother, a father, a sister and a grandmother. My father’s name is OlehIvanovich, he is thirty – eight. My mother’s name is Oksana Petrivna, she is thirty. My father is an engineer; my mother is a Ukrainian teacher. They are very good and kind parents. My sister’s name is Olenka. She is five years old. She is not a schoolgirl. She is very little. My grandmother is not very old. She is fifty – three. She works at the hospital. She is a doctor. I like my family very much.


Task 5. Clever Fluffy


Fluffy is a nice little kitten. It’s sunny. She wants to go for a walk. Fluffy puts on her pink skirt, a white blouse, red shoes, a red hat and goes to the park.

Suddenly it starts to rain. Fluffy hasn’t got an umbrella. She is wet.

Fluffy sees a tree, runs there and sits under it. “I am cold and hungry. I want to get home but I haven’t got an umbrella. But how? Oh, I’ve got an idea!”

Fluffy makes an umbrella of the leaves and runs home.


Task 6. A Little Sister


Pete and Jane have a little sister. Her name is Nelly. Their sister doesn’t go to school. She cannot read, she cannot write; she is only four years old.

In the morning Pete and Jane take their bags with books and exercise-books and go to school. Little Nelly says, “Oh, Pete, givemeyourbag! I wanttogotoschoolwithyou. I do not want to stay at home. I don’t want to play with my toys. I want to read books. I want to look at the pictures in Jane’s book. Take me with you”.

But the children say, “Youareverylittle, Nelly! We come back after school, and we read books for you and play with you”.



Task 7. Nice Animals

This is a goose and that is a duck. The goose is white, the duck is black. The goose can fly. The duck can fly, too. They can fly in the sky.

Look at the kitten! It’s grey. It’s very cute. It can play with a green ball. It likes milk.

This is zebra. It’s got black and white stripes. It likes grass. Zebras can run and jump.

This is a giraffe. It’s very tall. It’s got a very long heck. It likes leaves. Giraffes can run very fast.


Task 8. Home, Sweet Home

This is our house. It is big. We have seven rooms in the house: a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a children’s room, a dining-room and a kitchen.

We watch TV and read in the living room. In our kitchen we cook and we eat in the dining-room. We read and sleep in the bedrooms. Children play and do their homework in the children’s room.




Texts for Listening

Form 4

Task 1. Nelly’s Birthday


Today is Nelly’s birthday. Mother makes a big cake for Nelly and puts five candles in the middle of the cake. Many little girls and boys come to see Nelly. They give her pictures, many books with pictures, red, blue, green, yellow, black, rosy, orange, brown and grey pencils. Some children give her balls, big balls and little balls, and many toys. Father and Mother give Nelly a very bid nice doll. Nelly is very happy.

In the evening the children have tea.

Mother asks, “Nelly, where do you want to sit?”

“I want to sit near Jane”.

“Why do you want to sit near Jane?” asks Mother.“She sits near the birthday cake!”answers little Nelly.


Task 2. Sally’s House


Salle lives in a big house near London. It has two floors. On the ground floor there is a living – room and a kitchen. Two bedrooms and a children’s room are on the first floor. Sally’s two little brothers play in the children’s room.

Sally’s bedroom is next to the boys’ room. It is not very big, but light. The girl has got a computer and a piano in her room. When she comes after school, Sally works on the computer. In the evening she plays the piano and her family listen to music and sings songs.


Task 3. Apples


Little Ann likes apples. She likes to look at them, she likes to play with them and she likes to eat them. Her mother gives her apples every day. But today the little girl’s mother has no apples. She cannot give Ann an apple. But Ann wants to have an apple. She comes up to her mother and says:

“Mummy, I wantanapple. Give me an apple, please”.

“Itiseveningnow, mygirl. All apples sleep in the evening. You must go and sleep, too”, answershermother.

“Oh, no Mummy. Only little apples sleep. Big apples do not sleep. Give me a big apple, please, Mummy!”


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