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Writing a letter of application

1. Read Nency’s letter of application and complete it using the phrases and words in the box.


a) I consider myself b) As you will see c) I am writing in response d) I look forward to hearing e) experience f) hard-working g) advertisement h) on business i) widely j) fluently k) CV l) deadlines

Worldwatch Europe IPA 56 Merritts Avenue Overland Park Reading RG2 6HD   Dear David Benton, ___ to your ___ in today’s Guardian for a journalist based in Geneva. ___ from the enclosed ---, I studied journalism and modern languages at University College, London, and went on to do a master’s in journalism at Queen Mary’s College, London. ___ the ideal candidate for the job because I have all the relevant ___. In my present job I am in charge of Eastern Europe publications for Intertec Publishing. Before this, I worked for the BBC World Service, at first covering Mexico and Argentina, then Europe. I have travelled ___ in South America and Europe. In my present job I frequently go to Japan ___. I speak French, German, and Spanish ___. I am an enthusiastic and ___ person. I am good at organizing people and can meet ___. ___ from you in the near future.   Yours sincerely, Nancy Mann

2. Write your letter of application for Trans-Globe tours. Write about 200 words for letter.

TRANS-GLOBE TOURS TOUR GUIDES We are looking for enthusiastic, hard-working, friendly people who · have good interpersonal skills · speak two or more languages fluently · have a genuine interest in other countries and cultures · want to see the world Please apply with CV to: Martin Ruane, Personnel manager Trans-Globe Tours, Victoria Square, London SW1 GYC

Writing a description of a person

1. Read the description of Emily Morgan. Write the words and phrases used to describe her on the chart.

Physical appearance  

Emily Morgan, My aunt

Of all my relatives, I like my Aunt Emily the best. She’s my mother’s youngest sister. She has never married and she lives all alone in a small village near Bath. She’s in her late fifties, but she’s still quite young in spirit. She has a fair complexion, curly grey hair, and deep blue eyes. She has a kind face, and when you meet her, the first thing you notice about her is her warm, friendly smile. Her face is a little lined now, but I think she is still rather attractive. She is the kind of person you can always go to if you have a problem.

Aunt Emily likes reading and gardening, and she likes to take her dog, Buster, for long walks in the park.

She’s a very active person. Either she’s making something or mending something or doing something to help others. She does the shopping for some of the old people in the village. She’s extremely generous, but not very tolerant of people who don’t agree with her. I hope that I am as contented as she is when I am her age.

2. Write a similar description of one of your relatives. Include:

· your relation to him/her

· your opinion of him/her

· physical description

· his/her character, habits, likes and dislikes

Writing a biography

1. Starting as shown, continue the biography of Alfred Nobel.

Returning to Sweden with his brother Emil in 1852, he …


He returned to Sweden in 1852.

He returned with his brother Emil.

They worked in their father’s factory.

The factory was an explosives factory.

An explosion in the factory killed Emil in 1864.

Alfred was deaply affected.

He wanted to invent a safer explosive.

He invented one in 1867.

He called it ‘dynamite’.

He started to set up dynamite factories.

He founded factories in many parts of the world.

Alfred made a fortune.

He died in 1896.

He left the money to set up yearly prizes for science, literature, and world peace.

The prizes are called the Nobel Prizes.

2. Write your own biography in about 250 words.

Writing an email

1. Write the sentences in different ways using the words in brackets:

George was rich. He wasn’t a happy man. (but/although/however)

Jo rang me from a phone box. She’s lost her mobile. (because/so)

2. Look at these words and expressions. They prepare people for what you are going to write or say next. Read and complete the sentences.

a) In fact/actually (I’m going to add more information to support this statement)

Peter doesn’t like working in London. In fact, he’s thinking of changing jobs.

Peter and I are in love. Actually we __________.

b) Of course/Naturally (What I’m going to say is obvious)

Of course, having a baby has not totally changed our lives.

Naturally, when I was a child I didn’t ___________.

c) Fortunately/Unfortunately (What I am going to is /is not good news)

She tried really hard, and fortunately, she passed the exam.

She stood waited for over an hour, but unfortunately, __________.

d) Nevertheless (I am going to tell you about a result or effect which is unexpected)

The accident wasn’t her fault. Nevertheless, she felt terrible.

My father didn’t do very well at school. Nevertheless, __________.

e) Anyway (I am going to finish talking about the subject and move on to something new0

What traffic I thought I’d never get here. Anyway, now let’s get on with the meeting.

Anyway, you’ve heard enough about me. What __________?

3. Read the email and write the word or the words that fit best.

To: Melodycat@hyp.org Subject: Hi from Jackie and Joa   I hope you’re all well. Things are busy here. Maya moved out last week. She found a small apartment not far from here, (1) _______ (so/anyway) we still see her all the time. She also got a new job at a radio station. (2) _______ (Unfortunately,/Because) it doesn’t pay very well, (3) _______ (of course/but) at least she likes it. Now that Maya has moved out, it’s only Joe and me at home. After 24 years old having kids around the house, it’s a little strange to have the place all to ourselves. (4) __________. (However/In fact) it’s nice to come home to a clean house at the end of the day. J Samantha is going to graduate from Oberlin College this year. We’re all very proud and (5) _______ (however/of course) we’re going to have a party for her. (6) __________, (So/Actually) it’s going to be surprise party! So, shhh! Samantha says she wants to travel somewhere interesting this summer, (7) __________ (but/because) she hasn’t decided where to go yet. Joe’s fine, (8) __________ (because/actually) it’s rained every day for the last two weeks! (10) __________, (In fact/Nevertheless) It’s been the rainiest summer for 20 years. (11) __________, (Anyway/Of course) that’s enough of our news. How are you all? What are you up to?   Write back and tell me everything! Love, Jackie.

Writing a thank-you letter

1. Kati was a student of English in Dublin, where she stayed with the Kendall family. She has now returned home. Read the letter she has written to Mr and Mrs Kendall. Her English has improved, but there are still over 25 mistakes.

Szerencs u. 43 330 Eger Hungary   Friday, 14 June   Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kendall   I am home now since two weeks, but I have to start work immediately, so this is the first time is possible for me to write. How are you? Are you busy as usual? Does Tim still work hard for his exam next month? I am miss you a lot and also all my friends from Dublin. Yesterday I’ve received a letter from my Spain friend, Martina, and she told me about some of the other people I met. She say that Atsuko and Yuki will write me from Japan. I am lucky because I made so many good friend during I was in Ireland. It was really interesting for me to meet people from so many different countries. I think that we not only improved our English (I hope this!) but we also knew people from all over the world and this is important. My family are fine. They had a good summer holiday by the lake. We are all very exciting because my brother will get married just before Christmas and we like very much his girlfriend. They have looked for a flat near the city centre but it is no easy to find one. If they won’t find one soon, they will have to stay here with us. Please can you check something for me? I can’t find my red scarf. I think maybe I have forgotten it in the cuboard in my bedroom. Please write soon. My family send best wishes ti you all. I hope I come back next year. Stay with you was a very wonderful experience for me. Thank you for all things and excuse my mistakes. I already forget much words.   Yours faithfully, Kati PS I hope you like the photo. It’s nice, isn’t it?  

2. Write a thank-you letter to someone you have stayed with.


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