Speaker 2. In my opinion sport takes a lot of energy. It causes a lot of injuries. Sport makes you unhappy when you lose. And after all, it turns you off to studying.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Speaker 2. In my opinion sport takes a lot of energy. It causes a lot of injuries. Sport makes you unhappy when you lose. And after all, it turns you off to studying.

Speaker 3.Sport helps me to relax and to keep fit after a hard working day. It helps to work off my extra energy. To have a healthy mind you must have a healthy body.

Speaker 4.Sport builds character. It teaches you to be disciplined and organised in daily activities. It teaches you handle losing and winning. Sport makes men out of boys.

Speaker 5.I prefer to watch sports competition rather than take part in sports. To be healthy it is not necessary to become a professional sportsman. I go in for sports just for pleasure, when I have free time.

A. It teaches you about life.

B. It helps you to meet people.

C. It is not necessary to become a professional sportsman.

D. It makes people into rivals.

E. It makes you unhappy and causes alot of injuries.

F. It helps you to relax.

Speaker 1 Speaker 2 Speaker 3 Speaker 4 Speaker 5

Задание 4. Прочитайте текст и дополните предложения после текста словом, выражением или числом

A Fantastic New Idea

Eighty years ago, Mr. Goode of Putney, South London, went to the chemist’s to buy some aspirin. In the shop, he almost forgot about his tablets as he stood looking at the pimpled rubber maton the counter. It had given him a fantastic new idea.

He paid for his aspirin and the rubber mat. Then he rushed home, cut the rubber mat to the right shape and size and stuck it to his wooden table tennis paddle.The thin layer of rubber helped him put a very fast spinon the ball. When he became the English champion, everyone started copying him, putting a rubber layer on their paddles, and soon Mr. Goode’s clever idea completely changed the style and speed of table tennis.

Table tennis was first invented in England in about 1880. At first the game had several strange names: Gossima, Whiff Whaff and Ping Pong. It wasn’t until 1926 that the international Table Tennis Association was formed with an international championship and rules. One of the rules was that the rubber lining of the paddle (Mr. Goode’s invention) couldn’t be more than two millimeters thick on each side.


pimpled rubber mat-резиновый коврик

tennis paddle-теннисная ракетка

to put a fast spin-совершать быстрое вращение



1. Mr. Goode lived in _____.

2. He saw the pimpled rubber mat in the _____.

3. He _____ the rubber mat to his wooden table tennis paddle.

4. The thin layer of rubber helped him _____ on the ball.

6. Mr. Goode's clever idea _____ the style and speed of table tennis.

7. Table tennis was first invented in England in about _____.

8. The rubber lining of the paddle couldn't be more than _____ thick on each side.


Задание 1. Используйте дополнительный источник информации и сравните спортивную жизнь в Британии и в нашей стране

Points In my country In Britain
National sports    
Popular sports    
Popular teenagers' sports    
Famous sportsmen    
Famous sportswomen    
The Olympic achievements    
Attitude to participation in sports competitions    
Attitude to watching sport on TV    

Задание 2. Переведите предложения на английский язык

1. Ты любишь спорт? 2. Да, мне очень нравится спорт. 3. Нет, я не интересуюсь спортом. 4. Какие самые популярные зимние и летние виды спорта в вашей стране? 5. Какие виды спорта тебе нравятся? Мне нравится плавание, гребля, легкая атлетика, теннис, настольный теннис, бокс, шахматы, волейбол. 7. Кто твой любимый спортсмен? 8. Какими видами спорта вы занимаетесь в школе? 9. У нас есть спортзал, спортплощадка, футбольное поле, бассейн, каток.

Задание 3. Реферат по теме.

Варианты тем:

1. Sports in Great Britain

2. American Football

3. The History of Olympic Games

4. Свободная тема.


At the Doctor


Задание 1. Прочтите и переведите диалоги

1) Bob:Hello?

Andy: Hi! This is Andy. How are you doing?

Bob:Not so good. I’ve got the flue.

Andy: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do?

Bob:No, I don’t think so. Peg’s taking care of me.

Andy: Well, I hope it doesn’t take long. Let me know if I can help.

