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Contextual Meaning of Polysemantic Words


The so-called contextual meaning is always individual, occasional and context-bound. It lives only in its context and disappears if the context is altered.

The contextual meaning of a word is usually semantically richer than the dictionary meaning because of the connections which it arouses.

In an atomic war women and children will be the first hostages.

Першими жертвами в атомній війні будуть жінки й діти.

The dictionary meaning of the word “hostage” is заручник, but in this context it is synonymous with “victim” as every hostage might become a victim and die. Thus the contextual meaning of a word is not arbitrary; it is inherent in its semantic structure and is brought out by the writer who is able to perceive its potentialities.

The vital role of context in bringing out different lexical-semantic variants and its importance in translation are well illustrated by the use of the noun and the verb “frustration, to frustrate”.

That there is a great deal of frustration in the land today is made evident by a proliferation of societies, leagues, committees, councils and crusades which propose to stop the clock or to turn its hands back.

Про наявність у теперішній час глибокого розчарування в країні свідчить велика кількість всіляких товариств, ліг, комітетів, рад і хрестових походів, які прагнуть зупинити час або повернути його назад.


A second common denotation of the Rightist group is that they tend to attribute every frustration to betrayal by traitors.

Другою спільною рисою всіх правих груп є схильність приписувати всі невдачі запроданству і зраді.


It is hard to escape a conclusion that the essential negativism of the “either - or” approach is designed to frustrate rather than forward any kind of agreement.

Не можна не діти висновку, що крайній негативізм підходу «або – або» (все або нічого) розрахований на підрив, а не досягнення будь-якої угоди.


Words of wide meaning


Words possessing a wide volume of meaning are peculiarly adaptable to different contexts.

The commanding officer singled him out because of his university background. (Nicholas Monserrat)

Командир обрав його, оскільки він був людиною з університетською освітою.


…he was a landlord with a Tory background.

…він був лендлордом і походив з родини консерваторів.


Parents of genuine hippies find themselves up against a type of mentality with which they are unprepared, either by background or experience, to cope.

Батьки переконаних хіпі зіштовхуються з таким образом думок, з яким вони не можуть впоратись ані через своє виховання, ані через свій життєвий досвід.


Did reporters usually allow the Secretary of State to determine after an interview whether it was going to be on the record, off the record or only for background.

(Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward).

Невже кореспонденти зазвичай дозволяли Державному секретареві вирішувати після інтерв’ю, чи буде воно вважатися офіційним, неофіційним, чи даним тільки для їх інформації.

In certain cases the translator has to turn to a wider context which sometimes comprises a whole paragraph a whole chapter or a whole book.

Thus in Chapter LIII of “Vanity Fair” Thackeray describes the unexpected return of Rawdon Crawley from the debtor’s prison and his consternation when he finds his wife in the company of Lord Steyne.

The wretched woman was in a brilliant full toilet”.

The adjective “wretched” has the following meanings: miserable, unhappy, afflicated, inferior, of bad quality or no merit, contemptible, unsatisfactory, causing discontent or discomfort or nuisance. (The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English).

Thackeray, a moralist, condemned immorality throughout his writing. Aware of this the translator naturally chooses contemptible.

На цій жалюгідній (низькій, підлій, огидній) жінці був розкішний вечірній туалет.


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