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All the types of correspondence considered so far were directed1 towards one aim2: the order.

In some trades3 definite quantities of goods are booked4 before orders are sent. The buyer asks the seller to book and reserve, say, 30,000 yards of poplin of such and such quality for him. He does not make out an order before the seller has confirmed the booking.

Trial orders5 are placed when a client is not sure of the quality of an article and wants to see it for himself. If they turn out good, he may place a bigger order.

In some branches6 it is customary to place repeat orders7 for identical goods.

For very large orders, such as may cover a complete factory plant8, big machines, etc., often special sales contracts are signed. However, the Contracts will be considered in greater detail in Chapters IX and X.

Many companies use order-sheets (order-forms, order-notes, indents)9. These are printed forms, numbered consecutively10 and usually containing instructions as to time and place of delivery, make-up11, packing, marks, mode of sending, insurance12, etc. In cases of disputes arising in these matters order-sheets are of much advantage13.


1- to direct (towards) v                   — направлять (к) to be directed towards   —    направляться (к)

2- aimn                                      — цель

3- trade n                                    зд. отрасль торговли



4. to book г;                               — резервировать

5. trial order                               — пробный заказ

6. branch n                                — отрасль, филиал

7. repeat order                            — повторный заказ

8. factory plant                           — завод (фабрика)

9. indent n                                  — ордер, заказ

10. consecutively adv                     — последовательно

11. make-up n                              — зд. состав, содержание заказа

12. insurance n                             — страхование

13. are of much advantage             — являются очень удобными


EXAMPLES OF ORDERS 1. Order for various goods on a special order-sheet.


ORDER No. 211

Please supply as under, in strict conformity with the particulars given, any de­viation1 from which will be at your own risk, unless referred to and authorized by us. The number of this order must appear on the Invoice for the Goods.

We beg to order 250 bags of

Coffee Extra at USD ... per cwt C.I.F. Hamburg.

Enclosed please find order No. 75 for ... We shall be pleased to receive your acceptance.

As per your offer of the ... we have pleasure in packing with you an order for ....

Please send me the following

goods as soon as possible by the quickest route and draw on me for the amount at 2 months.

We agree to your terms and give you herewith a trial order for....

Kindly supply (deliver to our address, let us have) the following goods and quote the number of this order on the invoice.

Просим принять заказ на

250 мешков кофе «Экстра» по цене ... долларов США за центнер, СИФ Гамбург.

Приложен заказ № 75 на ...

Мы хотели бы получить доку­мент о Вашем акцептовании.

Что касается Вашего предложе­ния ..., мы с удовольствием даем Вам заказ на ...

Пожалуйста, пошлите мне сле­дующие товары как можно ско­рее кратчайшим путем и вы­пишите на меня тратту со сро­ком платежа через два месяца.

Мы согласны на Ваши условия и даем Вам пробный заказ на ...

Пожалуйста, поставьте (доставьте на наш адрес, передайте нам) следующие товары и укажите в счете номер этого заказа.

We rely upon you to supply us with first-class articles.

Please see to it that the quality is up to sample and note that delivery is required urgently.


I trust you will do your best to give my order your very best attention.

I trust you will do your best to execute this order to our full satisfaction.

We request you to procure 150 bales for us. The highest price we can go to is....

From George Finchley & Sons 55, Bond Street, London.

10 dozen Bill Cases 4202 5 dozen Writing Pads3 10 dozen Music Cases4 Delivery: prompt5 Terms: 3 months net.

Мы надеемся, что Вы поставите нам первоклассные товары.

Пожалуйста, проследите, чтобы качество отвечало образцу, и отметьте, что поставка должна быть срочной.

Надеюсь, Вы отнесетесь к моему заказу с максимальным вниманием.

Надеюсь, Вы сделаете все, чтобы выполнить данный заказ к нашему полному удовлетво­рению.


Messrs. Dickson & King 8, Newgate Street, London.

10.00 per dozen

5.00 per dozen

12.00 per dozen

£ £


Просим Вас оставить для нас 150 тюков. Максимальная цена, на которую мы можем согласиться,....





