ТОП 10:

Put the adverb in the right place: The storm has stopped, but the snow was falling. (still)

A) The storm has stopped but the snow was falling still.

B) The storm has stopped but the snow still was falling

C) The storm has stopped still but the snow was falling

D) The storm has stopped but still the snow was falling

E) The storm has stopped but the snow was still falling


10. Choose the right tense form: Don’t come to my place tomorrow. I… a composition the whole evening.

A) Am writing

B) Will write

C) Shall write

D) Will be write

E) Shall be writing


11. Fill in the correct form of the verb: I… solve this problem until he explains it to me.

A) Will not be able

B) Will not be able to

C) Is not able to

D) Are not able to

E) Shall not be able to


12. Fill in the correct form of the verb: Why... you… stay at home tomorrow evening?

A) Shall/ have

B) Will/ have

C) Will have to

D) Shall. Be able to

E) Shall. Have to


13. Fill in the necessary tense form in the following conditional sentence: If you … me up, I… you about it.

A) Rang/ would have told

B) Should ring/ told

C) Rang/ will tell

D) Had rung/ should have told

E) Would ring told


14. Use the necessary tense form: I knew they … for me at the metro station and I decided to hurry.

A) Will be waiting

B) Have been waiting

C) Waiting

D) Are waiting

E) Were waiting


15. Use the necessary tense form: Yesterday Tom heard that his aunt … for five days.

A) Were ill

B) Has been ill

C) Had been ill

D) Was ill

E) Was being ill

16. Use the necessary tense form: Mike hoped that his friend… him with car.

A) Helps

B) Has helped

C) Helped

D) Will help

E) Would help


17. Choose the correct tense form of the verb: I thought that she… at that time

A) Should be sleeping

B) Would be sleeping

C) Are sleeping

D) Has been sleeping

E) Is sleeping


18. Find the correct form of the adjective: It began getting… and it was time to go back home

A) The darkest

B) The darker

C) More darker

D) Darkest

E) Dark


19. Find the right form of the noun: the cat has caught two….

A) Mousse

B) Mices

C) Mouse’s

D) Mouse

E) Mice


20. Choose the correct form of the possessive case: I often consult… dictionary.

A) Jones

B) Jones’es

C) Joneses’

D) Joneses

E) Jones’s


21. Choose the correct form of the possessive case: he lived within five… walk of his office.

A) Minutes’es

B) Minute’s

C) Minutes’

D) Minutes

E) Minutes’s

22. Fill in the correct article: winter knitted clothes is usually made of… wool.

A) The

B) A

C) Those

D) An

E) –

23. Choose and fill in Participle I: … the room, she turned on the light.

A) To enter

B) Enters

C) Entered

D) Enter hall have been translating

E) Entering


24. Choose the correct tense form: we… this article at the next lesson.

A) s hall have been translating

B) shall have translated

C) shall be translating

D) will translate

E) shall translate


25. Choose the right verb: the young trees… properly…

A) Was/looked after

B) Were/ looked after

C) Was looked after

D) Is/ looked after

E) Has/ looked after



26. Choose the right verb: we… the news by the teacher

A) Were told

B) Is told

C) Have told

D) Was told

E) Had told

27. Choose the right verb: … you…, I shall be too glad

A) Come

B) Can’t come

C) Shall/ come

D) Should, come

E) Could come

28. Choose the right Infinitive. I am sorry… you

A) Disturbed

B) Disturbed in

C) Disturbing

D) To disturb

E) Disturbed to


29. Choose the right verb. A… flower lay on the table.

A) Fading

B) Have faded

C) Will fading

D) Shall faded

E) Faded


30. Choose the right verb: I saw her… along the street.

A) To come

B) Came

C) Had come

D) Coming

E) Come

Вариант 2

1. Find the correct form of the adjective: The Twenty. Second of June is… day of the year.

A) Long

B) Longer

C) The most long

D) Longest

E) The longest


2. Fill in the correct form of the pronoun: William Shakespeare was born in 1564 and very little is known about… life.

A) He

B) Her

C) Hers

D) Him

E) His


3. Find the right form of the noun: There were many… in the playground.

A) Childrens

B) Childs

C) Children’s

D) Child

E) Children


4. Choose the correct form of the possessive case: Father asked his son to clean the… roof from snow.

A) Houses’s

B) Houses’

C) Houses

D) House’s

E) House


5. Fill in the correct form of the verb “to have”: Does your sister… a computer?

A) Having

B) Has

C) Had

D) To have

E) Have



6. Fill in the necessary preposition: The plane landed safely… the two mountains.

A) Under

B) Between

C) At

D) In

E) On


7. Use the correct auxiliary verb: … your parents always go to the country for a weekend?

A) To do

B) Does

C) Did

D) Done

E) Do


Choose the right sentence with the indirect speech: Mother often says to her children “you must wash your hands before eating”.