Bob:Okay, I will. See you.

2) Laura: Boy, I feel awful. I’ve been sneezing all day.

Vern: Sounds like you’re getting a cold, honey. Have you taking your temperature?

Laura: Not yet, but I guess I should. Where’s the thermometer?... Well, it’s 38. I guess I have the flu.

Vern: Yeah, you should just stay in bed. I’ll make you something hot to drink. And I’ll call your boss and say that you can’t come to the office today. I’ll call the doctor then.

Laura: Thank you.

Doctor:Have a sit right here and open your mouth wide, please. Yes, your throat looks pretty sore. Mmm-Hmm. You have had a cold or the flue.There’s a bad virus going around and that’s probably what it is. Okay, I’ll be back in 2 days.

Задание 2. Переведите на русский язык и запомните следующие правила

Rules to keep fit: Don't forget:
1. Get up early and go to bed early. 2. Take regular exercises. 3. Eat healthy food. 4. Never smoke or drink alcohol. 5. Take a cool/cold shower. 6. Clean your teeth every morning and every evening. 7. Wash your hands. 1. Too much food makes you fat. 2. Too little food makes you thin. 3. The wrong food makes you ill. 4. The right food keeps you well. 5. Too many sweets are bad for you, especially for your teeth. 6. Too much coffee is bad for you. 7. So, observe balance in everything, because balance is the key to everything.

Задание 3. Заполните таблицу словами и выражениями, подходящими для составления рассказов о работе врачей

A cut, eye-glasses, to feel pain in swallowing, a coated tongue, to have a tooth extracted, cross-eyed, to undergo an operation, to break a leg, to be hoarse, to put in a cast, a filling, to squint, a metal crown, to apply a dressing, a toothache, short/ near sighted, to gargle one's throat, to stop a tooth, to amputate, to get a splinter, to sprain an ankle.

at the dentist’s at the surgeon’s at the oculist’s at the throat specialist’s

Задание 4. Подберите подходящее прилагательное из списка В к каждому существительному из списка А

A. a person, temperature, throat, chill, cold, headache, heart, pulse, disease, illness, cheek, health, eyesight, equipment, blood-pressure, disease, bath, use, tongue.

B. catching, quick, chronic, sick, sore, normal, weak, bad, slight, perfect, infectious, high, mud, medical, external, poor, splitting, swollen, internal.


Задание 1. Ответьте на вопросы

1. Do you enjoy smoking?

2. Do you keep to a diet?

3. Do you always remember the rules of how to keep fit and follow them?

Задание 2. Закончите предложения

1.If you have a toothache you consult a ...

2.If something has got into your eye you go to see an ...

3.If you have a sore throat you consult a ...

4.If you have a heart attack you call a ...

5.If you catch the grippe you are attended by a ...

6.If your nerves are out of order you consult a ...

7.If your little sister or brother has a high temperature you send for a ...

Задание 3. Найдите болезни (7), травмы (5), части тела (10) и заполните таблицу

L E A P p E N D I С I T I S E
A В G J L A R M O L S H u w L
O A W E Y R U F I E T E p N E
z С X H U A E O О G O A H L С


Illnesses: Accidents: Parts of body:
1) _____________ 1) _____________ 1) _____________


Задание 1. Заполните пропуски подходящими словами

1. The doctor ... his patient very carefully and ... some medicine.

2. I can hardly turn my head because of...

3. The flu usually begins with...

4. There is nothing serious the matter with you, it's just...

5. You look rather ... today.

6. It ... me when I swallow.

7. Let me feel your pulse...

8. Do you feel any ... over there?

9. He has been ill with ... for a week already.

10. If you want ... you must follow the doctor's advice.

11. Will you go to ... and have ... made?

12. ... the throat three times a day.

13. This ... is very good for a cough.

14. I am feeling...

15. You have all the ... of the grippe.

16. If you are ... to colds you should take a good care of yourself.

17. She caught ... when we were skiing.

18. Your forehead is hot, let me take...

19. My sister was ill with ... when she was a child.

Задание 2. Ролевая игра «Visiting a Doctor»

Spoken Etiquette


Задание 1. Прочитайте и переведите на русский язык диалоги

- Hello, Mike! Nice to see you.

