Анотування статті суспільно-політичного змісту

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Анотування статті суспільно-політичного змісту


1. Бурова З.И. Учебник английского языка для гуманитарных вузов. - М.: Высшая школа, 1980.

2. Королькова В.А., Лызова Р.Н. и др. Учитесь читать газеты. - М.: Высшая школа, 1999.

3. Клементьева Т.Б. Повторяем времена английского глагола. Учебное пособие. 2-е издание. - М.: Высшая школа, 1990.

4. Горкун М.Г. Учебник английского языка для студентов неязыковых специальностей вузов. - К.: Вища школа, 2003.

5. М. Вавилова. Учимся читать быстрее. - М.: Высшая школа, 1994.

6. Бойко В. А. и др. Английский язык для пединститутов. – К.: Высшая школа, 1999.

Завдання для самостійної роботи №1

Practical assignments: You came to England. You want to study English and work part-time. Tell job interviewer about the following:

Your name, surname Your speciality

What country you are from Your skills

Purpose of your arrival to England Your work experience

Purpose of studying English Your material status

Complete the following sentences. Model: … takes part in films and plays. – Actress takes part in films and plays.

1. … looks after people in hospital. 2. …plays the piano. 3. … makes operations in hospital. 4. … protects people’s rights. 5. … translates for people. 6. … cures people. 7. … sings at the concerts. 8. … does the calculations. 9. … makes a lot of money. 10. … works in the shop. 11. … paints pictures. 12. … studies people and society. 13. … studies people’s minds. 14. … studies countries, mountains, rivers and so on.

Practical assignments: Insert the words from the table 1 in the text 1 and words from the table 2 in the text 2 according to their meaning.

Table 1 Table 2
Achievements… the schedule…. entertainments….. the organizing committee………. changes………. the participants…….. a meeting…. the firms………….. reports The exhibition….. home equipment….. staff………..introduce….. goods……... take part……the purpose

Text 1. All … stay at the hotel ”Hilton”. Then there’s … of the participants and … of the members of and the directors of … “Philips” and “Sony”. They will speak in brief about the recent technological … of their firms. We will also discuss … and make some if there’s a need. You will also enjoy some … , I hope.

Text 2.Well, … of this conference is to encourage cooperation between different firms producing … . I’m glad to tell that many famous firms … in the conference and display their … at … . Tomorrow the representatives of different firms will make reports about the achievements in the fields of marketing and advertising. Oh, I’d like to … some members of our … to you.

Practical assignments: Match the qualities of people on the left with their Ukrainian equivalents on the right.

Attractive гостеприимный

Cooperative дружелюбный

Friendly привлекательный

Greedy хорошо одетый

Hard-working трудолюбивый

Hospitable жадный

Ill-mannered почтительный, вежливый

Intelligent симпатичный, приятный

Lazy плохо воспитанный

Lovely ленивый

Respectful готовый к сотрудничеству

Talkative умный

Sociable общительный

Well-dressed разговорчивый


Practical assignments: “Traveling by air. Customs”

What do you do or say and when.

Choose necessary answers for the given situations:

1. The announcer calls your flight. 2. Your luggage weighs more than one is allowed to take free of charge. 3. The plane is taxiing off towards the starting point. 4. You can’t leave on the day your flight is booked. 5. you want to know the altitude abd speed your plane is flying at. 6. Your ears are hurting you during the take-off. 7. You arrive at the airport just before the departure of your plane.

(1. May I ask you the altitude and speed we are flying at? 2. Where is the departure gate? 3. How much should I pay extra? 4. My ears often ache during take-off. Will you bring me some peppermints? 5. We are requested to walk to the plane. 6. This is my first plane trip I am beginning do feel a little nervous. 7. When do you have flights for Las Vegas next week?)

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