СД – Эдвард, будем откровенны. Речь идет о зарплате? 

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


СД – Эдвард, будем откровенны. Речь идет о зарплате?

Edward, lets be frank. Are you speaking about salary?

EG – It’s not just a question of money, Stepan. I want to look at the whole package. It’s a salary, a performance-related bonus, a company charge cart, an expense account, a car, and a more responsible position.

Это вопрос не только денег, Степан. Я хочу взглянуть в целом на весь пакет. Это зарплата, премия по результатам работы, корпоративная карта, счет по расходам, машина и более ответственная должность.

СД – Я думаю, нам надо присесть, не так ли? Эдвард, если ты настаиваешь на машине, то я не могу настолько повысить твою зарплату. Значит, нам придется искать компромисс относительно премии.

I think, we should sit, don’t you think so? Edward, if you insist on a car, I can’t increase you salary so much. It means we’ll have to look for a compromise concerning the bonus.

EG – I think I am worth the salary.

Я думаю, я достоин зарплаты.

СД – Я готов предложить тебе более высокую премию, но если ты на это согласишься, то тебе придется согласиться на меньшую прибавку к зарплате.

I am ready to offer you higher bonus, but if you agree to it, you'll have to agree to a smaller salary increase.

EG – Could you be more precise?

Вы не могли бы быть точнее?

СД – Если ты согласишься на пятнадцати процентную надбавку к зарплате, то я смогу добавить пять процентов к премии. Это составит сорока процентную надбавку в следующем году. Если ты справишься со своими задачами.

If you agree to 15 per cent salary increase, I can add extra 5 per cent to the bonus. It makes a total 40 per cent salary increase next year. If you cope with your tasks.

EG – Okay, if you make that a seventeen per cent salary increase. I think we can reach agreement.

Хорошо, если выделаете 17-% надбавку. Я думаю, мы можем достигнуть соглашения.

СД – Ладно.


EG – Which just leaves the matter of the car.

Остается только вопрос с машиной.

СД – Но, Эдвард, я же сказал, что условием увеличения зарплаты была твоя уступка в вопросе о машине.

But, Edward, I did tell you that a condition of salary increase was your concession on the car matter.

EG – I’ll accept a smaller car.

Я согласен на машину меньшего размера.

СД – Хорошо. Теперь давай пройдем по всем этим пунктам снова. Клайв меня убьет. Кто научил тебя торговаться, Эдвард?

Ok. Now, let’s go through all these points. Klive is going to kill me. Who taught you negotiating, Edward?

EG – You taught me everything I know, Stepan.

Вы научили меня всему, что я знаю, Степан.




Before accepting the job offer Sarah meets Marcia to try to negotiate on a few areas of her contract.

Marcia Boardman: Hi! Welcome to WebWare.

Sarah Timms: Thanks, nice to see you again.

Marcia Boardman: You too. So, you said you wanted to come in and have a chat before you started...

Sarah Timms: Yeah, I just wanted to have a look round and ask a few more questions, if I can...

Marcia Boardman: Sure, fire away!

Sarah Timms: Well, I was delighted to receive the job offer...

Marcia Boardman: Good – we were delighted to offer it to you...

Sarah Timms: But before I sign the contract there were one or two specifics I wanted to talk about.

Marcia Boardman: OK... 'specifics'?

Sarah Timms: Well... there is a pay scale, instead of a fixed salary...

Marcia Boardman: Yes, as a new employee you’d be at the lower end of the pay scale.

Sarah Timms: But taking my experience into account...

Marcia Boardman: Well, you haven’t had that much experience – we see you as an investment...

Sarah Timms: But that salary would only be a little more than I’m making now. So, instead of asking for a higher level on the pay scale, I thought this could be compensated by adding certain bonuses - for instance if I make certain sales targets, or even break them, I would be looking for a good cash payment, or stock options in the company.