- Hello, Sam! How are you?

- I'm fine, thanks. And how are you?

- Thank you. Not so bad. Can't complain.

- Let's go somewhere together.

- I don't mind, but now I am in a hurry. Call me some time. So long. I wish you success.

- The same to you. Remember me to your sister. I hope we'll meet soon.


- Hi, David! How are you getting on?

- Fine, thanks.

- You were great at the conference yesterday. My congratulations on your excellent results!

- Thanks a lot. It was nice to meet you. Let's keep in touch.

- Have a nice weekend! Bye! Good luck to you. See you later.


- What are about your exams results?

- Don't know yet. I hope that everything will be alright. But 1 am a little bit nervous about it.

- Don't worry and relax. Let's hope for the best.

- Thanks. We'll wait and see.

* * *

- I’d like to invite you to our party.

- A thousand thanks. At what time?

- Does 7 o’clock suit you?

- Fine. Thanks for inviting me...

- You are welcome!


- Good morning, Tom! How are you getting on?

- Good morning, Jane! Not too bad. Can’t complain.

- You were great at the exam yesterday. My congratulations on your excellent results!

- Thank you very much. And what about your exam results?

- Don’t know yet.

- Don’t worry and relax. Don’t take it to heart. I’d like to invite you to our party.

- Thank you for inviting me. At what time?

- Does 8 o’clock suit you?

- O.K.! Can I help you?

- Give it to me. See you soon.

- Bye for now!


Задание 1. Составьте мини-диалоги, используя следующие фразы

1) - I don't feel my qualifications are being properly used and what does the job of general assistant in your office involve? What...

- I'm terribly sorry I'm late. It was very difficult to find your office.

- Excuse my interrupting you, but you may read all about this job in this leaflet.

- That's quite all right. Sit down, please. Perhaps now I could start asking you questions... Why do you want to leave your present job and join us?

2) - Excuse my interrupting you. Don’t worry. Everything will be all right!

- Oh, David! I’m terribly sorry. I’m late.

- Hi, Kate! That’s all right! Glad to see you!

- I don’t mind.

- Don’t know yet. But I’m a little bit nervous about...

- Nice to see you too. What about your exam results?

- We’ll wait and see. Let’s go somewhere together.

3) - Could you help her? Some trees in her garden need cutting.

- Are you going to visit your grandmother?

- And could you do me a lift?

- Of course. It goes without saying.

- Naturally. You are welcome!

- I am afraid not. I have no time. I'll do it next time.

4) - Sorry for interrupting you... But you were great at the exam. Well done! Everything will be all right!

- Good afternoon, James! Fine, thanks. And how are you getting on?

- I don't agree with you. Don't worry. Let's hope for the best.

- Good afternoon, Richard! How are you?

- Nothing of the kind. You are mistaken. It was pretty bad.

- Not too bad. But I don't know yet my exam results and...

5) - I've won a four-week cruise for two.

- What's the matter? You look so happy.

- Fantastic. My congratulations!

- Just fancy! I've sent the answers to some questions to the travelling agency two months ago. And it is the prize for my correct answers.

- You don't say so. That is surprise.

6) - Hi! You look so happy.

- Is that really so? That’s surprise! My congratulations on your excellent results!

- Thanks! I’d like to invite you to our party. Does 6 o’clock suit you?

- No need to be sorry. We’ll meet soon.

- Hi! I’ve won the first prize at the conference!

- And could you do me a lift now?

- Sorry. I’m afraid not. I’m in a hurry now.

- It’s O.K. Are you going to invite your friends?

- See you soon.

- Of course. It goes without saying.

7) - All right!

- Hi! What's the matter with you?

- As far as I remember it was a black one. It seems to me that you left it in the last shop.

- I can't find my wallet. Maybe I've lost it.

- Don't jump to conclusions. Go back and make it clear.

- I doubt it. I am not sure of it.


Задание 1. Инсценируйте диалоги 1 и 2 уровней

Задание 2. Составьте собственные диалоги, используя фразы из диалогов 1 и 2 уровней



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