Exercise 20 Complete the sentences with the correct form(s) of the verbs in parentheses 

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Exercise 20 Complete the sentences with the correct form(s) of the verbs in parentheses


1 I like (go) to go/going to the zoo.

2 The play wasn’t very good. The audience started (leave) _______________ before it was over.

3 After a brief interruption, the professor continued (lecture) _______________ .

4 The children love (swim) _______________ in the ocean.

5 I hate (see) _____________ any living being suffer. I can’t bear it.

6 I’m afraid of flying. When a plane begins (move) _______________ down the runway, my heart starts (race) _______________ .Oh-oh! The plane is beginning (move) _______________, and my heart is starting (race) ______________ .

7 When I travel, I prefer (drive) _______________ to (take) _______________ a plane.

8 I prefer (drive) _______________ rather than (take) _______________ a plane.

9 I always remember (turn) _______________ off all the lights before I leave my house.

10 I can remember (be) _______________ very proud and happy when I graduated.

11 Did you remember (give) _______________ Jake my message?

12 I remember (play) _______________ with dolls when I was a child.

13 What do you remember (do) _______________ when you were a child?

14 What do you remember (do) _______________ before you leave for class every day?

15 What did you forget (do) _______________ before you left for class this morning?

16 I’ll never forget (carry) _______________ my wife over the threshold when we moved into our first home.

17 I can’t ever forget (watch) _______________ our team score the winning goal in the last seconds of the championship game.

18 Don’t forget (do) _______________ your homework tonight!

19 I regret (inform) _______________ you that your loan application has not been approved.

20 I regret (listen, not) _______________ to my father’s advice. He was right.

21 When a student asks a question, the teacher always tries (explain) _______________ the problem as clearly as possible.

22 I tried everything, but the baby still wouldn’t stop crying. I tried (hold) _______________ him, but that didn’t help. I tried (feed) _______________ him, but he refused the food and continued to cry. I tried (burp) _______________ him. I tried (change) _______________ his diapers. Nothing worked. The baby wouldn’t stop crying.


Exercise 21 Supply an appropriate form, ing-form or infinitive, of the verbs in parentheses


1 Mary reminded me (be, not) not to be late for the meeting.

2 We went for a walk after we finished (clean) _______________ up the kitchen.

3 I forgot (take) _______________ a book back to the library, so I had to pay a fine.

When do you expect (leave) _______________ on your trip?

5 The baby started (talk) _______________ when she was about eighteen months old.

6 I don’t mind (wait) _______________ for you. Go ahead and finish (do) _______________ your work.

7 I’ve decided (stay) _______________ here over vacation and (paint) _______________ my room.

8 We discussed (quit) _______________ our jobs and (open) _______________ our own business.

9 I’m getting tired. I need (take) (take) _______________ a break.

10 Sometimes students avoid (look) _______________ at the teacher if they don’t want (answer) _______________ a question.

11 The club members discussed (postpone) _______________ the next meeting until March.

12 Most children prefer (watch) _______________ television to (listen) _______________ to the radio.

13 My grandfather prefers (read) _______________ .

14 Did Carol agree (go) _______________ (camp) _______________ with you?

15 As the storm approached, the birds quit (sing) _______________ .

16 The taxi driver refused (take) _______________ a check. He wanted the passenger (pay) _______________ cash.

17 The soldiers were ordered (stand) _______________ at attention.

18 The travel agent advised us (wait, not) _______________ until August.


Exercise 22 Supply an appropriate form, ing-form or infinitive, of the verbs in parentheses


1 Keep (talk) _______________ . I’m listening to you.

2 The children promised (play) _______________ more quietly. They promised (make, not) _______________ so much noise.

3 Linda offered (look after) _______________ my cat while I was out of town.

4 You shouldn’t put off (pay) _______________ your bills.

5 Alex’s dog loves (chase) _______________ sticks.

6 Mark mentioned (go) _______________ to the market later today. I wonder if he’s still planning (go) _______________ .

7 Igor suggested (go) _______________ (ski) _______________ in the mountains this weekend. How does that sound to you?

8 The doctor ordered Mr. Gray (smoke, not) _______________ .

9 Don’t tell me his secret. I prefer (know, not) _______________ .

10 Could you please stop (whistle) _______________? I’m trying (concentrate) _______________ on my work.

11 Recently, Jo has been spending most of her time (do) _______________ research for a book on pioneer women.

12 Nadia finally decided (quit) _______________ her present job and (look for) _______________ another one.

13 Did you remember (turn off) _______________ the stove?

14 Toshi was allowed (renew) _______________ his student visa.

15 Pat told us (wait, not) _______________ for her.

16 Mr. Buck warned his daughter (play, not) _______________ with matches.

17 Would you please remind me (call) _______________ Gina tomorrow?

18 The little boy had a lot of trouble (convince) _______________ anyone he had seen a mermaid.

19 Liz encourage me (throw away) _______________ my old running shoes with holes in the toes and (buy) _______________ a new pair.

