Покупки. Товари продовольчі та промислові.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Покупки. Товари продовольчі та промислові.


There are some things we have to do every day. Shopping is one of them. Shopping is a part of our daily life. Some people hate it and find it boring. Others consider it very exciting and believe it’s a kind of entertainment. As for me, I'm not a great fan of shopping I understand that I have to deal with it whether I like it or not. When I need something in the way of clothes I go to the department store. There I can buy shoes, hats, knitted goods, household goods and so on. When I want to buy clothes I go to the Ready-Made Clothes departments. Boots and shoes are sold at the Shoe department or the Foot- wear department. To buy socks and stockings we go to the Hosiery department. We can buy buttons, ribbons, lace, tape, thread, needles, pins, handkerchiefs, zippers and such like at the Haberdashery department. To buy cardigans, jumpers, pullovers and knitted underwear we go to the Knitted Goods department. Ladies buy
face powder, lipstick, face cream, nail varnish, mascara, shades and such like at the Perfume department. People buy jewellery and gold watches at the jeweler’s. Books are sold at the bookseller's, flowers at the florist's. Newspapers and magazines are often sold at the news-stands or news stalls. If I want to buy some meat I go to the butcher's. At the grocer's flour, sugar, cereals, tea, coffee and other things can be bought. To buy some vegetables and fruit I go to the greengrocer's. Bread, buns, biscuits, cookies are sold at the baker's. If I want to buy some fish I go to the fishmonger's. To buy milk, butter, cheese, eggs we go to the dairy. I prefer to buy food in a supermarket. It is very convenient. I can take a trolley and pile everything I need there.

  1. Види крамниць та відділів SHOPPING. Try to retell it.

My friend will have a birthday in a week, so I decided to look for a present for him. I went to the Central Department Store, which is situated in the center of our city. It is a multistoried building where one can get everything in the way of food and manufactured goods. I must confess, it is so difficult to make a suitable purchase at such a huge shop with a lot of counters and shelves. When I arrived at the Central Department Store first I admired the window-dressing. Then I went along the ground floor, where I could see all kinds of foodstuffs: meat, fish, tinned food, sausage, fruit, wine, sweets, etc. I went on with my shopping and noticed that there were on sale: haberdashery, stationery, hosiery, and leather-wear. To tell the truth I found myself in a fantastic city of silk skirts and shirts, different kinds of frocks and coats, leather boots and shoes, woolen pullovers and sweaters, jeans and suits, jackets and blouses. There one can get everything in the way of clothes wanted by men, women and children: footwear, knitwear, ready-made clothes, firs and what not. I admired the cut and the style of a light summer frock and made up my mind to try it on,

A pleasant-looking shop-assistant proposed me to try the frock on and to look in the mirror. But unfortunately, it didn't suit me perfectly; it was a bit loose on me.

There was a big choice of different things. The shop-assistant suggested looking at a beautiful water-colour. 1 liked it very much and was sure my friend would like it too. The price of the water-colour wasn't very high, I must admit. So, I paid money at the cash-desk. The cashier gave me a receipt and I came up to the shop-assistant again. She passed me a wrapped parcel, thanked me and said she was always glad to see me again at their shop. After that I bought a beautiful birthday card. I was happy and a bit excited to buy such a good present and went out of the shop.

On my way home I suddenly remembered that my mother asked me to buy some food products. We had run out of bread and I had to drop in at the baker's. I bought a loaf of brown bread, some rolls and buns. Then I made my way to the grocer's where I bought a kilo of sugar and some sausage. There was a vegetable stall near the bus stop, and I decided to buy some oranges and apples. On my way home I was thinking about a nice present I had managed to buy.

В готелі.


Nowadays people travel on business and as tourists much more than in the past. Accommodations as well as rates vary from hotel to hotel. There are deluxe hotels, the most luxurious and more expensive. There are resort hotels used for entertainment or recreation. There are also a lot of motels which grew with the development of highways in America. They provide accommodation with parking space near the guests' rooms. There are hotel chains, consisting of several hotels controlled by one company having its own trademark, or logo.

Most hotels offer single and double rooms, for one and two people respectively. Of course rollways (collapsible beds on roller) can be placed in a room for other family members. If a guest requires more than one room, some hotels have fine suites consisting of several rooms.

At a Hotel

Service is supposed to begin at the door. So an employee who is important during the reception procedure is the doorman. He is stationed at the entrance to the hotel and assists the guests in and out of taxis and cars, calls for cabs. etc. Very often guests will ask him for directions to restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, shops, or other hotels.

In the lobby of a hotel there is a registration desk, where guests check in and out, pick up and deposit keys, and so on. The check-in procedure takes a few minutes. The guest is given a registration card to fill in: the name and address, the passport number for foreign nationals. The desk clerk, or receptionist, enters the guest's room number, the room rate, and the arrival and departure dates into the computer. When all formalities are over, the bellman shows the guests to their rooms and assists them with their baggage, he shows them where the light switches are and explains the use of the room appliances, such as the TV set, cooking facilities, if any, and the air conditioning. He can also run errands for you. For each service rendered the bellman will expect a tip.

If any information is required, it can be received at the hotel's information desk which is supervised by a concierge. Concierges are always ready to help the guests. They can make reservations for theatres or flights, arrange sightseeing tours, mail letters and, in general, provide all kinds of useful information. The hotel bill can be paid in several ways. Besides cash, credit cards are universally accepted. In fact, many hotels require their guests to produce a credit card when registering. Otherwise, a cash deposit is required. The guests may also pay with traveler’s checks when checking out. Hospitality is of greatest importance for hotel. Hospitality is not an abstraction - it is a clean room, a comfortable bed, a hot shower, a good meal, a courteous doorman and - last but not least - a good profit!

Guest Service

Hotels offer a variety of services to their guests. The most traditional are laundry service (clothes washing) and valet service (shoe shining and clothes dry-cleaning and pressing), although some hotels run them on the do-it-yourself basis. A big hotel will also have a restaurant, a bar and a coffee shop, a bookstore or a newsstand, a gift shop selling a variety of souvenirs, and a drugstore providing the guests with medicine and cosmetics. At a luxury hotel one can often find a barber's shop and a beauty salon. The guests might also need the services of a car rental agency, to be able to rent a car through the hotel. Many hotels provide a free morning paper and free drinks ("cocktails") in the afternoon.

Local phone calls are usually free, long distance calls are added to the room bills, and are 2 to 3 times more expensive than from a pay-phone down in the lobby. You can also order various services from the front desk by dialing "0".

A number of hotel staff relies on tips to raise their wages. The bellman expects up to $1 per bag for taking your baggage to your room. The hotel doorman gets at least 50 cents if he summons a taxi (and of course your taxi driver should be given 15 per cent of fare!). Chambermaids usually receive a few dollars if you stay at a hotel for several days, or else you may leave a dollar note under an ash-tray as you leave the room every morning. In restaurants and nightclubs you are expected to tip 15 to 20 per cent of the bill (before taxes are added). No tipping is required for elevator operators or hotel desk clerks.

Tipping allows you to reward good service. On the other hand, if the service has been bad no tip need be left. It is a good idea to consider all these expenses when you are anticipating the cost of your stay at a hotel.

14. Їжа. Заклади харчування

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