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The Warner family has been in the insurance business for more than one hundred years. The company, Warner Insurance, was founded by Robert Warner in 1908, in Boston, Massachusetts. Robert began working from his table in the kitchen and would invite his future and current clients to his home to fill out applications, gather data, contract and service his clients. In less than two years, Robert had established a clientele of over 100 satisfied customers and had moved to an office that he purchased with the gains from his insurance business.

As the company continued to grow, Robert Warner hired his three sons as employees. The eldest son, James, was the Vice President of Operations. His responsibilities included the day to day business operations, accounting, legal and human resources. As the company expanded, James was in charge of opening and overseeing offices throughout the entire United States. James had four children: three sons and one daughter. Each of his children became Regional Managers and moved to different parts of the States. It was sad for James and Mrs. Warner to see their children move away from home, but they were very proud of their children and their dedication to the family business. James was eighty-five years old when he died. He worked for Warner Insurance his entire adult life.

The middle son, Henry, was Vice President of Sales. Henry was in charge of a team of ten salesmen. Their sales territory grew to the entire northeast sector of the United States within ten years. Henry worked for Warner Insurance for over thirty years in which the sales territory went national and the sales force grew to over seven hundred and fifty salespeople. By this time, Warner Insurance became a household name and a multimillion-dollar company. The Warner family was committed to maintaining the company a privately owned business and to this day it continues to be so.

Robert Junior was the youngest of the founder’s sons and studied Marketing and Business Administration in Vasser College in New York. After graduating, he returned to Boston and became the Marketing force behind Warner Insurance and was a major factor in the company’s branding and promotional efforts. Many people say that it was because of Robert Junior’s brilliant marketing skills that the company was able to grow so big and so quickly. Robert Senior was very fond of his three sons, but he had a special affection for his youngest son and namesake, Robert Junior.

Today Warner Insurance stands as an example of a family enterprise that has withstood the test of time and fierce competition in a very competitive market. Many larger, investor-owned companies have tried to purchase Warner Insurance but the family has stood firm in its decision to continue the family legacy and establish an inheritance for its future generations.


Раздел 1. Чтение


Ответьте на вопросы


1. What are the names of Robert Senior’s three sons?


2. Where did Robert Warner attend to his clients when he first started his business?


3. What did the Eldest son, James, do for the company?


4. How many salesmen did Henry have when he first worked for the company?


5. How many salespeople worked under Henry after thirty years?


6. To which of his three sons was Robert Senior most affectionate toward?


7. How old was James when he passed away?


8. What did Robert Junior study in College?


Верно или неверно (True or false)

1. None of James’ and Mrs. Warner’s children worked for the family business.

2. Many people say that Robert Junior was not very dedicated to the family business and contributed the least of the three brothers.


Выберите правильный ответ

1. Which of the following departments was James not responsible for?

a. Accounting

b. Marketing

c. Legal

d. Human Resources


2. Who became Regional Managers for Warner Insurance?

a. Robert Senior’s sons

b. Robert Senior’s nephews

c. Robert Senior’s grandchildren


3. Warner Insurance is a:

a. privately held company

b. investor owned company

c. bankrupt company


4. Today, Warner Insurance is a _______________ company.

a. local

b. national

c. regional


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