20 I’m considering (drop out of) _______________ school, (hitchhike) _______________ to New York, and (try) _______________ (find) _______________ a job.

21 Don’t forget (tell) _______________ Jane (call) _______________ me about (go) _______________ (swim) _______________ tomorrow.

22 Sally reminded me (ask) _______________ you (tell) _______________ Bob (remember) _______________ (bring) _______________ his soccer ball to the picnic.


Exercise 23 Complete the paragraphs with can, can't, could, or couldn't

1For a long time, Jim and Marie couldn’t agree on a


family sport. Jim loves tennis, and Marie takes lessons, but she still ___________ play- Marie ________ swim, but Jim hates

b c

the water. They recently took up dancing. Now, they ________


do the swing andspend time together.

2 Stefan has made a lot of progress in English. Last semester he ________ order a meal in a restaurant or talk on the telephone. His


friends helped him do everything. Now he ________ speak English in a lot of situations. b

3 Bill almost _______ make his class presentation last


semester because he was so nervous. He ___________


communicate well in small groups, but not in big ones. He plans to take a course in public speaking. I'm sure he ________


improve quickly.


4 Last year I _______ dance at all, but when I met Stan, I


signed up for a class right away. He ___________ really dance,


and I wanted to dance with him. Now I ____________ do the


basic steps. I __________ do the waltz yet, but we're


planning to waltz at our wedding next month.


Exercise 24 Complete each conversation with the correct form of be able to and the verb in parentheses. Choose between affirmative and negative. Translate the sentences

1 A: I heard your sister wanted to take lessons. Was she able to

a (start)

start ?


B: Yes, she was. She started last month. She can do the fox-trot now, but she still ______________ the waltz.

b (do)

2 A: Why are you taking dance lessons?

B: I want to ______________ at my wedding!

a (dance)

3 A: _______ you ____ Mrs. Suraikin at the studio yesterday?

a (find)

B: Yes. She told me I ______ in the tango contest next month!

b (compete)

A: Great! I know that's really important to you.

B: Yes. __________ the tango in a contest means a lot to me.

c (do)

4 A: _______ you ______ Russian as a child, Mrs. Suraikin?

a (speak)

B: Yes, I was. We spoke it at home, so I ________ it fluently.

b (speak)

A: __________ your children __________ Russian too?

c (speak)

B: No, unfortunately my children never learned Russian. They only speak English.

5 A: I _____ the waltz last weekend because I hurt my ankle.

a (practice)

B:That's too bad. ___________ you __________ next week?

b (practice)


Exercise 25 Complete the story with the given verbs and expressions. Explain their meaning

was able to do you mind if Could I have one Can may


Heather immediately liked Tara, her neat, non-smoking roommate. Their first week together was great. The second week, the cookies from Heather's mom disappeared. Tara didn't ask Heather, "__________?" Tara's friends always shared food without asking permission. The third week, Tara looked annoyed whenever Heather's friends stopped by to visit. Heather never asked Tara, "Hey, __________ they hang out here for a while?" At home, Heather's friends were always welcome. By October, Heather and Tara weren't speaking to each other.

Luckily, their dorm counselor __________ help them fix their relationship with three simple rules.

1 Always ask permission before you touch your roommate's stuff. Say: "My computer isn't working. __________ I use yours for a few hours?"

2 Set times when it's OK to have visitors. If it's not "visiting hours," ask your roommate's permission: "_____Luis and Ming-Hwa work here tonight? We're doing a presentation in class tomorrow."

3 Try to solve problems. Say: "Your music is too loud, but you __________ borrow my headphones."

Follow these guidelines, and who knows? You __________ gain a happier roommate and a good friend.


Exercise 26 Take the quiz. Explain the meaning of modal verbs in the answers you propose


Are You a Good Roommate?

Take this short quiz and find out.

1You want to use your roommate's computer.

You say:

О a. I may use your computer tonight.

О b. May I use your computer tonight?

О с. I'm using your computer tonight.


2You don't have any food in the house.
You say:

О a. Can you make dinner for me?

О b. I don't mind eating some of your food.

О с. Do you mind if I have some of your food?


3You may not have time to wash the dishes tonight.
You say:

О a. Could you wash the dishes?

О b. I can't wash the dishes.

О с. Can I wash the dishes tomorrow?


4Your roommate asks you: "Could my best friend stay overnight?"
You answer:

О a. Can she stay in a hotel instead?

O b. Sure.

О с. I'm sure she could, but I don't want her to!


5You can find nothing to wear to the party next Friday.
You say:

О a. May I please borrow your new sweater?

О b. I may borrow your new sweater.

О с. You could lend me your new sweater.


6You and your roommate need the dorm counselor's permission to have a party in your room.
You say:

О a. Could we have a party in our room on Saturday?

O b. Maybe we could have a party in our room on Saturday.

О с. Could you have a party in your room on Saturday?

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