2. Order for biscuits.

Indent No. A2311

Please supply the following goods:

10 Cases Scale Brand Biscuits 40 grms., 36 cartons6 in one case, 24 packets7 in one carton, 4 biscuits in packet. Price: £ stg. 185.-8 per 1,000 kilos net CIF Lagos. Delivery: As early as possible. Payment: Please draw on us9 through the Bank of West Africa Ltd.,

Marina, Lagos (Nigeria). Insurance: To be taken out by you10. Please insure to ultimate

destination 10 per cent over and above CIF value. Shipment: To the Port of Lagos. Documentation: 5 certified invoices required as follows:

2 advanced copies to be airmailed to us for customs11 purposes;

3 copies to be attached to the documents.

Bills of Lading: 2 original and two non-negotiable12 copies to

be attached to documents. Shipping Marks: N.F.C. 2311 LAGOS Instructions: Cases to be steelbanded crosswise13, marked with

contents, and serially numbered. Important: Your early acknowledgement of receipt of this order

together with confirmation of delivery date will oblige.


The Nigeria Food Company Ltd.


(Import Manager)

3. Accompanying letter and order for flow meters.

Dear Sirs,

Order for Flow Meters14

We are pleased to enclose an order for Flow Meters. In the past we had only a few samples of these Flow Meters, but it is our intention now to sell them on a larger scale. Unfortunately

we have no price list. Consequently we shall not be able to apply for an import licence until we learn from you exactly how much these Flow Meters will cost. We must reserve the right to reduce our order if these costs are too high.

We should also like you to send us, together with the consignment15, some catalogues, preferably in English. At least one hundred, but, if possible, 200 copies should be included in the consignment.

As usual, we want to have the goods shipped on a collective Bill of Lading16 through our forwarding agents in Hamburg.

We trust to receive an early reply.

Yours faithfully, 1 End.

Order No. 143/57

Please supply at lowest wholesale prices for export trade: 20 Flow Meters, model PF 351.

Fulfillment of this order is subject to the following conditions: Finance: Please draw on us at sight17. Kindly mark your draft18:

"Present through the Commonwealth Trading Bank of

Australia". Prices: Must not exceed those most recently received from you. Dispatch: To be made by ship to Sydney via Capetown. Insurance: Please insure under our open policy19 for net invoice

value (including freight) plus ten per cent, including war risk

and transhipment20 with the Lombard Insurance Co. Ltd. Invoices: Required in triplicate and to be properly declared and

certified in compliance with the customs requirements21 of


All marks and numbers of packages to be shown on

invoices. Packing Lists and Statements: To be attached to the invoices.

All marks, numbers, and contents of each package to be shown

on packing lists and statements. Bill of Lading: Post to us promptly, unless finance clause22 requires





Kindly acknowledge the receipt and the acceptance of this order by return mail and indicate expected date of dispatch of relative goods. Yours faithfully,

4. Continuation acknowledging receipt of order.

Dear Sirs,

With thanks we acknowledge the receipt of your Order No. 143/57 and let you know that we immediately got in touch with our factory. We shall send you further news as soon as we have received their reply.

Yours faithfully,

5. Continuation of the previous correspondence—order for spare

Dear Sirs,

Order No. 143/57

We should like you to supply us with a number of spare parts which may be required for maintaining the Flow Meters ordered

by us.

In particular, we have in mind such small items as Floats, Springs, and Gaskets23. We hope that you will see your way clear to supply these accessories free of charge. Otherwise we should ask you to restrict the value to a figure to be equivalent of £ stg. 2.-

We leave the selection of these parts to you as no doubt you have enough experience to know what will most likely be required.

Yours faithfully,

6. Standardized form of order in import trade.

Dear Sirs,

Order No. ~ Trans. No. ~.

Please supply and deliver the goods described below on the terms and conditions specified herein and on the reverse of this order as well as those attached to the order.

Type of equipment:

Total amount24 of order:
Free on board-
Delivery Time:..............

Terms of Payment:.......

Consignee25: Postal Address —..............................................


Marking:     In English —.....................................................


Quantities, descriptions, prices and technical conditions—see following pages.

This order contains ... pages.


Item Quantity Description Price per26 unit Amount

V/O "Russoimport"

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