Marcia Boardman: Well, that is something we sometimes offer senior members of staff, but to show good faith I’ll provisionally offer you the bonus scheme – but I’ll have to okay it with Philip first.

Sarah Timms: That’s fine. I also see there are 25 days holiday.

Marcia Boardman: Yes. That’s standard.

Sarah Timms: It’s not very much for a high pressure job though...

Marcia Boardman: I can’t offer you any more holiday.

Sarah Timms: No, but I was wondering if we could delay my start date, so instead of starting a week from now, as we discussed, I could start in a month’s time?

Marcia Boardman: You’re a tough negotiator, Sarah!

Sarah Timms: That’s one of the reasons you hired me!

Marcia Boardman: Yes, of course. OK, I think we can do that – I’ll look forward to seeing you in a month, and earning those bonuses!



Mr Doherty: Hi. How can I help you today?

Mrs Wang Hello. I would like to know more about how to apply for a home loan. I’ve been inspecting some beautiful houses in the outer suburbs this week, and there is one in particular that caught my eye.

Mr Doherty: Fantastic. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ben Doherty and I’m a loan manager here at SmartVest Bank. I would be happy to help you with any finance advice you require. So, tell me, what is it that attracted you to the property?

Mrs Wang The house I looked at was really spacious and has been newly rennovated. It has three bedrooms, one living room and two bathrooms. There’s also a big backyard where I can let my dogs run around. I could never imagine getting such a lovely place in my hometown Beijing at a decent price.

Mr Doherty: I can imagine. How much was the property valued at?

Mrs Wang Ah, yes. This is what I was worrying about. The property is valued at $560,000 which, although much cheaper than I was expecting, is still a little out of my price range. Considering how much the property is worth, how much do you think I can borrow?

Mr Doherty: How much you can afford to borrow will depend on a range of different things such as your income, your credit history and your savings. Later on we can use one of our home loan calculators to give you a good indication of your borrowing power and help you work out what your repayments would be.

Mrs Wang I see. You’ll have to excuse me as I’ve never applied for a loan before, so I have a thousand questions.

Mr Doherty: By all means, shoot.

Mrs Wang OK. I’ve actually written out a list of questions I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. Firstly, could you tell me how much deposit I need to make?

Mr Doherty: No I don’t mind at all, it’s always great to see customers being organised and taking the initiative! I can see you’re really eager to get stuck in to this, so let’s get started.

(…) Ah yes, now, you asked me about deposit… Well, with our home loans, you typically need a deposit of at least 5% of the property’s value – plus enough to cover stamp duty and other admin fees.

Mrs Wang I see. And what documents do I need to provide when applying? The reason I ask is one of my cousins recently applied for a personal loan at another bank and she was surprised by how much paperwork she had to provide. She said it was a lot of stuffing around.

Mr Doherty: Yes, I understand. There are a number of documents you will need to provide. I have a checklist here. You can have a look at it.

Well basically you need to provide a 100-point identification check, and evidence of your income, as well as details about the assets you own, and also any outstanding debt you have as well.

Mrs Wang OK. Oh, I just remembered one thing. My neighbour said that if you’re purchasing your first home you can also apply for a… what’s it called? I think it’s called a “First Home Owner Grant”. It sounds great! I had no idea such a thing existed.

(…)I’m not an Australian citizen, although I do have Permament Residency. Am I still eligible for it?]

Mr Doherty: Don’t worry, permanent residents can also apply for it. The main thing is that you are buying your first home in Australia and that you plan to stay in that place for at least 12 months afterwards. Here, I’ll give you this factsheet. Maybe your interpreter could translate it for you later.

Mrs Wang Thank you. There is so much information to go through. Do you mind if we take a short break?

Mr Doherty: No worries. I’ll get you a cuppa and a bickie if you like. There’s no point rushing such an important decision after all – and later in the afternoon I can explain all your options and take you through some scenarios that might work best for you.

Mrs Wang That sounds lovely. Thanks again.




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