ТОП 10:

Degrees of comparison of adjectives.

  Adjective Comparative Superlative
One-syllable adjective old safe big hot older safer bigger* hotter* the oldest the safest the biggest* the hottest*
Adjectives ending in - y noisy dirty noisier dirtier the noisiest the dirtiest
Adjectives with two or more syllables boring beautiful more boring more beautiful the most boring the most beautiful
Irregular adjectives   good bad far better worse further the best the worst the furthest

* Adjectives which end in one vowel and one consonant double the consonant.

f.ex: You’re older than me.

New York is dirtier than Paris.

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

1. Give the comparative and superlative degree of the following adjec-tives:

a) long, short, large, big, fine, straight, new, old, few, young, easy, busy, light, clean, small, thin, thick, high, poor

b) good, much, bad, little, many

c) interesting, difficult, comfortable, important.

2. Translate the following adjectives and give their degree of comparison:

narrow,dirty,wide,important,little,thin,hungry,beautiful,bad,good,happy, strange,comfartable,angry,loud,low,high,straight,young,expensive,cheap,big, small, thick, clever.

3. Compare according to the model:

eg: Moscow is larger than our city.

1. Moscow, Kiev (smaller). 2. English grammar, Russian grammar (easy). 3. Mr.Petrov, Ivanov (young). 4. My suitcase, yours (large). 5. These coats, those (good). 6. Sugar in my tea, in yours (there is much, little). This exercise is (simple), than that one 7. New districts of Moscow are(beautiful), than the old ones.8. He is (clever), than his brother. 9. Motor- cycles are (noisy) than cars, aren’t they? 10. Sparrows are (common) than any other birds.

eg: Our flat is more(less) comfortable than yours.

1 The English language, the Russian language (difficult).

2. Your old flat, your new flat in Moscow (comfortable).

3. Central Park, Sokolniki Park (beautiful).

4. This work, that work (important).

5. Lesson Eleven, Lesson Fourteen (interesting).


4. Answer these questions, pay attention to degree of comparison:

1. Is Astana larger than Almaty or smaller? 2. Which is the largest city in Kazakhstan? 3. Which is the most beautiful place that you know in our country? 4. Which is the longest river in Kazakhstan? 5. Which is the most beautiful street in Astana? 6. Which is the newest hotel in Astana? 7. Which is the oldest building in Astana? 8. Which is the highest building in Astana? 9. Are the streets in Astana cleaner now than they were a few years ago? 10. Which is the most beautiful place in our young capital?

5. Translate:

1. Peter is the highest boy in the class. 2. My flat is less comfortable. 3. Days are shorter in winter, than in summer. 4. What month is the shortest in the year? 5. Your daughter is older than mine. My daughter is six only and your is seven, isn’t she? 6. It’s less important question , let’s discuss it tomorrow. 7. The new flat of my sister is more comfortable and lighter than yours. 8. Astana’s streets are more beautiful now than they were some years ago. 9.Are you older than your sister? – No. 10.You say that that book difficult for you. Will you take this one? It is easier.


Write the comparative and superlative of these adjectives.

eg.: interesting – more interesting – the most interesting

















8. a) Complete questions, putting the adjectives in brackets in the comparative or superlative.

b) Answer the questions with a partner.

1. Which is …( high) mountain in the world? 2. Which is … (big) island in the world? 3. Which elephant has … (big) ears, the African or the Indian elephant? 4. Which country has … (large) population in the world? 5. Which animal is … (fast), a cheetah or a lion? 6. Which is … (ancient) monument in the world? 7. Which is … (intelligent) animal in the world


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