A) Mother often says the children wash their hands before eating.

B) Mother often says to her children to wash their hands before eating.

C) Mother often says to her children must wash their hands before eating.

D) Mother often says to her children them must wash their hands before eating.

E) Mother often says to her children that they must wash their hands before eating.


9. Use the correct form of participle: The little plump woman… at the window is my aunt.

A) Stood

B) To stand

C) Is standing

D) Standing

E) Stand


10. Use the correct form of participle 1: … out of the window he saw that his mother was watering the flowers.

A) To look

B) Is looking

C) Looked

D) Look

E) Looking


11. Choose the right tense form: They… in the pool from 2 till 3.

A) Will swim

B) Shall swim

C) Shall be swimming

D) Swim

E) Will be swimming


12. Choose the right verb. Robinson Crusoe lived on a… island.

A) Desert

B) Desert to

C) Will deserting

D) Deserting

E) Deserted


13. The branch of linguistics which studies the problems of meaning synonymy, differentiation of vocabulary treated in Lexicology is…

A) Phonetics

B) Morphology

C) Syntax

D) Stylistics

E) Grammar


14. Synonyms belong…

A) To the same context

B) To the neutral words

C) Only to the nouns

D) Only to the verbs

E) To the same part of speech


15. Cockney is…

A) The language used by press

B) The language taught at school

C) The official language of great Britain

D) The language used by radio and TV

E) The regional dialect of London


16. Complete the following sentence: Rudolf looked toward the nearer door and saw that …

A) It was yellow

B) It was black

C) It was white

D) It was red

E) It was green


17. Complete the following sentence: In the street he met…

A) The same man

B) the same woman

C) the same girl

D) the Same friend

E) the same Negro


18. Complete the sentence: “Nice day” said Lanny. “… … home after seven years.”

A) I’m coming

B) I’ve resting

C) We’ve coming

D) You’re sitting

E) I’m returning


19. Finish the sentence: Alexander Barr was…

A) A writer

B) A doctor

C) A teacher

D) A seamen

E) A lieutenant


20. Complete the following sentence: Clifford was…

a) A linguist

b) An actor

c) A writer

d) A poet

e) A driver


This party mostly consists of workers.

A) The party of social democrats

B) The communist party

C) The liberal party

D) The labour party

E) The conservative party


In this part of Great Britain the system of education is a little indifferent.

A) In London

B) In Northern Island

C) In England

D) In Scotland

E) In Wales


Choose the word close in meaning: more

A) Much

B) Most

C) Many

D) A lot of

E) Still

24. Choose the proper article: to live in… country (жить за городом)

A) A

B) To

C) An

D) –

E) The


25. Fill in prepositions or adverbs: A thick fog is spread… London.

A) In

B) On

C) Down

D) Of

E) Over


Choose the word close in meaning: a great deal of

A) Few

B) Other

C) Some

D) Rest of them

E) A lot of


Eliminate the extra word: father, sister, lion, son, daughter

A) Son

B) Daughter

C) Sister

D) Lion

E) Father

Express in one word: a representation of the contents of complete works in brief

A) Antonym

B) Summary

C) Characteristics

D) Plan

E) Topic

29. Derivational morpheme standing before the root is called…

A) Infix

B) Ending

C) Suffix

D) Affix

E) Prefix

30. Find the antonym of the word “kind”

A) Lazy

B) Rude

C) Polite

D) Charming

E) Active

Вариант 3

1. Choose the proper article: … Wilsons live in this house.

A) A

B) The

C) To

D) An

E) –


2. Almaty is one of the biggest industrial … in the republic.

A) centres

B) institutions

C) villages

D) territory

C) continent


Choose the proper English equivalent: Он просит передать ему хлеба.

A) He asks to pass him some bread

B) He says to pass him some bread

C) He ask to pass him some bread

D) He asks pass him some bread

E) He asks if we pass him some bread


4. Choose the proper article: My sister is fond… of music

A) the

B) –

C) an

D) a

E) a, an


Choose the correct paraphrase: to write down

A) To sign

B) To notice

C) To note

D) To follow

E) To put down


6. Insert prepositions or post-verbal nouns: We have a nice flat … centre … the town.

A) To/of

B) About/in

C) At/of

D) Out/of

E) In/of


Choose English equivalents to the following Russian one: Просите его сюда

A) Show her in

B) Ask him out

C) Show him out

D) Ask him in

E) Show him in


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