II.Think of your own sentences with the given expressions.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


II.Think of your own sentences with the given expressions.

III.Answer the questions:

1. What is Baxter’s duty?

2. How often does he go to night school?

3. Is he married?

4. What does he usually do in the evening? 



1. Read the text:

Oxford University

Oxford is a beautiful town on the River Thames about fifty miles from London. Some people say it is more beautiful than any other city in England.

Oxford University was founded in the 12th century as an aris­tocratic university and has remained so to the present day. The Uni­versity consists of 32 colleges — 27 colleges for men and 5 colleges for women. There are 16 faculties there. Each college is a completely autonomous body, governed by its own laws. A large college has about 500 students, a small one — about a hundred. Several colleges say they are the oldest, but no other college is as old as Merton, which began in 1264.

The term of studies lasts for 10 weeks. There are 3 terms in the Oxford academic year.

Within the first week, the freshman meets his tutor who tells the student about his plans, the lectures, which he must take, about the requirements for the examination which he will take, about the course of reading for him. Attendance at lectures is not compulsory. Once every week each undergraduate goes to his tutor's room to read out an essay, which he has written, and discuss this essay with the tutor.

At the beginning or end of each term, the progress of the students is tested by the college examinations. They pay great attention to athletics at the University. The students are engaged in the different kinds of sports, take part in competitions between Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

  This is how a student spends his day. His working hours are from nine to 1. At 9 o’clock, he sees his tutor or goes to the library, attends lectures. From 2 to 5 he is engaged in sports and all kinds of exercise. From 5 to 7 he works in the library or laboratory.

 At 7 o’clock, they have dinner-time. After dinner the students have club activities, debating societies, etc.By 10 o'clock the student must be in the college, as most оf students live in the colleges, only some of them live in lodgings in the town.

The doors of Oxford University are not open to all. The majority of the students are graduates of private schools, so Oxford University remains an aristocratic university to the present day.

Tasks to the text.

1. Think of your own sentences using the given expressions:

1. freshman- студент первокурсник.

2. college — высшее учебное заведение, в котором учатся 3 года

и получают спец. образование (техническо гуманитарное, медицинское и др.). Колледж может существовать как самостоятельная единица также может входить в состав

университета university — это вуз, сост. из колледжей различных специальнос­тей (срок обучения 3 года). Выпускник университе­та получает степень бакалавра (e.g. the Degree of Bachelor of Arts, Science, Medicine, Engineering etc.)

Institute — это, как правило, научно-исследовательское учреж­дение

3.tutor — в английских университетах — это преподаватель, ведущий практические занятия в группе; он следит за учебой и дисциплиной студентов.

4. within the first week — в течение (не позднее) первой недели

5. attendance at lectures is not compulsory — присутствиее (посещение) лекций необязательно

6. to live in lodgings — снимать комнату

7. the progress of the students is tested by the college examina­tions — успехи студентов проверяются экзаменами в колледже

8. a debating society — дискуссионный клуб

9. to take club activities- участвовать в работе кружка

II.Retell the text with the help of the key words you have written out.

III. Active Vocabulary:

Law enforcement professional education;

Law enforcement experts of great practical experience;

 a graduate; to graduate from;

Work as investigators;

divisional inspectors the State Auto Inspection Department;

Other militia services; refreshment courses;

To enter the college; to pass the entrance examinations;

An applicant; conditions for getting a good education;

To do one’s best; professional specialization; to provide education;

Specially equipped laboratories; libraries; proper trainig; the term of training; diploma of a lawyer; lieutenants of militia; tutorials; to get knowledge of…;

Operative Detective Activity;

Administrative Law; Criminalistics;

to be engaged in; to have scientific societies; various clubs;

to patrol the streets; to maintain public order;

IV. Make the report about your college using the words from the active vocabulary.

Read the text.

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