ТОП 10:


8.1. According to the HSE regulations, the final grade is made up by 1) the grade of the thesis supervisor, 2) the grade for oral defense of the term paper .

8.2. In addition to the grade the supervisor also gives detailed feedback according to the approved form (Appendix E).

8.3 The term paper’s supervisor assesses the coursework on a ten-point scale. To receive credits for the coursework, students should be awarded a grade of at least 4 on a ten-point scale.

8.4. Students are considered to have failed their term paper if they receive a fail grade after the defense or after a review by their supervisor.

8.5. Final grades for term papers are entered into student performance records by the Chair of the Defense Board in the end of June.

8.6. Students may access the grades and reviews of their term papers through the account in the LMS or at the Programme Office.

8.7. In the case where the coursework is graded less than 4 on a ten-point scale the student will not get ECTS’s awarded. The student is expected to resubmit the coursework in the next module. The coursework topic can be modified upon consultation of the coursework supervisor and program academic supervisor. In order to change the topic student must submit a new request signed by their term paper supervisor and addressed to the Programme Academic Director before the end of the current academic year. The student may resubmit the coursework only once.

8.8. The student may contest the grades for the coursework following the general appeal procedures. The student may file an appeal to the academic supervisor of the program within 3 working days upon receiving the grades with detailed grounds for appeal. The appeal committee will make a decision within 3 working days.



The Study Office of the Master’s programme stores copies of coursework for 2 years (either in the form of hard copies or electronic files)


Appendix A.

Template for a Title List

The Government of the Russian Federation

Federal State Autonomous Institution for Higher Professional Education National Research University Higher School of Economics

St. Petersburg Branch

St. Petersburg School of Economics and Management




Term paper

Area of studies 38.04.08 «Finance and Credit»

Master Programme “Finance”

Reviewer[2] academic degree, position, department ____________________ Name Board members _________________ (name and signature) _________________ (name and signature) _________________ (name and signature) Grade for the defense ___________ Overall grade _________________ Date ________________________   _ Research Supervisor academic degree, position, department ____________________ Name  


Saint Petersburg - 2016

Appendix B

Provisional Template for References


Journal articles

1 Langetieg, T. (1978), “An Application of a Three-Factor Performance Index to Measure Stockholders Gains from Mergers”, Journal of Financial Economics, vol. 6, pp. 365-384

2 Agrawal, A., and Jaffe, J.F. (2003), “Do Takeover Targets Underperform? Evidence from Operating and Stock Return”, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, vol. 38, no. 4, p. 721-746.

Books or chapters:

3. Auerbach, A. (1988), Corporate Takeovers: Causes and Consequences. University of Chicago Press, Chicago, United States.

4. Chen, K.C.W., Chen, Z., Wei, K.C.J. (2003), “Disclosure, corporate governance, and the cost of equity capital: evidence form Asia’s emerging markets”, Proceedings of the 3rd Asian corporate governance conference, Korea University and the Hong Kong University of science and technology.

Sources in Russian language[3]:

5. Ovchinnikova T. I., Pakhomov A. I., Bulgakova I. N. Sovershenstvovanie organizatsionnoi struktury pishchevykh predpriiatii na osnove otsenki deiatel'nosti personala [Improving the Organizational Structure of Food Companies Based on the Evaluation of Staff]. Kadry predpriiatiia, 2005, no. 8, pp. 10–12. (In Russian).

6. Monitoring «Ob itogakh sotsial'no-ekonomicheskogo razvitiia Rossiiskoi Federatsii v 2014 godu» [Monitoring “On the Results of Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Federation in 2014”]. Minekonomrazvitiia Rossii, 2015, 6 February. Available at: http://economy.gov.ru/minec/ activity/sections/macro/monitoring/monitoring2014 (accessed 07.07.2015). (In Russian).

Appendix C

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